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Evil Geniuses X Bitcasino

Bitcasino is an official partner of one of the biggest esports teams in the world, Evil Geniuses. Our partnership covers the Dota 2, CS:GO and Fighting Games teams.

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Betsy is an easy to navigate betting platform offering ultrafast (as in one click) betting, an immersive full-screen functionality and time sensitive betting to make your predictions during the game-play.

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Esports is getting international acclaim from all over the world because of its wide variety of teams and individual players. It’s exciting to see how these battles unfold before your very eyes.

That’s where esports betting comes into play. Not only will you immerse yourself in the heat of the battle, but you can also try your luck to win massive payouts by betting on your favourite teams or players.

Create your Bitcasino account and place your esports bets through the Betsy platform. Browse below to find out how you can be part of the experience with just a few clicks!

Easy esports betting 

Having a good platform to place your bets is just as important as rigorously following the turnout of the tournaments. Luckily, Betsy has a user-friendly esports betting interface that keeps you up to date with the latest statistics of the matches while waiting for the outcome in real-time.

Navigating the Betsy interface

The Betsy platform offers a smooth and easy-to-navigate interface. Once you open it, you’ll immediately see the statistics on ongoing games that you can bet on. You can also click on your preferred games on the menu option at the left side of the screen to narrow down the selection.


Betting at Bitcasino is quick and easy, especially in the Favourites section. You can customise this according to your preference by adding active tournaments on your favourites list by clicking on the star right next to the tournament.

Balance and bets

Your balance appears on the top right corner of the screen where it shows the amount currently in your Bitcasino bankroll. Under your balance are your bet slip and current bets.

What is the bet slip?

Click on the buttons corresponding to your preferred team and it’ll reflect on the ‘bet slip.’ You can place a single bet or multiple wagers in one go. An orange button with the total amount will appear on the bet slip section that you have to click to proceed with the transaction.

What does my bets do?

Each bet you place will appear on the ‘my bets’ tab. This will be divided into two categories which are unsettled and settled. All open bets can be monitored on the unsettled tab while those that have already been played out can be seen on the settled tab.

Esports betting leagues and tournaments

Many esports betting sites feature an array of tournaments and sponsor leagues to play for major events. Bitcasino is no stranger to this with its recent tie-up with Evil Geniuses.

You can bet on the tournaments that Evil Geniuses play, as well as the other esports games included in this list:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Considered as one of the most popular esports games today, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO, was released in 2013. This game was developed by Valve in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment.

CS: GO is a first-shooter game that pits two teams against each other, the terrorists and counter-terrorists. The objective game modes of CS: GO allow for several esports betting conditions that make wagering exciting.


Defence of the Ancients 2 or simply referred to as DOTA 2 is a game developed by Valve in 2013. The game transpires on a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that divides 10 players into teams of 5.

In this game, players are expected to defend their bases and destroy the opponent’s Ancient Structure to win. Live esports betting for this game can be thrilling because of how unpredictable the actions of players can be while the battle commences.

League of Legends

Among one of the most popular games in the esports industry, League of Legends (LoL) captured the hearts not only of players but also of spectators wishing to make a bet on their favourite esports teams.

The competitiveness of this game is also felt on challenge betting amongst bettors because of their guesses on how teams will fare with their strategies. People who bet on this game religiously follow tournaments from the tier 1 leagues like League Championship Series and Pacific Championship Series to the main competition hosted by Riot Games—League of Legends World Championship.


Riot Games has one more game to offer the esports scene. Released in 2020, Valorant is a newcomer with an impressive number of followers. Although the game isn’t as popular as others on this list, it has a huge pool of players and supporters alike to sustain leagues and tournaments.

Valorant is a first-person hero shooter game with a unique twist. The game uses tactical shooter mechanics but also dabbles with hypernatural abilities that heroes get to utilise. This makes for a good avenue for conditional bets.

StarCraft 2

No other game can utilise real-time strategy mechanics as well as StarCraft. This series emerged from the ‘90s and dominated the early 2000s with the StarCraft 2 sequel.

The campaign of StarCraft 2 focused on intergalactic warfare that supports multiplayer competitions that’s popular in the esports industry. Its collaborative co-op missions are what makes the game good for esports betting.

Call of Duty

For first-person shooting game enthusiasts, Call of Duty is one of the games that are on top of their list. This was franchised by Activision and led to one of the most popular esports tournaments in the world, Call of Duty World Championship.

You can also follow other competitions and lower-tier leagues to root for your favourite teams through Betsy.

Different types of esports betting you should know

To get started with your esports bets, here are some of the most common types of wagers you can encounter when placing bets:

Outright betting

One of the most common types in any esports betting site is outright betting. As its name suggests, you will bet on an outright winner or game outcome in the match or tournament.

Outright betting has several variations listed below:

Tournament winner

Betting on the tournament winner means you are putting your wagers on the team you think will rise victoriously among their opponents.

This type of outright bet is tricky since a lot can happen during the tournament. However, with the right research and analysis of the team’s data, you can have a fighting chance to win the wager.

Match winner

A good way for you to jumpstart your esports betting experience is to try outright betting for a match winner. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the teams, this type of bet can help you test the waters out. Make sure to always have an eye on the odds because the data can quickly change and turn the other way as long as the match is still ongoing.

Bracket or group winner

Tournaments are often sub categorised into several brackets where each team competes for a spot. As the event progresses, the competing teams get fewer. A Bracket winner is similar to the tournament winner bet since you’re also guessing who will emerge as the winner. The only difference is you’re wagering for a team’s success to get onto the next stage of the tournament instead of guessing if they will win overall.

In-Play betting

An exciting way to wager for matches or tournaments is to do it as the game progresses. You can wager for different players, outcomes or other advanced betting types while watching the game in real-time.

Next 24 hours

Tournament matches are announced ahead of time and allows bettors to place their wagers 24 hours before the game begins. You place your bet on what you think the outcome of the match will be. It’s helpful to know your team’s and the opponent’s status from previous games to predict a competent outcome.

Future bets

In traditional sports betting, a bookie allows bettors to wager on a match event that is yet to take place. This is called a future bet which is also applicable to esports betting.

Esports fantasy betting

This type of betting is new to esports but has been a staple to bettors of traditional sports betting. An esports fantasy bet allows you to pick a lineup from real-life players which will then be pit against other people’s picks.

A pointing system based on how the players performed in real-life events will determine how your fantasy team fairs. This will be compared to the other bettors and whoever has the better stats wins.

Esports betting for advanced bettors

The thrill of esports tournaments isn’t solely dedicated to how the teams perform. Your outcome predictions play a huge role in making things more exciting.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your wagers, here are some advanced bets where you can utilise your esports odds knowledge:

Accumulator bets

Accumulator bets allow you to bet on multiple esports tournaments and events at once. The upside is, you get a large payout when things go your way since it’s a high risk, high reward wager. However, this type of bet only pays if you get all the predictions in the right order.


For this type of accumulator bet, you have to get two conditions right. When you get two outcomes correct, you have the chance to get a multiplied payout.


To make things more exciting, triples allow you to bet on a tournament with three legs. You receive the payout when you accurately predict the three outcomes, thus the triples name.


You can add extra conditions to your accumulators. This means that the wager will only be valid if a certain rule is met to increase the odds.

System bets

System bets allow you to place multiple selections on your betting slip without accumulating a large loss when things go south. However, this lowers the stakes, making the payouts slightly lower compared to other accumulator bets.


Betting on a score allows you to place a wager on the exact final score of the match. It’s heavily used on live betting because it’s quite hard to guess the outcome in advance. You’ll need more information from the game to properly gauge what score the teams will get.

Player performance

One of the hardest and complex types of betting is player performance. Anything can happen during a match and it all depends on the team’s strategies and how opponents will fare. 

The metrics for the player performance bet vary on the mechanics of the game. To simplify it, you have to bet on certain conditions that a specific player might do during the match.

The top player or most valuable player (MVP)

Betting on the top player for the match or tournament is a variation of the performance wager. This allows you to bet on a player that the event considers as the most valuable of the set.

Prop bets

This betting type is betting on a specific proposition or metric. Certain games have specific outcomes that are unique to them. It’s a type of wager where you guess whether that specific occurrence is going to happen or not. The odds of this would vary depending on how the game is played and is mostly seen on live betting platforms.

First map

For first-person shooter games, a universal type of bet is guessing who will win the first map. This is an in-play bet where you wager for the team most likely to survive the first map of the match, instead of guessing the overall winner.

Having background knowledge of which teams win the first map is advantageous for this type of bet.

First blood and first kill

Many esports games with competitive gaming mechanics allow you to bet on the first blood and the first kill. This event starts the carnage of the match and sets the tone of how intense the game will be.

The first blood refers to the player that kills an opposing player first. On the other hand, the first kill is the first victim that gets killed off during the match.

Odd/even bets

You can boost your profits by placing odd/even bets since this wager gives you a 50% chance of predicting the outcome. The bets can be anything that applies odd or even counting like the number of games won, players killed and rounds played among others.

Over/under bets

Instead of guessing for the exact score, the over/under bets allow you to wager whether a certain team will score more points or less. This isn’t limited to scores because over/under bets are also utilised on maps and other performance-related scenarios.

Handicap esports betting

Some games including League of Legends and Call of Duty have competitive teams that are in it to win it. These favoured teams often win matches without a sweat. It’s no fun to bet on a winning team with predictable odds.

This is where handicap betting comes in handy wherein conditions are placed on the winning team to even out the playing field. With certain conditions, the odds for your betting is harder to predict than just straight-up wagering that the winning team will emerge as victors.

Start your esports betting with Bitcasino today!

Have fun wagering for teams, players and match outcomes when you sign up for a Bitcasino account! You can also be updated on the latest major tournaments and news about the esports world by scanning the stats board or browsing the blogs posted on the website regularly.

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