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Sweet Clusters of Candy in Sugar Pop

Get a taste of sweet victory in casino slot Sugar Pop where candy reigns across the reels. It delivers a sweet surprise for you in more ways than one. Experience the delicious rewards in store for you in every cluster of candy you receive. 

The world of Sugar Pop bitcoin slot invites you to fill your appetite for sweet rewards through their various candy features. This includes over 10 pieces of candy to try out and observe how they can bring you sweet surprises through its cluster pays. Players join the sugar craze with an RTP of 97.6% to level up and travel through the worlds that Sugar Pop has to offer. 

Sugar Pop Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.01 coins

Maximum Bet

1 coin

Sugar Pop Hypes You Up with Sweet Success

There are 5 different worlds, each containing 30 levels, to explore in casino slot Sugar Pop. Gain cluster wins on its 5x5-reel format to build up your points for the next level and enjoy the various treats they give to earn payouts. Deposit a minimum bet of 0.01 coins or a maximum bet of 1 coin to join in this sweet game! 

In Sugar Pop bitcoin slot, there is an assortment of candies to win from! They all come in different shapes and colours—pink hearts, purple triangles, orange squares, yellow drops, green hexagons, blue ovals, and red lollipops. Each cluster has its own payout values based on the maximum bet:


Cluster Pay

Pink Heart


Purple Triangle


Orange Square


Yellow Drop


Green Hexagon


Blue Oval


Red Lollipop


Treat Yourself to Special Candies

The following Special Candies are available as you advance through casino slot Sugar Pop:


The lollipop is available from Level 1 onwards. This grants a second chance at wins. 

Caramel Chew

This chewy caramel drop is available from Level 2 onwards. It randomly moves across the reels and crushes any symbol in its way.

White Chocolate

Delicious white chocolate squares can be found in Level 4 onwards. It shoots almonds and destroys candies for quick wins.


A gelatinous green gumdrop appears on Level 6 and up. It can suck in a random number of nearby candies before it explodes!


This tough purple candy hurls itself to the reels and smashes into nearby candies. It appears on Level 8 onwards. 

Candy Cane

A colourful array of candy canes are found on Level 10 and up. This treat destroys any candy along the same row and columns. 

Jelly Beans

Each one of these flavourful treats is available on Level 12 onwards. These little candies act as grenades because 1-3 of these are launched onto the reels and explodes for tasty wins!


The scrumptious chocolate square is found on Level 15 and up. It creates a 3x3 box around it, transforming candy into chocolate then pops for the big win!

Cotton Candy

The fluffy cloud-like carnival snack is available on Level 20 and up. It becomes a cotton candy tornado and swirls on the reels to collect a bunch of wins.

Peanut Butter Cup

The delectable chocolate cups filled with peanut butter can be found on Level 21 onwards. With these sticky chocolate cups, 7-12 of them sticks to its place and creates matching candies for more exquisite wins. 

Colour Bomb

To activate this special candy bomb, you need 5 or more of the same colour candy combination for it to form. Once this combines with matching colours, all matching colour symbols explode in the same turn. 

Super Colour

You need exactly 4 of the same coloured candy to create the Super Colour candy. If this matches with any combination win before the next spin, it multiplies the payout. 

To the Center of a Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop bitcoin slot lives up to its name by providing sugary treats on its reels! The backdrop of the game has colourful lollipop trees scattered across this candy land. The colour scheme is dominantly pink and it complements the bright colours of the assortment of candy laid out. 

Its soundtrack brings a cartoonish aura because of the bubbly techno tunes. Familiar cartoon sound effects play whenever one of the Special Candies appear on the reels. The animation for casino slot Sugar Pop is simple but fascinating because when there’s a combination win, the candies burst out their sweetness for your success. 

You’ll Get A Sweet Tooth for Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop bitcoin slot brings never-ending fun because of its multiple clusters, levels, and worlds to explore! Its sweet theme radiates bright and positive energy to motivate any player to play. Win countless prizes through its cluster pay mechanic because there is no limit for your sweet wins! Explore more with its sequel Sugar Pop 2 or have a taste of fruity fun in Betsoft’s Fruit Zen.