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Protect the earth from alien invaders in Alien Hunter!

The earth is under attack from the evil alien invaders who are trying to conquer the planet. It is time for you to team up with earth’s last line of defence and become the best alien hunter in the field! This unique slot game offers a chance for you to win massive payouts of up to 500x your wager per creature slain.

Alien Hunter Details



Game Type

Skill game







Minimum Bet

0.01 coin 

Maximum Bet

10 coins


500x your wager per creature

Alien Hunter: Take cover and aim for the kill!

Casino slot Alien Hunter is a unique game that doesn’t feature reels unlike any other game of its kind. What you do here is shoot different creatures that would appear on your screen and try to take them down with your weapons powered by a minimum wager of 0.01 coin up to a maximum bet of 10 coins. 

Let your RTP of 96.5% guide you towards victory and may you stop the invasion before it’s too late! Check out the different creatures of this game below: 

Low paying symbol 

The low paying symbols of this game are illustrated as the animals that are commonly seen as prey in the wild. Slaying each animal will reward you with the following payouts based on the maximum wager:




2x your stake 


3x your stake 


4x your stake 

Pink puppy

5x your stake 


6x your stake 


7x your stake 


8x your stake 


9x your stake


10x your stake 

Blue wolf 

11x your stake 


14x your stake 


16x your stake 

Wild boar 

18x your stake 

High paying Symbols

The predators of the wild take over as the high paying symbols of the game. These beasts can reward you with massive wins when you slay them on the reels. Take a look at their payouts based on the maximum wager below: 




25x your stake 


60x your stake


80x your stake 


100x your stake


500x your stake 

Special type symbols 

Prepare yourself for an all-out war with the aliens. Target the special creatures appearing on your screen to win massive payouts! These special type symbols are characterized by different alienware and intergalactic creatures. Check them out below: 

  • Xeno killer - The Xeno killer can reward you from 10x to 300x your stake and will continue giving out rewards as you shoot it non-stop. 
  • Turbo blaster - The Turbo blaster will reward you with 30 to 100 extra bullets that will allow you to go for more kills. These bullets also have higher damage to take down the aliens in one go. 
  • Bladehound - The Bladehound will allow you to use the Shuriken on its back so you can create more damage to the enemies. It can get you a reward from 40x your stake up to 80x your stake! 
  • Bio crawler - Shooting down the alien eggs on the game field release the bio crawlers. These creatures can release a toxic gas that can kill the creatures around them with the exemption of special and boss type creatures. This alien can reward you with 40x your stake up to 100x your stake.

Boss type creatures 

The boss creatures are special aliens that can reward you with massive payouts. Spot and slay them on the reels and win the following rewards:

  • Titan engineer - The titan engineer can reward you with 80x up to 600x your stake the moment that you slay it on the battlefield. It carries a Bonus Wheel that would reveal the award you’ve won once the titan is slayed. 
  • Alien invader - The alien invader can reward you with 50x to 100x your stake once you manage to take down the alien. Be careful though, once you defeat this monster, it will turn into its real shape and reward you with the payout of the creature it reveals. 
  • The vanquisher - The vanquisher can reward you from 100x up to 688x your stake. Once you slay this creature, it will turn around and kill every other animal on the screen to reward you with a massive win. 
  • Stealth hunter - The stealth hunter can reward you from 50x up to 100x your stake. Defeat this creature to force it to recognize you and deactivate the stealth mode. 
  • Champion hunter - This creature will reward you from 100x to 488x your wager. Defeating this creature would allow its laser pack to malfunction and explode, killing every other creature around it. 
  • Fallen hunter - This creature can reward you from 100x to 888x your stake. Once defeated, it will explode, killing the creatures around it.

Slay the space oddities in Alien Hunter!

Unlike other slot games where all you need to do is spin the reels, casino slot Alien Hunter gives you much more interactive gameplay where you can shoot aliens in an open field and gain rewards depending on the creatures you have killed. Charge your big guns now and get ready to shoot some aliens!

Alien Hunter: Dawn of a new world  

The battle between humans and aliens is tough, but with the help of the Crazy Bomber, you can create an explosion of wins on the battlefield. Aliens are not just creatures of a legend written in the Book of Myth, they are real and you need to stop them now by placing your bets and shooting the vile creatures down!