Como comprar criptomoedas

Importing Metamask on Phone

You can use the same MetaMask wallet on both Mobile and Extension. Now we're going to load the same wallet (and address) on our mobile phones.

  1. Download and install the MetaMask app from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Open the app and tap on the Get Started button.
  3. Tap on Import using Secret Recovery Phrase.
  4. Tap on I Agree button to allow data to be collected to help improve Metamask or else tap the No Thanks button.
  5. Insert your secret recovery phrase (the 12 words you saved in step 7 of Metamask Installation). You can tap on Show to see your input. 
  6. Insert the password you set up for the wallet (in step 5 of Metamask Installation) into the New Password and the Confirm password fields. 
  7. Tap IMPORT and the wallet you've set up on your computer will be visible on the Metamask app.

Congratulations on successfully importing your Metamask wallet to your mobile device!

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