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    What is Google Authenticator? 

    Google Authenticator is used for providing an additional layer of security to your account. It is a software token that implements a two-step verification process. In order to use Google Authenticator, you will need a smartphone, because the Authenticator is installed as an application. You can also use Google Authenticator when offline.

    The method used is a time-based One-Time Password algorithm: every time you open the application, a randomly generated six-digit number sequence, aka the one-time password, is shown. If you have enabled the two-step verification process on your account, you will need to insert the one-time password on top of your regular password every time you log in. 

    If you have enabled Google Authenticator, you will be prompted to complete the 2-step verification each time you log in or make a withdrawal. Also, please print out the QR code or write down the manual code for account recovery - this will go a long way should you ever lose or damage your phone!

    We strongly recommend using Google Authenticator.


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