How to deposit via Onramper?

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How to deposit via Onramper?

  • Which fiat currencies are supported?

    Onramper supports all currencies and payment methods that are supported by all the fiat gateways that are aggregated within Onramper. More information

  • When will my crypto arrive?

    This depends on a number of factors, including the fiat gateway and the payment method used, as well as your location. Read more

  • Why do I need to verify my identity?

    Depending on the gateway you chose, verification of your identity is required by law in order to execute a conversion of fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies. This process exists to minimize the risk of suspicious transactions involved with money laundering or the financing of terrorism. Such customer due diligence and transaction monitoring is required by law in virtually any jurisdiction. Identity verification is done by the gateway you choose to buy cryptocurrency from.  Transactions with Wyre do not require uploading a copy of your passport or identity document.

  • Having an issue with Onramper?

    Support tickets can be opened with the fiat gateway (i.e. the seller) you used for your transaction. Read more

  • Have more questions?

    You can read more on Onramper's FAQ dedicated page.

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How to deposit via Onramper?