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    Go Bananas with Monkey Madness

    Thrilling and adventurous are the perfect descriptive words to associate with island life. When you embrace this life, you are surrounded by tropical fruits such as coconuts, bananas, and pineapples to feed your hunger and quench your thirst. You can also find animals such as monkeys and parrots to serve as playful entertainment.

    In casino slot Monkey Madness, the monkey wears a cool pair of shades to deliver the best show ever. It is accompanied by a colourful parrot who constantly smiles at you to show how welcome you are in this game.

    You are bound to enjoy tropical island life in Monkey Madness bitcoin slot! Make the most out of your stay by grabbing the jungle’s riches that can multiply up to 9x.

    Monkey Madness Details


    Pragmatic Play

    Game Type

    Video Slot







    Minimum Bet

    9 coins

    Maximum Bet

    90 coins


    10,000 coins

    These mischievous monkeys are offering 9x multipliers, boosting your wins, with a fixed jackpot of 5000 EUR or the equivalent. It’s a perfect game for lower limit players who’ll see results, and also enjoy the attractive old-school graphics packaged in a modern and functional game.

    Simple classic style, that looks great on mobile
    Designed with the tech-savvy gamer in mind, Pragmatic Play have thought very carefully about where this slot will be accessed. As a result, their mobile versions are slick, simple and look fantastic. The mobile optimised version works across devices, if a little shaky on some older tech. All functions seem to run smoothly, however it can be difficult to see all paytable details at times, depending on how sharp your eyes are! If you keep your phone regularly updated and have a fairly fast device (under 2 years old), you should have no problems at all.

    Desktop wins though for us at Bitcasino, not only does it look great, but it gives you the best overall experience. Play Monkey Madness with us here.

    Stop monkeying around and play for cash today!

    When you find an addictive 3-reel slot you almost always keep coming back to it, you know it’s easy to use, fun and will probably result in a tidy little win after each session. Classic style slots like Monkey madness have their work cut out to hold your attention, especially as they’re up against the bells and whistles modern video slots. Don’t expect a huge amount of action, but for nostalgia and plain old ease-of-play, it wins for us hands down.

    For the bet range, it’s a game that offers some great winning potential, but if you don’t get that far it’s just a pleasant and palatable experience.

    Monkey Madness: Get the Right Mon-key to Unlock Riches

    Powered by Pragmatic Play, Monkey Madness bitcoin slot has 3 reels and 9 ways to win. All line wins are counted from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. The payouts vary depending on your bet amount. You can spin the reels for a minimum bet of 9 coins and a maximum bet of 90 coins. This game features wilds that can multiply your wins by 3x or 9x.


    There are 6 symbols in casino slot Monkey Madness. These are a coconut drink, pineapple, banana, parrot, dollar sign, and monkey. You can receive the following payouts on a maximum bet:

    • A combination of coconut drink, pineapple, and banana gives you 40 coins.
    • 3 Coconut Drinks give you 80 coins.
    • 3 Pineapples give you 120 coins.
    • 3 Bananas give you 200 coins.
    • 3 Parrots give you 300 coins.
    • 3 Dollar Signs give you 500 coins.
    • 3 Monkeys give you 10,000 coins.


    The Monkey symbol can also act as a wild. It can substitute all other symbols. If you land a line win containing one wild, your win is multiplied by 3x. Getting a line win with 2 Monkey wilds multiplies your win by 9x.

    The Ap-peel-ing Design of Monkey Madness

    Get a rush of Monkey Madness through this bitcoin slot. The reels are placed in front of olive green palm trees. These rich-coloured palm trees bring joyful life to the pitch-black background. The reels and paytable both have bamboo borders to fit the tropical theme.

    Summer is a season of the best-tasting fruits. Some of these include coconuts, pineapples, and bananas. Casino slot Monkey Madness features these fruits to give you regular rewards. The coconut is already peeled and cracked open. It has a straw with red stripe designs to make you imagine the refreshing feeling of drinking coconut juice. 

    The bananas and pineapples have designs loyal to how they look in actuality. The banana has a sunny yellow colour while the pineapple has a golden yellow shade. You can immediately brighten your day when you see the colourful parrot’s happy smile. Its feet hold a gold coin to show you its riches.

    Whenever there are bananas, it is guaranteed that you’ll also see monkeys. The monkey wears a pair of blue-green shades. Images of peeled bananas are brightly reflected in these shades. The monkey also has a lopsided grin while he playfully looks at you.

    Sound effects of chirping birds surround the whole slot. Imagine waking up in the morning and hearing high-pitched yet soft-sounding chirps. These sounds blend well with the gentle whistles of the wind. This is what you can hear in casino slot Monkey Madness.

    Monkey Madness: Fun Tropical Playtime

    Monkey Madness bitcoin slot gives you a fresh take on tropical life. Enjoy the summer vibes of this game from its paying symbols and playful design. You have the chance to win up to 10,000 coins if you embrace the Monkey Madness and spin its 3 reels. You can even feel a Sugar Rush after eating the sweet and Extra Juicy coconut, bananas, and pineapples!