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Uncover what history tried to conceal in Forgotten Pharaoh!

In a land long forgotten, the lonely tomb of the pharaoh waits for the lucky winner who will uncover the treasures under the rubble and dirt. And as the one entrusted to recover the memories of the pharaoh’s forgotten golden days, you have the power to spin the reels and gain the favour of the deceased ruler. Begin your journey to his treasures worth up to 2,000x your wager!

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Video Slot







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



2,000x your wager 

Forgotten Pharaoh: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Forgotten Pharaoh?

Forgotten Pharaoh has an appealing RTP of 96.16%.

What is the volatility of Forgotten Pharaoh?

The volatility of Forgotten Pharaoh is medium.

What is the max win available for Forgotten Pharaoh?

The maximum coin win is set at 2,000x your wager.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Forgotten Pharaoh?

The minimum bet is relatively low at €50 and the maximum bet is €500. 

Forgotten Pharaoh: The lost treasures of Egypt 

Watch as stories of the pharaoh come to life in casino slot Forgotten Pharaoh! Awaken the sleeping ruler and let him bless your search for lost treasures on the reels with an RTP of 96.16%. Avoid traps as you explore the catacombs and start spinning the 5 reels. 

To unlock the key to the treasures, you must land winning combinations on any of the 243 paylines. But before you can do so, you must put forward a minimum wager amount of €50 up to a maximum amount of €500.


Low Paying Symbols

Find what destiny has in store for you and let the ancient hieroglyphs guide you on your spin as you look for the purple, blue, green and yellow tablets acting as the low paying symbols of the game. Land these symbols on a winning combination to win the following payouts based on the maximum wager amount: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Purple tablet




Blue tablet 




Green tablet




Yellow tablet 




High Paying Symbols

Animals are said to be sacred beings in the scriptures of ancient Egypt. Find the truth in these words on the reels and spot the animal guardians acting as high paying symbols. Look for the cat, hawk, snake, eye of Horus and beetle on the reels and land them on a winning combination to win the following payouts based on the maximum wager amount: 


Set of 9

Set of 10

Set of 11













Eye of Horus








Special symbols

Wild symbols

A golden W carved on a pure gold tablet acts as the Wild symbol of casino slot Forgotten Pharaoh. This symbol can substitute any paying symbols except the Scatter and grant you an increased chance of forming a winning combination. 

During the Wild feature, a Golden Sarcophagus will randomly appear on the reels 3, 4 and 5 to turn your whole reel into a Wild symbol with a guaranteed win! 

Scatter symbol

Seek the guidance and divine blessing of the serpent goddess Wadjet in your every spin. Uraeus acts as the Scatter symbol for casino slot Forgotten Pharaoh. Landing this symbol 3 or more times on the reels will instantly reward you with numerous Free Spins. 

Below are the corresponding Free Spins you will get as a reward for landing 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels:

  • 3 Scatters reward you with 15 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatters reward you with 20 Free Spins
  • 5 Scatters reward you with 25 Free Spins.

Every successful spin in this round increases your multiplier by up to 10x to reward you with bigger payouts!  

Forgotten Pharaoh: Prepare for an all-out raid!

Buried in the dust, rubbles and regoliths, the tomb of the forgotten pharaoh lies with the ruins of his catacomb and kingdom. It is up to you to revive the glory of the fallen ruler and bring honour back into his name. Spin the reels and decode the hieroglyphs to land the winning combination that would bring you to the treasure you seek. 

This slot game will take you straight to the excavation point where the ruins and tomb of the forgotten pharaoh are being examined. Witness as the stone tablets move and reveal the secret of the reels. 

Enjoy the crisp graphics of casino slot Forgotten Pharaoh and witness its interactive gameplay in action as you spin the reels. Turn your volume up and feel yourself get transported into the game with the ancient Egyptian song playing in the background! 

Forgotten Pharaoh: Remember what was lost!  

Get ready to dig up on the past and reveal the secret buried in time. Spin the Wheel of Fortune and see how far your luck would take you on your adventure. Travel across the desert and search for the Infinity Tower that will grant you the Golden Shisa!

Forgotten Pharaoh

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