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Double Luck: Never Out of Luck

See how far one-liners can get you with Golden Hero’s tribute to the classics—Double Luck bitcoin slot! This game is a true testament that you don’t need more than one payline to have a great time.

Claim the 750x your bet jackpot prize as you spin the reels in casino slot Double Luck! With three reels, a single payline, and a 96% theoretical RTP, you can spend half the time spinning reels and half the time filling your pockets with winnings!

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750x your bet

To Double Luck Out!

You’ll have a chance to create singular winning combinations through three symbol categories: low, medium and high paying symbols. The symbols in Double Luck bitcoin slot each have their own payout based on various combinations that land on the reels.

An ancient Chinese coin serves as the low-paying symbol and getting a set of it can reward you the following payouts:

  • Getting one ancient Coin symbol can give you 2x your bet.
  • Getting two ancient Coin symbols can give you 4x your bet.
  • Getting three ancient Coin symbols can give you 6x your bet.

Yellow, green and purple balls serve as the medium-paying symbols and getting a set of these can reward you the following payouts:

  • Getting a combination of any three Medium symbols can give you 4x your bet.
  • Getting three Yellow Ball symbols can give you 10x your bet.
  • Getting three Green Ball symbols can give you 15x your bet.
  • Getting three Purple Ball symbols can give you 25x your bet.

In Double Luck bitcoin slot, the number eight serves as the high-paying symbol that can reward you 75x your bet if you get a set of three.

A red button embossed with a ‘Wild’ and ‘2x Pay’ serves as the Wild symbol that can replace all symbols in winning combinations. It doubles your payout.

Landing a set of three Wilds grants you the most prestigious prize inside casino slot Double Luck. You’ll get the jackpot worth 750x your bet!

Push Your Double Luck!

Casino slot Double Luck’s reels dominate the entire ridged game field. Inside it, bright and colourful symbols stand out against the minimalist design. The colour red is believed to bring people luck and that’s why Golden Hero made Double Luck that way.

Focus on the Wild symbol for a second. Notice how it’s clenched by clawed fingers that look like they belong to a dragon. It makes sense because the theme of Double Luck is Chinese. You’ll see that in the Chinese characters etched on the Wild symbol.

Playing Double Luck bitcoin slot is a piece of mooncake because it only has one goal. If you still haven’t got it by now, it’s to land a set of three Wilds to win the jackpot prize!

Double Luck Next Time!

Savour the simplicity of animations and graphics that casino slot Double Luck serves to you on a silver platter. Indulge in its minimalism because with today’s trends, heavy animations and complicated gameplay have become the norm.

If you want to cleanse your palate and taste an unusual delicacy, you have come to the right place. While you’re going out of your comfort zone to try something new, you’ll also get the chance to win 750x your bet!

Take a trip to Macau 8 and maybe you’ll get to see the Wild Dragon they’re so proud of. Golden Hero is not one to be belittled when it comes to oriental-themed slot games like Double Luck!