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Easter Island: A Tropical Paradise and a Rocky Welcome

Discover the tropical secrets of an island as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle and what makes it so magical. Easter Island has all that and more waiting for you on the hilltops of Yggdrasil’s casino slot Easter Island. 

Enjoy the wonderful ocean breeze, fresh flowers blooming in the morning sun, and incredibly talkative Moai statues who’ve come to life for reasons unknown. Maybe they’re magically enchanted, maybe they’re guarding something—a 47,000 coin treasure, perhaps. On an island infused with the magic of nature’s blessing, anything is possible.

When you take a trip as you play the Easter Island bitcoin slot, you’ll have a great time because the Moai statues will love your company.

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Easter Island: This Isn’t About Bunnies

Yggdrasil’s casino slot Easter Island is a 5-reel bitcoin slot featuring the fantastic Easter Island and the animated Moai statues who inhabit it. 

The common symbols are the deck suits. These are the Heart, Diamond, Club, and Spade. Each of them share the same payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:

  • Getting 3 gives you up to 5 coins.
  • Getting 4 gives you up to 10 coins.
  • Getting 5 gives you up to 20 coins.

The high-paying symbols are animal totems of different shapes and colours. Each has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Blue Fish

10 coins

20 coins

40 coins

Purple Snake

15 coins

30 coins

60 coins

Green Turtle

20 coins

40 coins

80 coins

Orange Fox

25 coins

50 coins

100 coins

Red Eagle

125 coins

250 coins

500 coins

Easter Island Expanding Wilds Feature

The Wild symbol is represented by a golden Totem embellished with the word Wild. The Wild only appears on the 2nd and 4th reels. If you land a Wild on a winning combination, that Wild becomes sticky for 1 spin and expands to fill the entire reel. 

Easter Island Symbol Swap Respin Feature

At the top of the slot, there are three stone symbols placed on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels. On the 3rd reel is a Respin symbol. Hitting a reel with a special symbol gives you that reel’s bonus on your next spin. This means that whenever you hit the 3rd reel with the Respin symbol, you get the Symbol Swap Respin feature on your next spin.

The Symbol Swap Respin takes away all common symbols from the slot and replaces them with 1 common symbol. The same goes for high-paying symbols. If you get the Symbol Swap Respin, the Moai statues can take away all high-paying symbols and replace them with 1 high-paying symbol on your next spin. 

You have a random chance to respin your common and high-paying symbols. There is no pre-set condition to meet.

Easter Island Expanding Reels Feature

As mentioned earlier, the Easter Island slot game has special feature symbols on its last 3 reels. While the special feature symbol on the 3rd reel is for the respin, the symbol on the 4th and 5th reels is a +2 symbol. 

This means that hitting a 4-symbol win and landing it on the 4th reel expands your reels by 2 rows, causing it to grow to a 5-high tall slot instead of its normal 3 rows. Additionally, hitting a 5-symbol win on the 5th reel adds another +2. This causes your reels to expand further up to 7 rows. 

With every 2 new rows on your reels, your potential paylines also grow: 

  • The 3-row slot has 27 paylines. 
  • The 5-row slot has 65 paylines.
  • The 7-row slot has 103 paylines.

All paylines pay from the left. Since you will always be getting the Symbol Swap feature with every expanding reel, your chances of hitting those 65 or 103 paylines grow immensely.

Easter Island: The Magic of Nature’s Bounty

The Easter Island bitcoin slot is one of the most vibrant and magically enchanting places nature and Yggdrasil have to offer. The skies are clear and rich in blue hue with its clouds far off in the distance, leaving Easter Island in the sun’s warm embrace. Bright green grass, untrimmed and left to grow on its own, has scattered all over the island, sprouting beautiful blooming flowers of various colours and sizes all around. It’s picturesque in its painterly magic and is a sight that’d please anyone.

The slot is played on an ancient man-made stone structure, overgrown with moss and surrounded by flowers and the leading Moai statues. All of the high-paying animal totems appear old and crumbling due to age but have maintained their rich colours and designs over the centuries. The game wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favourite Moai statues either. They have their own incredibly animated personalities and voice lines for every event. For heads made of rock, they’re pretty flexible.

Playing in the background is an upbeat tropical soundtrack featuring the standard percussion instruments like the steelpan, drums, marimba, and maracas. The island fantasy is delivered straight to your doorstep with Yggdrasil’s casino slot Easter Island.

Easter Island: The Fun Never Has to End

Yggdrasil’s Easter Island bitcoin slot is a fun and whimsical take on everyone’s favourite island mystery. It’s a slot game that’ll lift your spirits as high as the Moai statues can go. Every moment is a fulfilling experience and every laugh is straight from the heart with the casino slot Easter Island. Life’s too short to be taken seriously—thankfully, Moai statues are made of rock and can last an incredible amount of time. Play alongside these loyal guardians and you can win up to 47,000 coins in ancient coins when they vomit your winnings for you on every spin. 

Pack your bags and take a trip to the Sunny Shores of Easter Island and get ready to experience Nirvana like never before.

Easter Island