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888: The Numbers that Will Bring You Luck

You can have the opportunity to receive substantial prizes once you start spinning the reels of casino slot 888. You can land winning combinations that can present you with payouts of sizeable amounts.

The dragons are considered icons of prosperity and luck in Oriental culture. This slot game will show you that your luck just turned up once you enter 888 bitcoin slot. The reels are given a design of classic simplicity by the game developers, choosing to shy away from the now prominent games filled with intricate features and gameplay. The majestic beasts can reward you with large payouts whenever you successfully hit three of the same symbol in the centremost line presented on the grid.

888 Details


Spade Gaming

Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

€ 0.10

Maximum Bet

€ 90

888: The Dragon Heads of Luck

Spade Gaming’s casino slot 888 has 3 reels that showcase a single payline, showcasing simple gameplay. It has been given the same configuration as classic slot games found in most casinos. You can start spinning the reels of 888 bitcoin slot from your desktop, mobile or tablet. Wagering for a round on this slot game starts at a minimum of €0.10 up to €90 per spin.

You will see three different symbols that can land on the reels to provide you with payouts. The symbols used are in the form of different coloured dragon heads. Each colour defines the size of the payout the symbol can present you. The size of each payout is determined by the size of the bets you placed before a spin commences.

The use of dragon heads is a statement of the prominent influence of Chinese culture in this slot game. The majestic beasts are known as symbols of potent and auspicious powers that bestows power, strength and good luck to anyone that prays to them. This is the reason that makes them the perfect icons to use as symbols.

The various dragon heads that are mostly golden come with accents that are in the colours blue, green and pink. You need to land the dragon heads exactly on the line found in the middle of the grid in order to receive the intended reward for each symbol. The payouts that you can be rewarded by the winning combinations that land are:


Set of 3

Any Combination of Dragon Heads


Blue Dragon Heads


Green Dragon Heads


Pink Dragon Heads


888: You Can Feel All of the Chinese Influence on the Reels

Chinese cultural influences are evident on the reels of casino slot 888. The background of the grid is done in the same style as the various traditional Chinese paintings. It uses various hues of the colours orange and yellow along with tones of gold. Representations of waves that curl over making a complete picture of the vast ocean are seen on the lower half of the grid. Above the ocean hung clouds that are situated low and thick, making up a complete picture of the sky. 

Each of the rewards you can receive from the symbols and the combinations that need to be formed in order for you to win is displayed on top of the reels of 888 bitcoin slot. The reels are stylized to look exactly like slot machines that can be found inside actual casinos. Various items made of gold accents the grid and form the image of a slot machine window. This lets you feel like you are actually playing one of the slot machines located inside your favourite land casino.

You Will Certainly Not Run Out of Luck With 888

Spade Gaming’s casino slot 888 has a simple gameplay that is easy to understand which stems from the classic simplicity it adapted from slot games of bygone days. Programming 888 bitcoin slot the same way as classic slots made the game simple. This removes the need for complicated storylines, intricate gameplay and excessive features that can make a game harder to understand. 

The simplicity of the reels is deceiving because the symbols will present you with payouts that are generous which can result to even more fun. The Chinese influences showcased by the grid adds more to its charm making it more interesting to play. You can start winning substantial rewards once you spin the reels of casino slot 888. 

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