Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat


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Double the fun in Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat

Get ready for a fast-paced gaming experience here in Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming! Not a single second is wasted in this live dealer game as every moment is filled with excitement, fun and most importantly, huge rewards!

Evolution Gaming delivers yet another fun live dealer gaming experience in this live dealer game. Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat follows the same formula as other titles under its category such as Lightning Baccarat. This time, it dials everything to eleven by doubling the speed which also multiplies the fun that you’ll experience in this game. With its rapid gameplay and 98.94% RTP, it won’t be long until you start racking up those prizes!

Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat Details 


Evolution Gaming

Game Type

Video Slots



Minimum Bet

0.05 mBTC

Maximum Bet

4,000 mBTC

Prepare for a fast-paced game filled with huge winnings!

Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat is perfect for thrill-seekers looking for adrenaline-filled activities. In this game, players can enjoy a classic game of Baccarat and maximize their betting opportunities as each round only lasts around 27 seconds. 

Playing Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat

Players who are familiar with Baccarat won’t have a hard time getting used to Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat because it follows the same goal of its normal variation where you need to guess which side will be drawn a hand that’s closest to 9.

The only difference between this variation and its normal counterpart is that the length of each round is cut in half which is why it’s called speed baccarat. However, even if you’re not familiar with Baccarat, you’ll easily fall into place as it’s one of the easiest table games that you can play at any online casino.

At the start of every round, players can choose to place a bet between the tie, player’s and dealer’s side. After everyone has placed their wagers, that’s the only time when the dealer will start dealing the cards. 

The dealer draws 2 cards on each side and whichever side is closest to 9 wins. When a tie occurs, those who placed their wagers on the tie will win while the bets placed on the banker’s and player’s side will be returned. 

Card values

For you to determine whether or not the side you’ve placed your wager on has won, you need to know the value of each card. In Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat, it follows these card values:

  • Aces are considered the lowest card in the game and they’re equal to 1
  • Cards 2 to 9 are equal to their numerical face values
  • 10, Jack, Queen and King are all worth 0.

A hand value is calculated by adding the two cards and subtracting the digits that are worth 10 or more. For example, if the two cards drawn on the player’s side are 8 and 6, the hand value will be 4. This is because their value together is 14 and you have to subtract 10 from each hand that exceeds 9. 


The payouts that each player will receive will depend on the bets that they’ve placed. Here’s the table for each bet in Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat:

  • Player bet pays 1:1
  • Banker bet pays 0:95:1 (5% commission is charged)
  • Tie bet pays 8:1
  • P Pair bet pays 11:1
  • B Pair bet pays 11:1
  • Perfect pair bet pays 25:1 for one pair and 200:1 for two
  • Either pair bet pays 5:1.

Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat: Double the speed, double the fun!

In this Evolution title, you can expect the same quality that the provider has been known for in Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat. From its menu to its table, you’ll find various elements that contribute to the luxurious feel that the game is going for.

However, the most important part of this game is the live dealers who will accommodate you throughout the game. What’s better is that you can interact with them along with other players which makes you feel like you’re playing at a physical casino while you’re at the comfort of your own home.

Get ready for a fast and fun-filled gaming experience!

Take the fun up a notch by playing a fast-paced and high-stakes game of Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat. In the Crazy Time that we live in right now, it’s nice to sit down and play an exciting and rewarding game like this. What are you waiting for? Deposit now and try your hand in this Cash or Crash title.

Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat