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An Intergalactic Adventure Awaits in Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Breaking news: thousands of alien ships are about to enter the Earth’s atmosphere to invade the planet! Good thing lifesaver and all-around superhero Max Damage is here to save the human race and obliterate all invaders. Come aboard his space ship and take down enemy ships in casino slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack!

Lots of exhilarating features and jackpots of 10,000 coins, 40,000 coins and 110,000 coins wait for you to get them once you start playing at an RTP of 96.71%.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack Details 



Game Type

Arcade Slot



Minimum Bet

0.01 credits

Maximum Bet

2 credits


110,000 coins

Max Damage and the Alien Attack: Answer the Call of Duty

Control the ship with Max Damage and handle the machine gun in casino slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack! Each destroyed ship can grant you instant prizes. Set your bet from 0.01 credits to the maximum of 2 credits before heading off into space and starting the game!


Go through the 9 levels in Max Damage and the Alien Attack bitcoin slot so you can win up to 110,000 coins! In levels 3, 6, and 9, you face off with a different and stronger alien ship boss.

Press the left or right keys on the keyboard to control the ship. Hit the spacebar to shoot the blaster. You can hold the spacebar or click the Auto Fire option to fire continuously.

A wager is placed only when an enemy ship explodes. Firing off bullets does not cost you anything.

Don’t let an alien ship sneak past you! You lose a life if a single ship moves past you or when your health bar empties. No worries though because you have a total of 3 lives. However, the game ends when you lose all of your lives.


Taking down ships can reward you with coin prizes, with boosters, upgrades, or freebies.


Whenever you take a ship down, you can receive a coin prize or any of the following boosters that will enhance your gaming experience:

  • Life: This adds an additional life 
  • Health: This increases your ship’s health
  • Shield: The shield strengthens your ship’s shield
  • Damage Booster: The damage booster can inflict more damage to alien ships and take them down faster.


Max Damage and the Alien Attack bitcoin slot has one upgrade that will further boost your ship’s capabilities. This is the Weapon Upgrade. Catch it quickly when it drops down to improve your ship’s firepower and take down boss ships! The weapon upgrade carries on to the following next levels.


These freebies can appear and drop at random after you destroy any alien ship. Destroy multiple enemy ships in an instant with the following freebies:

  • Blockade: This blocks off a section of the screen where ships cannot pass
  • Nuke: The nuke blows up multiple ships at once
  • Wormhole: A wormhole sucks ships into it so it can obliterate them
  • Free Missiles: This shoots 3 to 5 missiles to targeted enemy ships
  • Lazer Booster: A laser beam shoots from your ship, destroying any enemy ship it comes in contact with; can last from 8 to 16 seconds.

When a freebie activates, all alien ships are destroyed for free!

Max Damage and the Alien Attack: To the Ends of the Galaxy

Prepare to save the Earth from extraterrestrial invaders when you play Max Damage and the Alien Attack bitcoin slot! Go beyond the atmosphere and marvel at the cosmic beauty that the universe has to offer. Whenever you move up a level, the background changes and leads you further to the ends of the galaxy. 

Wonders never cease as ringed-planets and supernovas grace the screen in every play. Relive the arcade games you used to play as a child, now with more advanced graphics and awe-striking animations. 

Max Damage and the Alien Attack: Save the Planet Once Again!

Accompany the intergalactic hero in his planet-saving adventure in casino slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack! Win up to 110,000 credits when you go through all 9 levels and defeat every boss. Embrace the wave of nostalgia with every fire from the spaceship’s gun!

Reacquaint yourself with the previous dauntless escapades of Max Damage and the 108 Heroes!

Max Damage
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