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Follow a trail of pearls and find untold riches in Lucky Ocean!

Take a dive and have a fun adventure in Lucky Ocean! With a bubble map that leads to great treasures, you’ll have to hope that every step you take leads to a beautiful pearl. For finding a Hedgehog Fish, pops your dreams of wealth in an instant and take home a jackpot worth 118x your wager!

Under the sea is where you will find untold riches, so you need to be at your best to make sure that every step you take will lead you to your coveted nautical treasure. To help you out, you’re equipped with a 97.50% RTP so you can bring home wins from exciting game features you can trigger in a few spins.

Lucky Ocean Details



Game Type

Skill Slots



Minimum Bet

1 credit

Maximum Bet

500 credits


118x your wager 

Lucky Ocean is a bubbling good time

Prepare your wetsuit and scuba equipment and take a dive to find the gorgeous riches of the deep! Exciting riches can be found at the mysterious fathoms below. So for you to go deeper, you’ll have to make a minimum bet of 1 credit up to a maximum of 500 to begin your quest under the deepest depths of the ocean floor!

Base Game Rules

To begin your adventure in the deep blue, you’ll have to pump your oxygen tank with either a minimum bet of 1 credit up to a maximum of 500. Then, swim through the seven depths of ocean bubbles and find a pearl in each one.

Be warned, though—not everything behind the bubble is a reward-giving pearl! Should a hedgehog fish find you, your journey ends and you won’t take home an ocean of great treasures.

However, there is a safer way for you to find great riches. You need to go through more layers of bubbles and the option to take the number of pearls you already have in your bag.

Regardless of the way you choose, the rewards you’ll be taking home will be multiplied by the corresponding multiplier coefficient found at every bubble layer. Meaning, as long as you don’t step on a Hedgehog fish, your chances of getting something fun out of this underwater adventure is high!

Multiplier Feature

For every bubble layer you dive into, you’ll be rewarded with a specific multiplier that’s multiplied with your bet to give you greater rewards. As you go deeper and deeper, every new layer of bubbles will award you with thrilling aquatic treasures!

So you better be careful of stepping on that pesky Hedgehog Fish.

Here are the following multiplier values you can expect either when you’ve stopped going into deeper depths or if you’ve reached the top:

  • First bubble layer - x1.15 your wager
  • Second bubble layer - x1.55 your wager
  • Third bubble layer - x2.1 your wager
  • Fourth bubble layer - x2.8 your wager
  • Fifth bubble layer - x3.75 your wager
  • Sixth bubble layer - x5 your wager
  • Seventh bubble layer - x6.7 your wager.

Lucky Ocean: Hidden beauties await

As you take a deep dive under the ocean, you will find yourself immersed in a gorgeous underwater paradise decorated with shimmering pearls, vibrant sea creatures, and shining bubbles that hide immense underwater rewards!

Completing the relaxing atmosphere of the game is the fun and simple xylophone music that eases the suspense of getting great rewards. Making this the ideal game for bettors who have a great desire to experience relaxing, aquatic adventures.

Find aquatic rewards in Lucky Ocean!

As you search through many bubbly layers, you will find a lot of treasures that will surely make you incredibly wealthy! So to be able to go through each of them, you’ll need to use as much Lucky Coin as you have to make your Lucky Tanks last longer in the ocean depths.