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Channel your luck in Coin Swipe!

Have you ever let a coin decide your fate? If you haven’t yet, then it’s time for you to try Coin Swipe by Yolted where the stakes are high and the goal is easy. Here, all you have to do is swipe various Chinese coins and hope you can win valuable prizes or at least break even. Channel your luck and maybe you’ll win the most coveted jackpot of 5,000x your bet!

Coin Swipe is a fun and rewarding casual game developed by the talented team of gaming provider Yolted. Take advantage of the simple gameplay as well as the generous RTP of 95.24% to claim as many Chinese riches as possible.

Coin Swipe Details 



Game Type

Casual Game



Minimum Bet

0.01 mBTC

Maximum Bet

5 mBTC


5,000x your bet

Coin Swipe: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Coin Swipe?

Coin Swipe by Nolimit City has a generous RTP of 95.24%.

What is the volatility of Coin Swipe?

The volatility of Coin Swipe by Yolted is high.

What is the max win available for Coin Swipe?

The most coveted jackpot win is set at 5,000x your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Coin Swipe?

The minimum bet is relatively low at 0.01 mBTC and the maximum bet is 5 mBTC.

Coin Swipe: Keep swiping until you win!

By placing a wager between the minimum bet of 0.01 mBTC and the maximum bet of 5 mBTC, you’ll be giving yourself a chance to try one of the simplest yet exciting games there is. Luckily for you, Coin Swipe is purely based on luck which means you don’t have to be equipped with any kind of particular skill to win. 

Playing Coin Swipe

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you can instantly pick up the gameplay loop of Coin Swipe in just a few minutes. However, just because it’s easy to do doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know more about it. To help you get started, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Coin Swipe:

The first step in playing Coin Swipe is choosing the bet amount ranging from 0.01 mBTC to 5 mBTC. You can adjust the number of coins you want to wager per swipe by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons at the bottom of the screen to increase or decrease the amount. 

Swipe the coin and you’ll be rewarded with various rewards depending on its type. Keep in mind that swiping the coin will trigger your current bet and a new random coin will appear. 

If you manage to swipe the same coin three consecutive times, you’ll trigger the treasure chest bonus feature where you can win random payout values depending on the coin.

To help give you a better grasp, here’s a table showing the different values of each coin:


Single Swipe

Possible wins in chest feature

Fortune Kitty Coin


4 mBTC, 20 mBTC, 100 mBTC

Double Eight Coin

1 mBTC

8 mBTC, 40 mBTC, 200 mBTC

Silver Diamond Coin

5 mBTC

40 mBTC, 200 mBTC, 1,000 mBTC

Golden Coin

7.50 mBTC

60 mBTC, 200 mBTC, 1,500 mBTC

Triple Chinese Coin

20 mBTC

1,000 mBTC, 5,000 mBTC, 25,000 mBTC

Bonus Features

Treasure Chest Feature

Successfully swiping the same coin three straight times will trigger the treasure chest feature. Here, you’ll be presented with three different chests with each one containing a different payout value including the jackpot of 5,000x your bet.

Coin Swipe: A simple yet elegant casual game

Coin Swipe draws inspiration from Chinese culture which is evident from the moment you boot up the game. Starting from the background, it features a wallpaper that’s commonly seen in traditional Chinese buildings and structures. The backdrop is dominated by the colour red while the clouds are lined with gold.

This backdrop serves as the main interface of the title and it’s where you’ll be swiping the coins throughout the game. Speaking of coins, they’re also heavily inspired by Chinese culture since each one is a depiction of its real historical counterparts.

The Chinese theme is nailed down even further when you blast the music on your speakers. It features an oriental-themed song that consists of a various string and wind instruments.

Coin Swipe: Swipe your way to victory!

With only a pair of coins to dictate your fortune, try your hand at this fun and rewarding casual game to win prizes. Channel your luck and pray for the Lady’s Blessing to get a chance to bring home the jackpot of 5,000x your bet! What are you waiting for? Deposit today and hit the Home Run 777.

Coin Swipe