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Medium-high volatility

Loot or Boot: Welcome to the lost island of riches and gold

What was once a luxurious cruise ship adventure becomes a nightmare you refuse to accept. Lost and almost dehydrated, you wake up on an abandoned island after your ship met its unfortunate fate. You walk around in an attempt to find fellow survivors, look for means of survival and think about your chances of escaping the island. But then you find something else: a stash of treasure kept by the pirates who once ruled the land. Are you ready to play Loot or Boot and walk the plank of prizes?

Enjoy an RTP of 95% when you play this pirate-themed game developed by OneTouch! If you enjoy arcade games with lucrative wins and easy rules, then Loot or Boot should be your top choice. Be prepared to open chests of gold and take back what’s yours!

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Loot or Boot: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Loot or Boot?

Loot or Boot has an appealing RTP of 95%.

What is the volatility of Loot or Boot?

The volatility of Loot or Boot is high.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Loot or Boot?

The minimum bet is relatively low at €0.50 and the maximum bet is €100.

How to play Loot or Boot: Sail the high seas!

Join an oceanic voyage and play your cards like a pirate when you enter the game! To get you started, you must place a minimum bet amount of €0.50 or a maximum wager of €100. The game has four reels and nine rows of symbols where you have to reach the top so you can win the highest payout depending on your wager. 

Once you’re done placing your bets, you must click the ‘Play’ button to uncover the next plank. The catch is that before you can proceed to the next plank, you have to pick between four shovels. If you’re lucky enough to choose a bottle of poison, then you advance to the next timber. Picking the bomb, however, will make you lose the round and bets altogether. Just always remember that the more loot you secure, the higher your winnings will be.

If you’re in the mood to make the game more challenging, then you have the option to change the difficulty level. Here is a list of the difficulty levels you can choose from:




The game has nine levels, four cells per row, three winning cells and one losing cell.


The game has nine levels, three cells per row, two winning cells and one losing cell.


The game has nine levels, two cells per row, one winning cell and one losing cell.


The game has six levels, three cells per row, one winning cell and two losing cells.


The game has six levels, four cells per row, one winning cell and three losing cells. 

Choosing the hardest level of the game may sound nerve-wracking, but it would reward you with higher wins. 

Bonus features

Multipliers feature

During the game, various multipliers will randomly appear on any level. The higher your level is, the higher the multipliers you will receive! For instance, if you’ve reached level nine, you can be rewarded with a 9x multiplier. There are instances when several multipliers will appear, increasing your chances of winning higher payouts. 

Loot or Boot: Walk the plank of fortune

The moment you wake up and realise that you’re the lone survivor of the incident, it’s hard to see the silver lining and push through the situation. However, Loot or Boot gives you that overwhelming sense of motivation to make the most out of the island. With the opportunity to multiply your bets and walk the plank of fortune, what are the chances that you’d go back home as a millionaire? 

After opening the treasure chest, you uncover a treasure map-like game where your fate and luck are determined. The leaves of the coconut tree are gently swaying above you, while the calming sound of waves breaking on the shore takes the edge off. There’s a compass on the left side of the game, reminding you that you’ll find the right direction at the right time. 

Loot or Boot: Become the next richest pirate in town

Make the most out of the challenge and play Loot or Boot to rack in thousands of wins in one game! Known as one of the most casual games out there, you don’t need to have a specific set of skills to win a round in Loot or Boot. All you have to do is pick one of the four shovels based on your intuition and avoid the bombs as much as you can!

The game also has multipliers and difficulty levels to reward you with higher payouts. It’s a Wacky Wildlife of prizes that feels like you’re on a Grand Heist!

Loot or Boot