How to deposit with Ezeebill

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How to deposit with Ezeebill

Important Information

  1. Deposit limits are min 7,000 JPY - max 500,000 JPY.
  2. Withdraw limits are min 12,000 JPY - max2,000,000 JPY. 15,000,000 JPY maximum payout limit per account per day. Limit will reset 24h after the first withdrawal request. It doesn’t have a set reset time every day.
  3. According to Ezeebill's regulations, the service will be suspended after three consecutive unsuccessful deposits. Examples of incomplete deposits:
    If the amount transferred is different from the amount entered on the deposit procedure screen (discrepancy between the amount of your request and the actual amount transferred).
    When the transfer ID is not entered and only the name is used for the transfer
    When transferring funds directly to the payee's account without operating the deposit procedure screen.

  4. Making a deposit

    1. Log in to
    2. Click on the ‘Deposit’ button in the top right corner.
    3. On the Deposit page, click the arrow at the top to access the Cashier's Main Menu and change the currency.
    4. Open the drop-down menu to see all the available wallet currency options.
    5. Find Japanese Yen and click its icon. This will instantly make JPY your main account currency.
    6. Select the Deposit via Ezeebill Bank Transfer on top of the Deposit page.
    7. Enter the amount you want to deposit or select from the deposit options.
    8. Proceed with the deposit instructions from there.

    Deposit via Ezeebill Bank Transfer is completed in 1 to 24 hours approximately. (The duration may differ depending on the financial institution used)

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How to deposit with Ezeebill

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