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Supernova slot - Bitcasino.io

From the countless stars dotted in the inky skies, a supernova can be viewed with the naked eye! Famed astronomers have never seen anything like it before. They are already arranging for a space mission to orbit this cosmic phenomenon. Are you ready to man this journey to an astronomical success?

Take the reels of casino slot Supernova for a spin. To fuel you with wins like no other, an RTP of 97.05% will be granted to you. Wager as you please and get a chance to win rewards that are out of this world. You can accumulate an amount of up to 100 times your stake!

Let Supernova bitcoin slot commence the countdown good luck and fortune! Launch yourself into a space of winning with a compatible device that you prefer. It can be your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Supernova Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



100 times your stake 

Supernova: Explore the Vast Space of Winning

You have arrived at your intergalactic destination! It’s time to put your space suit on and step out of your spacecraft. Let good luck and fortune orbit your fate when you play casino slot Supernova for wins like no other.

Explore the vast space of winning in this video slot game where 3 stellar reels are featured. A total of 27 permanently active paylines can accommodate every winning combination you land on each spin of the reels.  

Place a wager that can amount from a minimum of €0.25 to a maximum of €50 to spin the reels of Supernova bitcoin slot. Watch low and high paying symbols form winning combinations after combinations on active paylines.

Land at least 3 matching symbols on any of the active paylines. Winning combinations reward payouts from the leftmost to the right of the reels of this video slot game. All wins on each bet way are multiplied by the bet level.

Nebulous masses of different colours function as the low paying symbols of casino slot Supernova. They consist of purple, green, and orange molecular clouds. To know more about their payout values, you can refer to the information listed below:

  • Landing a combination of 3 purple clouds will reward you with 3 credits
  • Landing a combination of 3 green clouds will reward you with 3 credits
  • Landing a combination of 3 orange clouds will reward you with 3 credits.

On the other hand, the high paying symbols of Supernova bitcoin slot are illustrated as dazzling and colourful stars. They are a green star, blue star, and a red star. Their corresponding payout values can be viewed in the list that follows:

  • Landing a combination of 3 green stars will reward you with 15 credits
  • Landing a combination of 3 blue stars will reward you with 15 credits
  • Landing a combination of 3 red stars will reward you with 50 credits.

One galaxy is a vast space full of surprises, what more if you venture further? Push boundaries further and you’re bound to discover something valuable. Witness the death of an enormous star, a sobering but glorious phenomenon known as a supernova. 

The one of a kind spectacle will serve as the Wild symbol in this video slot game. It can interchange with all paying symbols when it appears anywhere in the reels to complete a winning combination on an active payline. 

You can also get more chances of winning with the help of multipliers in this video slot game. Aside from the 3 main reels in this game, there are an additional 2 multiplier reels for more wins. These extra reels contain multipliers that will help you boost your payouts by up to 100 times your stake.

There are 5 different types of multiplier symbols in these extra reels. Check the following list to get to know the bonus you can obtain when you spin them:

  • A black hole symbol with no win multiplier bonus. 
  • A win multiplier that can boost the payout value by up to 2x. 
  • A win multiplier that can boost the payout value by up to 3x. 
  • A win multiplier that can boost the payout value by up to 5x. 
  • A win multiplier that can boost the payout value by up to 10x.

Supernova: An Experience That’s Simply Out of This World

The immense beauty of the universe is hard to put into words. From the landscape here on earth to the vast space of numerous galaxies out there, each sight will render you speechless and even breathless. Supernova bitcoin slot gives you a striking simulation of what is out there.

Witness the spectacle of cosmic dust and gas swirling patterns that will hypnotize you along with other celestial bodies. Stellar shades of purple and blue illuminate the backdrop of this video slot game where you’ll find the slot symbols depicted as vibrant stars of different degrees. All the while, you can listen to the tranquil symphony of synths and theremins that complements this extraterrestrial experience.

Supernova: An Odyssey to Good Luck and Fortune

Discover astronomical wins in every spin of the reels in casino slot Supernova. Substantial amounts of prizes and multiplier bonuses are waiting for you in this space odyssey. Spin the reels and rack up wins amounting to 100 times your stake in every lucky spin!

Microgaming’s video slot game selection is as vast as outer space. Get a chance to venture a whole new universe packed with cosmic prizes when you play any of its games. Explore the planet of the Mad Mad Monkey when you take the reels for a favourable spin. All you need is a notable wager partnered with your luck and you’re Good to Go!

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