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Disco Bar 7s: Dance Away with Wins

No need to look for a nearby disco bar in town because this funky slot by Booming Games has got you covered. Disco Bar 7s is a classic slot with some groovy features and awesome payouts.

Booming Games is known for their slots that guarantee Merry Spinning and Booming Gold from their awesome feature-filled slots. Disco Bar 7s has a classic slot format that brings back the beauty of disco. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot to the catchy beat of this slot while spinning the reels. 

Disco Bar 7s Details 


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Video slot







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10,000 coins

Disco Bar 7s: Groovy Gameplay

This slot has 3 reels and 10 paylines. To score a winning combination, you’ll need to score 3 symbols that are appropriate for payouts according to the paytable. Disco Bar 7s has an exciting feature to its gameplay. The symbols can be mixed and matched on a payline that means you will not have to wait to score matching symbols. Some symbols can be on a mixed payline with good prizes. 

Sauntering Symbols

Disco Bar 7s has 6 symbols with a wide range of possible winning combinations. They can result in impressive payouts: 


Set of 3

Purple Lucky 7 x Yellow Lucky 7 x  Pink Lucky 7

200 x your stake

Purple Lucky 7

150 x your stake

Yellow Lucky 7

125 x your stake

Pink Lucky 7

100 x your stake

Any other Lucky 7 symbol combination

75 x your stake

Purple Bar x Yellow Bar x Pink Bar

50 x your stake

Pink Bar

30 x your stake

Yellow Bar

20 x your stake

Any purple symbol x Any yellow symbol x any pink symbol

15 x your stake

Purple Bar

10 x your stake

Any purple symbol

5 x your stake

Any yellow symbol

4 x your stake

Any pink symbol

3 x your stake

Any other Bar symbol combination

2 x your stake

The disco ball is the Wild symbol of the slot. It can substitute all symbols except the Scatter. It can have phenomenal payouts as well. If you match 3 Wilds on a payline, you can get 500 x your stake. 

The Disco Bar 7s symbol is the Scatter of the slot. It can be your key to accessing special features in the slot. It can also give great payouts if you get matching Scatters on a payline:

  • 1 Scatter symbol on the reels can get you 1 x your stake.
  • 2 Scatter symbols on a payline can get you 7 x your stake.
  • 3 Scatter symbols on a payline can get you 77 x your stake.

Funky Features

Wild Multipliers

Wins that involve a Wild symbol are doubled. If a winning combination includes two Wilds, then the total payout is multiplied by four. 

Mix and Match

Notice that there are a lot of possible combinations that can result in good payouts. Non-identical symbols can still be winning combinations. This can give more chances to get good payouts. 

Disco Bar 7s: Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Disco Bar 7s is a blast from the past. With a background that looks like it’s a retro dance floor, it’s a theme that puts a whole new meaning to the word ‘classic’. If most classic-themed slots revolve around fruits, bells, and diamonds, Disco Bar 7s shimmers it up with a shining background of soft, flashing lights. 

The background music is the best part about the slot’s aesthetic. It’s a groovy, funky tune with a beat that’s impossible not to dance to. These vibrant elements of the slot are enough to make every spin entertaining. The slot looks like a blast from the past. The background is a bright-lit dance floor with colourful lights. The overlaying colour of purple adds a funky flair to the aesthetic of the slot. When most classic slots are the usual fruits, bells, and diamonds, Disco Bar 7s gives you an eye-popping, shimmering display of Lucky 7s and Bars. 

One of the best parts of this slot is the background music. It’s a retro, catchy tune that can make you tap your toes to the beat whenever you spin the reels. It’s definitely a great experience and the aesthetics alone are enough to keep you playing. 

Disco Bar 7s: Join the Dance floor for Divine Wins

Disco Bar 7s is a classic slot that offers more spunk and spice than most other slots with a similar theme. Not only does it give players more chances to score winning combinations through its special features, it also has a great soundtrack and vibrant visuals to match the gameplay. 

Disco Bar 7s brings spice and spunk to a sea of basic classic slots. With its generous range of possible winning combinations along with its special Wilds, it’s a classic slot like no other. Retro games have never been so groovy, and the tune of this slot is engaging and can entertain you for every spin and winning combination.

Get on the dance floor and you can win 10,000 coins with Disco Bar 7s.