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Immortal Romance: The Purpose

Immortal Romance is a compelling vampire-themed slot game. It was inspired by the vampire craze on TV and cinemas. This game will awaken your curiosity for the immortals. 

Join Sarah as she tries to prove that mortality is a disease of the blood through a living, talking vampire. Help Amber—the Witch best friend—protect Sarah from making the mistake of further falling for the 800-year old vampire, Michael, and avoid falling for Troy. 

Each of them offers its own kind of bonus that you will enjoy. This slots game boasts a generous amount of free spins you can win. Enter the world of the immortals when you play Immortal Romance and get as much as 200x your stake in just one spin.

Immortal Romance Details



Game Type

Video Slot







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



12,150x your stake

Immortal Romance: Bite Into It

Immortal Romance has an easily understandable gameplay with 5 reels and 243 paylines. You can play this game on all of your devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet. It only requires a minimum of $0.60 cents and it goes up to $6.00. It uses symbols that are already familiar to everyone. It also has unique symbols that play into the game’s story. 


You will notice that some of the symbols on the grid are your usual high-card symbols. They also have the story characters appearing as symbols on the reels. Each of them has different combinations and corresponding prizes. They are as follows:

  • Getting 5 9s can get you as much as $20.
  • Getting 5 10s can get you as much as $20.
  • Getting 5 Js can get you as much as $25.
  • Getting 5 Qs can get you as much as $25.
  • Getting 5 Ks can get you as much as $30.
  • Getting 5 As can get you as much as $30.

Special Symbols gets you higher payouts. The game uses characters unique to its story as symbols on the reels. The winning combination for each character is as follows:

  • Getting 5 Notes can get you as much as $50.
  • Getting 5 Mansions can get you as much as $60.
  • Getting 5 Ambers can get you as much as $70.
  • Getting 5 Troys can get you as much as $80.
  • Getting 5 Michaels can get you as much as $90.
  • Getting 5 Sarahs can get you as much as $100.
  • Getting 5 Badges can get you as much as $300.
  • Getting 5 Gold Lion Knockers can get you as much as $1200.

Immortal Bonus Features

Immortal Romance will give you large prizes as they have unique bonuses. You can have all 5 reels turn completely wild with the Wild Desire feature of the game. You can get up to 200x your stake when you get 5 of the Gold Lion Knocker all at one time. 

The most distinct bonus that you will get is the Chamber of Spins which also uses the Gold Lion Knockers. You can trigger this when you get 3 of them on the reels, at the same time. You will get access to 4 spins once the Chamber of Spins is activated. 

There are also a few Free Spin features that can be activated once the Chamber is opened a certain amount of time. They are as follows:

  • Amber Feature - 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier; can be retriggered to give 20 free spins
  • Troy Feature - 15 free spins and Vampire Bats Feature (Vampire Bats will turn symbols into 2x or 3x multiplier; get 2 will give you 6x); available once you enter the Chamber of Spins 5 or more times
  • Michael Feature - 20 free spins with Rolling Reels; consecutive wins will increase multiplier value from 2x to 5x; available once you enter the Chamber of Spin 10 or more times
  • Sarah Feature - 25 free spins with Wild Vine feature (is key on reel 3, will randomly change symbols into wilds); getting 2,3,4 or 5 scatters can reward you up to 4 free spins; available once you enter the Chamber of Spins 15 or more times.

The Troy feature can give you up to 12,150x your stake because of the potential 6x multiplier awarded by the Vampire Bats. 

Immortal Romance’s Sanguine

Immortal Romance has the feel of going back into the Enlightenment Era. The intricate ironwork surrounding the grid, the columns, the gargoyle, and the statue of the angel brings you back into a time now lost. You can hear classical music playing in the background as you get immersed in the game. As vampires are known to be creatures that do not age, it only makes sense that they have made it feel like time has frozen. The mysteriousness of the overall theme suits the vampire concept in the sense that it will always be night. We all know that vampires are creatures of the night and cannot survive under the sun.

Immortal Romance: The Stakes

Immortal Romance is a slots game developed by Microgaming. Having 243 paylines on the game means that the combinations you can get are endless. Those various combinations can double the possibility of you getting big wins. You can get an endless amount of free spins as the game is generous in their rewards. Once you unlock the various bonus features, it can multiply your stakes more than 6x the original. Play Immortal Romance and you will be biting into a whole other thrill.