Wizdom Wonders


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Game stats




Min - Max bet

0.12 - 30 mBTC


Medium volatility



Hit ratio %


Unlock the Powers of Alchemy in Wizdom Wonders

Climb up the winding stairs of the Cloud Tower to start your lesson in alchemy! The Old Wizard has books ready for you to learn all about magic and alchemy. You’ve reached the top and you opened the door then—oh no! A strong gust of wind blew in and scattered the 6 spell books with its pages all messed up now. Spin the reels to restore all 6 spell books back to its former glory in casino slot Wizdom Wonders!

The Old Wizard doesn’t remember how the Alchemy Spell goes due to his old age! It’s up to you now to fix the books to find out how to create the Alchemy Spell. Using the Alchemy Spell can let you turn stone into gold and more ways to attain unbelievable payouts. Piece the pages back together for combination wins and to add more ingredients to the cauldron in the Bonus Feature.

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients and recipes needed, you’ll have a chance at creating the Alchemy Spell that can let you win up to 3,000x the total bet!

Wizdom Wonders Details



Game Type

Video Slots





Minimum Bet

0.30 coins

Maximum Bet

300 coins


3,000x the total bet

Wizdom Wonders: Mix and Match Up the Pages Together

Alchemy books are lined up on the 2x3-reel layout of Wizdom Wonders bitcoin slot. To win payouts, you have to spin until both pages match to complete a symbol. Fix all the books and achieve in creating the Alchemy spell with the Old Wizard by spending the minimum wager of 0.30 coins or the maximum wager of 300 coins.

In every page of the book, you can find common insignias inscribed on it in different colours—green, blue, indigo, purple, and red. These serve as the basic symbols in casino slot Wizdom Wonders. Use the following payout values to multiply your coin winnings:

Book Symbol


Green / Blue / Indigo Insignias


Purple / Red Insignias


Find the recipes for the green and blue potions by matching the symbols on both pages in Wizdom Wonders bitcoin slot. These potions deliver payouts worth the amount that standard symbols give. Use the following payout values to multiply your coin winnings:

Book Symbol


Green / Blue Potion


To create anything in alchemy, a recipe isn’t the only thing you need in Wizdom Wonders bitcoin slot. Gather the high paying ingredients such as purple mushrooms, red spiders, and frogs to serve magnificent payouts. Use the following payout values to multiply your coin winnings:

Book Symbol


Purple Mushroom


Flaming Red Spider


Red-Orange Frog


Symbol Win Feature

Earn a win by completing the symbol on the book in casino slot Wizdom Wonders! In every consecutive win in a spin, it’ll increase the multiplier to the next level up to a x5 multiplier. Once you do that, the power of alchemy inside the books is drawn out into 3 different forms—Fire, Water, and Lightning Spells. The book will close and randomly activate any of the elemental spells.

Flames burst across the vertical axis to remove a book for more chances to win in the Fire Spell. Water spills on the books along the horizontal axis, which removes the books and replaces them for more wins. For the Lightning Spell, it strikes to a book that shares the Lightning Spell and a random book.

Spin the Bonus Cauldron!

You can find the Bonus symbol by flipping the pages of one of the books to find the word ‘Bonus’ written on it. It has a payout of 3 used to multiply to your initial wager. Gather 3 Bonus symbols and drop them in the cauldron to trigger the Bonus Round.

Mix the ingredients in the green, bubbly brew in the cauldron and watch the green bubbles float up, each holding payouts or picks. At the start, you are rewarded with 8 picks for any of the bubbles that float up. There’s a possibility of missing a bubble, winning a coin prize, or gaining additional picks.

Pop every bubble to get a chance at scoring a random number of coins or picks until the Bonus Round ends.

Wizdom Wonders: Up to the Cloud Tower We Go

The Old Wizard waits for you at the top of Cloud Tower where your lessons are supposed to start. Problem is that a huge gust of wind blew in and messed up all the pages from the books made by the Old Wizard. Six ancient books about magic and alchemy are lined up on the 3-reels of casino slot Wizdom Wonders with mismatched pages.

A symphony plays in the background accompanied by the bubbling sounds from the mysterious green mixture in the cauldron. There are times when the Old Wizard mumbles to you about magic while you’re playing. Wizdom Wonders bitcoin slot is wonderfully portrayed in 3D animations like when you gain a combination win and the spells demonstrate their effect in beautiful graphics.

Wizdom Wonders: Summon Wonderful Payouts With Magic

Bring back all the pages and match them accordingly to win magnificent payouts! The Old Wizard is relying on you to spin the reels and uncovering the recipe for the Alchemy Spell. Drop in different ingredients and spin the reels until you succeed. Unfold how the Alchemy Spell goes and you can find out how to turn simple objects into gold that’s worth up to 3,000x the total bet.

Master the art of magic and alchemy and you’ll be able to Win Win Won the challenges you’ll face in your next adventure! Go on a journey with PGSoft’s hero, Eric, in Gem Saviour and assist him by using your powers of magic to eliminate any enemies in your path!

Wizdom Wonders