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Gold Mining in Gold Vein

Prepare a sturdy pickaxe because you are about to mine your own gold in Gold Vein! 

Have a good time with the dwarves while you mine and play with them. Carts of gold are everywhere so always remember to keep your eyes wide open. Gather as many gold nuggets as you can. Only exit the gold mine once your hands are full of riches!

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Gold Vein: Sumptuous Gameplay and Features

Gold Vein is a 5 Reel, 20 Payline slot game that features gold mining. This is available on desktop, mobile and tablet for €0.40 to €4000 per spin.

Precious Symbols

There are several symbols you can see while playing. The regular paying symbols are manhole cover with gold, miner's pickaxe, and lamps. All of these have different prizes. The payouts on a maximum bet are as follows:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Manhole Cover with Gold




Miner’s Pickaxe








The high paying symbols are different coloured miners and gold nuggets. All of these have different prizes as well. The payouts on a maximum bet for high paying symbols are:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Set of 6

Blue Miner





Green Miner





Red Miner





Gold Nugget





Double Gold Nugget





The Wild symbol, as represented by dynamites, also pays high. It can give you €200,000 for getting 5 of them on the reels when you bet the maximum amount.

Interesting Random Bonuses

Gold Vein features the Random Bonus Reel during base games and free spins. 

Base Game

For the base game, the bonus includes a random mixture of 3 of the special symbols. The special symbols are the double gold nuggets, wild dynamite, multiplier dynamite (multiplying wild), and a gold cart free spins scatter.

Free Spins

The Random Bonus Reel during free spins includes a random mixture of 3 of the special symbols. The special symbols are the double gold nuggets, multiplier dynamite (multiplying wild), and gold cart free spins scatters.

The game also features sticky wilds during free spins. Any wild landing on reels 1, 2, 4, and 5 are locked until all free spins are played.

Gold Vein: Animated Game Design

The game features gold mining dwarves who have their own equipment. The blue miner holds a pickaxe, the green miner uses a lamp, and the red miner has a shovel. Those equipment are relevant to the gold mining theme. The colours also blend well with the symbols. You can see brown and gold mainly because the game is set in a gold mine.

The animation of the characters is classically made. They are in the form of cute cartoons. The music is quirky with a hint of adventure. The overall game design is balanced and makes the whole gold mining experience worth it.

Gold Vein: The Prize of Gold

Gold Vein is a slot game that delivers entertainment through various bonuses and familiar theme. It certainly offers simple mechanics so the game is easily playable. The maximum payout of €600,000 is appealing enough to have loyalty for this slot. Booming Games presented yet another slot that can surround you with gold after successfully mining with the dwarves. Try their Doublin Gold and Vegas VIP Gold slot games to joyfully play with even more golden riches!