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Experience quick gameplay in 421 - Speed Baccarat 12

Enjoy fast and rewarding casino gameplay in eBET’s 421 - Speed Baccarat 12! This immersive live game lets you play a quick round of baccarat for a chance to increase your bankroll within minutes. 

One of the best live game providers, eBET gives its take on the popular casino game by releasing 421 - Speed Baccarat 12. Here, you can play more rounds and win massive rewards. Sign up at Bitcasino to play this table game today!

421 - Speed Baccarat 12 Details



Game Type

Live Dealer



Minimum Bet

40 mBTC

Maximum Bet

2,000 mBTC

421 - Speed Baccarat 12: A quick and entertaining table game

Don’t let yourself sit for a long period while waiting for payouts! Play 421 - Speed Baccarat 12 to cut down your playtime while still enjoying the thrill of the game. Choose from a plethora of bet sizes and interact with the live hosts and players for a fun gaming time. Check out more details about the game below:

Playing 421 - Speed Baccarat 12

Baccarat is a quick and straightforward casino game that even beginners will have no trouble learning. The popular variation, Speed Baccarat, has the same rules as the typical Baccarat games. Take a look at how 421 - Speed Baccarat 12 is played below:

  1. Choose your bet. 
  2. Wait for the 15-second betting phase to end.
  3. Once the betting phase ends, the dealer will draw 2 cards for the Player and the Banker. All cards are dealt face-up for a faster round.
  4. Whichever side has a value closest to 7 to 9 wins the round.
  5. In case no side has won, the game will proceed to the next step where a third card is dealt.
  6. The results will appear once the Player and the Dealer have received the third card.

Game Rules

Check out the game rules of 421 - Speed Baccarat 12 by reading below:

  1. You can bet on Player, Banker, Tie or other side bets. Take note that the Player and the Banker will be the first ones to receive 2 cards.
  2. If the Player or Banker has a total of 8 or 9, both sides should stand. This means that no third card will be dealt.
  3. If the Player has a total card value of 5 or less, a third card must be dealt.

Bet types and odds

Take a look at the bet types and odds in 421 Speed Baccarat 12 by checking the table below:

Bet type








Player Pair


Banker Pair



12:1 or 20:1

Banker Dragon Bonus


Player Dragon Bonus






Banker Odd


Banker Even


Player Odd


Player Even


Bonus Features

Dragon Bonus

421 - Speed Baccarat 12 offers a Dragon Bonus wherein a different payout multiplier of up to 30x is generated depending on the playout of the winning side. If the betting side qualifies for the 2 conditions listed below, the winner will receive the winnings with no commissions:

  1. The betting side wins and has more than 4 points than the other side.
  2. The betting side wins with 2 cards that have a total value of up to 8 or 9 points.


Lucky6 is an additional bet that multiplies your winnings to 2x if you bet on the baker with 2 cards of 6 points. A winning payout of 20x your bet will apply if you bet on the banker that wins with 3 cards of 6 points.

421 - Speed Baccarat 12: Play in an Asian-themed studio

The game of 421 - Speed Baccarat 12 is streamed directly from the eBET’s main studio in Tallinn, Estonia. The game loads fast and is lag-free as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can change the interface language in the settings located at the upper left corner of the screen. At the upper right corner, you will see various settings that allow you to adjust the camera and sound settings as well as the bet history.

Floral background and green tables can be seen when you open 421 - Speed Baccarat 12. Friendly Asian dealers will supervise the game and assist you if needed. You can use the chatbox at the lower right corner of the screen to socialise with other players or ask questions to the dealer.

421 - Speed Baccarat 12: Play more exciting table games

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eBET Speed Baccarat 11