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Macau 8: The Most Successful Gaming Capital

The most successful gaming capital of the world is Macau. From getting the nickname ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, it rose to become the most successful capital by generating approximately three times the annual casino profits of Las Vegas. Additionally, visiting Macau is a dream for many players because its casinos boast topnotch luxury and elegance. In casino slot Macau 8, you can get this exclusive experience anytime and anywhere!

Golden Hero’s Macau 8 bitcoin slot can grab your attention through its classic gameplay and timeless design. This video slot takes you back to the past era of slot games where you spin just 3 reels. Get ready to take a walk on the flashback lane and enjoy Macau 8!

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Golden Hero

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500x your bet

Macau 8: Love the Classics

Golden Hero’s Macau 8 is a 3-reel, 1-payline bitcoin slot. It has an RTP of 96% and features 11 paying symbols. You can spin the reels for a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum bet of €200.

The Era of Vintage Symbols

Regular Paying Symbols

Get a chance to win various prizes from the sparkly balls of Macau 8 bitcoin slot. You can get rewards from 3 kinds of balls: yellow, green, and magenta. If you match 3 symbols of the same kind, expect to receive the following payouts:

  • 3 Mixed Balls symbols can give you 2x your bet.
  • 3 Yellow Ball symbols can give you 4x your bet.
  • 3 Green Ball symbols can give you 6x your bet.
  • 3 Magenta Ball symbols can give you 8x your bet.

High Paying Symbols

The high paying symbols of casino slot Macau 8 are represented by the classic Lucky 7s. Like the balls, they also have three colours for easier distinction: green, blue, and red. Each Lucky 7 symbol has its own payout if you hit line wins. You can get the following payouts from these symbols:

  • 3 Mixed Lucky 7 symbols can give you 4x your bet.
  • 3 Green Lucky 7 symbols can give you 15x your bet.
  • 3 Blue Lucky 7 symbols can give you 25x your bet.
  • 3 Red Lucky 7 symbols can give you 50x your bet.


There are 4 wild symbols that can give you rewards in casino slot Macau 8. One is a regular wild while the other three have win multipliers. The multipliers are x2, x4, and x8. Getting 3 wild symbols can reward you with the following payouts:

  • 2 Blue Wilds and 1 ‘2x’ Wild symbol can give you 100x your bet.
  • 2 Blue Wilds and 1 ‘4x’ Wild symbol can give you 250x your bet.
  • 2 Blue Wilds and 1 ‘8x’ Wild symbol can give you with 500x your bet.

The Timeless Beauty of Macau 8 

Rather than the beauty of Macau as a country, casino slot Macau 8 shows you the timeless appeal of vintage slots. The classic symbols are placed inside thick reels with varying shades of gold. You can feel a rush of familiarity from its simple and catchy aesthetic.

Your flashback field trip is also highlighted by symbols such as the sparkly balls and Lucky 7s. When you spin Macau 8’s three reels, you can enjoy the feeling of nostalgia upon seeing their smooth animation. 

Macau 8: Spin the Old Reels

Your Golden Dream of winning big rewards from the most successful gaming capital of the world is made achievable by Macau 8 bitcoin slot! Delight in the classic gameplay of this Golden Hero video slot while having fun with its design that contains Imperial Colours.

You can also win 500x your bet, so get your vintage lucky charms to have Double Luck in garnering timeless wins!