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    Mumbai, or formerly known as Bombay, is the home of Bollywood cinema. In this casino slot created by Indi slots, you will experience a wonderful night with actors from Bollywood where you can get a chance to win a prize of up to m₿ 8,750!

    Dance to the sound of Indian music in casino slot Bollywood Nights when you spin this 5-reel 243-payline slot by Indi Slots. Watch as the actors perform wearing their colourful saris and kurtas as they excite the crowd with their rare Bollywood dance!

    Bollywood Nights Details


    Game Type

    Video Slots


    243 Ways





    Minimum Bet

    m₿ 0.25

    Maximum Bet

    m₿ 35


    m₿ 8,750

    Bollywood Nights: A Cinematic Wonder

    Enter the colourful world of Bollywood and immerse yourself in the Indian culture when you spin casino slot Bollywood Nights. Spice up your night and watch as the twinkling lights on the stage illuminate the performers as they dance for the cheering crowd. Place a wager between m₿ 0.25 and m₿ 35 to get a chance to take home a spicy award of up to m₿ 8,750!

    Bollywood is a world-renowned cinematic spectacle that offers the people from different places a peek into the enigmatic culture of India. The magic of dance and music comes to life when you encounter the actors and actresses on the reels. These personalities act as the paying symbols in Bollywood Nights bitcoin slot. Each Bollywood personality will grant you the following payouts based on the maximum wager you stake:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Checkered Man

    m₿ 1.40

    m₿ 10.50

    m₿ 49

    Desert Man

    m₿ 3.50

    m₿ 14

    m₿ 56

    Helmet Man

    m₿ 5.60

    m₿ 17.50

    m₿ 70

    Gun Man

    m₿ 5.60

    m₿ 21

    m₿ 84


    m₿ 7

    m₿ 35

    m₿ 87.50

    Black-haired Woman

    m₿ 8.40

    m₿ 42

    m₿ 105

    Sky Man

    m₿ 10.50

    m₿ 52.50

    m₿ 175

    Royal Woman

    m₿ 14

    m₿ 56

    m₿ 210

    Warrior Man

    m₿ 21

    m₿ 70

    m₿ 420

    Casino slot Bollywood Nights features a Wild Symbol that can replace all the symbols in the game except for the Scatters. The Wild Symbol is depicted by a shiny cyborg that only makes an appearance on reels 3-5.

    Wild Event Feature

    Bollywood Nights bitcoin slot has a Wild Event Feature that can make 2 Wild reels to make an appearance on reels 2-4. A Wild reel performs similarly to the Wild symbol and can replace all the paying symbols in the game except the Scatter symbol. When this feature is triggered, winning combinations will surely appear on the reels. 

    Bollywood Nights Free Spins

    Bollywood Nights bitcoin slot features a Free Spin mode that gives you a chance to spin the reels for free. The Free Spins mode is triggered when you land at least 3 Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels:

    • Getting 3 Scatter symbols grants you 15 Free Spins.
    • Getting 4 Scatter symbols grants you 20 Free Spins.
    • Getting 5 Scatter symbols grants you 25 Free Spins.

    The Free Spins mode features a growing progressive win multiplier that can increase as high as 10x when you get consecutive wins. 

    Moreover, the Scatter symbol corresponds to a payout for every winning combination you make depending on the maximum wager:

    • Obtaining 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels grants you 5x your bet up to m₿ 175.
    • Obtaining 4 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels grants you 50x your bet up to m₿ 1,750.
    • Obtaining 5 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels grants you 250x your bet up to m₿ 8,750.

    Bollywood Nights: Experience the Soul of India

    Experience the thrill and spice that only India can offer when you spin the reels of Bollywood Nights bitcoin slot. Set behind a stage arranged for the awards ceremony, the reels of the game feature shiny, golden borders embellished with small diamonds. 

    Inside the reels, luminaries in the field of Bollywood cinema smile happily at the crowd. Bright lights will blind you as the crowd cheers on their favourite actors and actresses. 

    Bollywood Nights: Jai Hind!

    India has one of the most interesting and enduring cultures in the world. India is known for their passion, exotic food flavours, and their engaging, upbeat Bollywood films and soundtrack. Experience all these cultural wonders when you spin Indi Slot’s unique slot game. Bollywood Nights will give you wonderful gameplay that will surely make you look forward to the next spin.

    After your cinematic experience in the awards night, look up at the sky and watch as the 

     illuminate the beauty of the night sky. Cheer for the  during your free time.


    Legacy of Dead