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Take a gamble on Thimbles!

Sharpen your eagle eye and don’t let any distraction steer you away from the action happening at the table in casino game Thimbles. When the cups start shuffling, only luck and skill will lead you towards winning the shining rubies in each round, so better pay close attention!

Thimbles Details


Evoplay Entertainment

Game Type

Table Game



Minimum Bet

0.1 credits

Maximum Bet

500 credits

Keeping it Thimbles

Get to experience Evoplay Entertainment’s modern twist on the classic shell game when you wager the minimum bet of 0.1 credits up to the maximum bet of 500 credits. 

At an RTP of 96%, all you have to do is pick the right cup and you already have the chance to win it all! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get shuffling!

Playing Thimbles

From the moment you open the game, Evoplay Entertainment reels you into an immersive experience with crisp graphics and realistic sound effects that will take you back to the good old days of street shell games. 

Against a gravel background and framed by shining emeralds, three upside-down wooden thimbles in a row can be seen at the centre of the screen. Find the rubies that will grant you rewards in a single round beneath any of these thimbles!

To start the game, place your preferred betting amount in the bet field. There are two play modes to choose from, each with its own multipliers. You may choose to shuffle one ball and receive an x2.88 for every win, or choose two balls and receive x1.44. 

As soon as the bet is placed, the game automatically shuffles the three thimbles. Pay close attention as the thimbles shift places or simply rely on lady luck to pick out the correct one! 

Upon selecting a thimble with a ruby underneath, your reward will be multiplied by your chosen multiplier and you get to pocket your wins. On the other hand, if you choose a thimble without a ruby, you lose the round and you’re free to try again!

Play Thimbles for free at Bitcasino

More or Less, playing Thimbles by Evoplay Entertainment at Bitcasino is sweet and ‘thimble’! Moreover, it’s also fun and free with the Thimbles demo version. Test out your luck first and build a betting strategy all without spending a dime! 

With the ‘Fun Mode’ option, you can get a taste of everything Thimbles has to offer to your heart’s content. Take a shot like a Wild Bullet in this immersive shell game right here at Bitcasino!