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    Flex Game: Flex your wins and pick a number, bingo-style!

    To celebrate the city’s 45th annual festival, the mayor decides to make the year even more exciting by setting up a carnival. Rides are practically everywhere, overpriced cotton candy booths are making their rounds and thrilling games are waiting for the kids. To pass the time, you decide to play Flex Game, the newest bingo game in town. A glistening pot of cash awaits you here. Are you prepared to put your luck to the test and win?

    Flex Game Details


    Play’n Go

    Game Type

    Video Bingo



    Minimum Bet

    0.80 credits

    Maximum Bet

    80 credits

    Flex Game: Frequently asked questions

    What is the RTP of Flex Game?

    Flex Game has an appealing RTP of 95.5%.

    What is the volatility of Flex Game?

    The volatility of Flex Game is low.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Flex Game?

    The minimum bet is relatively low at 0.80 credits and the maximum bet is 24 credits.

    Cards up your sleeve: How to play Flex Game

    Before trying your luck with Flex Game, you should choose how many cards you want to play with. Keep in mind that each card is a 5x3 grid with 0 to 90 numbers that are randomly generated. If you prefer to play with up to four bingo cards, you have up to four times of forming winning patterns in each round. 

    You should also place a minimum wager of 0.80 credits or a maximum bet of 80 credits to get started. Once you’re done, your total stake will be equally divided between the active cards. 

    You’re already up for the challenge if you’re done choosing your bets and number of bingo cards! Thirty balls will be randomly picked by the game. If the number on the ball matches yours on the cards, they will be marked off and display your winning patterns. 

    Additionally, if you want to maximise your chances and create more wins, you have the option to buy more balls. Click on the extra balls to reveal their number along with your winning chances. You can press the Collect button and draw new cards if you’re ready to play the next round. 


    Here are the patterns you need to mark off for payouts:





    Upward triangle

    60x your bet per card

    Downward triangle

    60x your bet per card


    60x your bet per card


    160x your bet per card

    Upward arrow 

    200x your bet per card

    Middle square 

    800x your bet per card


    800x your bet per card

    Downward arrow 

    1,200x your bet per card


    2,000x your bet per card

    Downward tower

    2,000x your bet per card

    Upward tower

    2,000x your bet per card

    Complete tower

    4,000x your bet per card


    10,000x your bet per card

    Full bingo 

    30,000x your bet per card

    Bonus features

    Tap Bonus feature

    Each time you land a perimeter pattern on an active card, you will trigger the Tap Bonus feature. The screen will present six options, allowing you to choose one that would reveal a prize. 

    Extra Ball feature

    When all 30 balls have been released during the round, you can activate the Extra Ball feature for more chances of winning. Just remember that this is only unlocked if you’re only one ball away from winning 8x your stake on any of the active cards. 

    Between the fourth and ninth extra ball, a free ball will be randomly rewarded to you. The game allows you to buy up to 13 balls, but the last one will only become available when you’re one ball away from winning at least 200x your bet per card.

    Jackpot feature

    Trigger the Jackpot feature when you land a full bingo pattern with 30 balls or less that can reward you with 99,999x your bet per card. However, this is only available if you decide to play with four cards.

    Flex Game: On all fours!

    Although Play’n Go puts a new spin on the classic bingo game, Flex Game stays true to its nature. On the screen, four active cards are showing randomly generated numbers between 0 and 90. You can see the payouts and winning patterns above the cards, along with the jackpot prize and coins. 

    You can adjust your wager using the coin value and total bet sections in the lower right corner of the screen. Watching the balls drop from above to determine your luck will make your bingo gaming experience more enjoyable!

    Flex Game: Drop ‘em balls

    Play a classic game of bingo with a twist when you enter Flex Game! With huge prizes and bonus features waiting for you, you’ll win huge cash prizes in just a couple of rounds. Drop down on Rabbit Hole Riches and go for the Golden Goal.