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King Dragon Tiger: The right cards are your key to winning

You will never get tired of predictions and guesses because this is one of the most fun games released by OneTouch! King Dragon Tiger is here to give you a new spin on chance games. This casino game lets you hit two birds with one stone due to the rewards of the Dragon Tiger and King Games! Place your bets today on King Dragon Tiger and see what kind of fortune awaits you on the other side.

See how you can maximise the RTP value of 98.91% by studying the different types of bets and testing your luck. Read further to know how the King Game feature works to win multipliers and increase your chances of winning! 

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King Dragon Tiger: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of King Dragon Tiger?

King Dragon Tiger has an appealing RTP of 98.91% that will make your gaming experience rewarding. 

What is the volatility of King Dragon Tiger?

The volatility of King Dragon Tiger is medium which can make your gameplay exciting.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on King Dragon Tiger?

The minimum and maximum bets you can place on King Dragon Tiger are €0.50 and €5,000, respectively.

King Dragon Tiger: Check the cards for speckles of luck

King Dragon Tiger offers you a lot of chances to master how the game works. By simply placing your bets, you’ll encounter multiple types of bets with unique purposes that will help you throughout the game.

How to play King Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger Game

The Dragon Tiger Game uses one deck of 52 cards, which are shuffled each round. Your goal in this game is to predict which hand will be stronger than the other. To do so, you need to place wagers on the betting table. Once you press the deal button, all bets will be locked in place and the game starts to distribute cards for both the Dragon and Tiger hands. 

Each hand will receive 1 face-down card only. Afterwards, the game will reveal the cards, and whichever has the strongest or higher hand will win. If you happen to bet on the winning hand, you will receive payouts based on the type of wager you made. 

If the value of each hand is the same, the game will end in a Tie. Those who placed a bet on the Tie bet will win, while the Dragon and Tiger bets will be deemed as a loss. 

King Game

Your goal to win the King Game is to correctly choose the card colour of the King card. The game draws three cards in total; two for the Dragon and Tiger hands then one for the King Game. If the third card reveals a King card of the colour you chose, then you win the King Game.

Afterwards, the game will present you with 3 cards you need to choose from. These cards can contain a multiplier that ranges from 2x up to 5x your bet. Whatever multiplier you get will be applied to the Dragon Tiger payouts.

Card value

Below is a list of card values of King Dragon Tiger for your reference:

  • King - 13
  • Queen - 12
  • Jack - 11
  • 10 to 2 - retain face value
  • Ace - 1.


Bet type








Dragon/Tiger Odd


Dragon/Tiger Even


Dragon/Tiger Small


Dragon/Tiger Big


Dragon/Tiger bet 

This bet type wins when either the Dragon or Tiger hand is stronger than the other.

Tie bet

The tie bet wins when both hands have the same value. All other bet types made will be considered as a loss.

Dragon/Tiger Odd bet

This bet type wins when an odd number card lands on the Dragon/Tiger hand. However, receiving a number 7 card is considered a loss.

Dragon/Tiger Even bet

This bet type wins when an even number card lands on the Dragon/Tiger hand. 

Dragon/Tiger Small bet

The Dragon/Tiger Small bet wins when the drawn card is 6 or lower.

Dragon/Tiger Big bet

The Dragon/Tiger Big bet wins when the drawn card is 8 or higher.

King Dragon Tiger: Bow down to receive endless rewards

The lavish halls of King Dragon Tiger allure you to step inside and place your bets to win massive rewards! On your centre screen, you will see a table listing the events that have happened during your gameplay. Here, you can check the winning numbers and patterns that occurred in the past to help you maximise your bets in the following rounds. Below is where you need to place your betting chips and switch card colours for the King Game. 

Enter the halls of King Dragon Tiger for a win!

Be a Lucky Lion and correctly guess which hand will win in King Dragon Tiger! Add a Fire Combo to your sleeves, so you are fully prepared when surprises happen during the game. After playing this, consider yourself a master in trusting your gut feeling!

King Dragon Tiger