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Reel Talent: Show the World What You’ve Got

You’ve got a bright future, kid. You’ve got some Reel Talent in you and with Microgaming’s casino slot Reel Talent, you can show the world what it means to be a star!

On the main stage of the Reel Talent bitcoin slot, things are going to get Wild—literally! Animals from across the globe have converged on this fateful night for a talent competition the world has never seen before. The grand prize of €60,525 awaits anyone ready to get their hands—or paws—on it. So start spinning, superstar. 

Everyone’s got talent. All they need is a little push to spark a flame that won’t ever go out. With the Reel Talent bitcoin slot by your side, you’ll start seeing your name in shining lights in no time.

Reel Talent Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet




Reel Talent: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3...

Microgaming’s casino slot Reel Talent is a 5-reel bitcoin slot with 20 paylines that showcases the talents of 4 incredible animals on the big stage. 

The basic symbols are the performing animals’ main items. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Deck of Cards

€30 (0.3x)

€100 (1x)

€350 (3.5x)

Electric Guitar

€40 (0.4x)

€150 (1.5x)

€400 (4x)

Flaming Torch

€50 (0.5x)

€200 (2x)

€450 (4.5x)


€60 (0.6x)

€250 (2.5x)

€500 (5x)

The high-paying symbols are the contestants and casino slot Reel Talent’s logo. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Rabbit Magician

€70 (0.7x)

€350 (3.5x)

€750 (7.5x)

Wolf Guitarist

€80 (0.8x)

€400 (4x)

€900 (9x)

Crocodile Fire Breather

€100 (1x)

€500 (5x)

€1,200 (12x)

Lion Singer

€120 (1.2x)

€600 (6x)

€1,500 (15x)

Reel Talent Logo

€150 (1.5x)

€1,000 (10x)

€5,000 (50x)

Casino slot Reel Talent has a Wild symbol that substitutes all paying symbols. The Wild symbol is represented by a ‘Wild’ text.

Symbol Storage, Superspin, and Re-Spin

Whenever a winning combination occurs, its symbol is added to the Symbol Storage at the side of the reels. If there is still room for additional symbols in the Symbol Storage after a winning combination, you are given a Re-spin. The Re-spins end if the Symbol Storage is full or if no more winning combinations land on the reels. If the Re-spins end and the Symbol Storage isn’t full, the Symbol Storage is emptied on the following regular spin.

The Wild symbol cannot be added to the Symbol Storage and symbols in it are not removed during the Re-spins.

The Superspin feature activates once 3 symbols have been collected in the Symbol Storage. Only the symbols that were collected in the Symbol Storage appear on the reels during the Superspin. The Superspin has 3 Stages that have their own requirements for appearing:

  • 3 different symbols will cause Stage 1 to appear.
  • 2 matching symbols and 1 other symbol will cause Stage 2 to appear.
  • 3 matching symbols will cause Stage 3 to appear.

Stage 3 has a guaranteed win. Winnings during the Superspin are added to the total payout for the round that activated the Superspin.

Reel Talent: You’re Up Next, Superstar

The stage is set. The entire world’s eyes are going to be on you in the next few minutes, so take this moment backstage to calm your nerves and prepare for your grand performance. The spotlights are off and the curtains are lowered, but the light from the main stage shines through and illuminates the screen. 

All the other contestants are just as eager and determined to win the grand prize as you. In fact, you can say they’re quite animalistic about it. All the high-paying animal symbols have their own unique talents like fire-blowing, magic tricks, and even singing. The Reel Talent bitcoin slot has its own fun, peppy background music, so hype yourself up and calm yourself down for the big performance because you’re up next.

Reel Talent: The Judges’ Call, the Final Deliberation

People who remain loyal to their craft always come out on top. In a casino slot-turned-talent show like this, you’ve got to show the world your Reel Talent for a chance to win the incredible jackpot of up to €60,525. Shake off your stage fright, and give each spin everything you’ve got with the Reel Talent bitcoin slot. Get ready to witness the Magic of Pandora as the Lady in Red follows right after.

Reel Talent
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