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Discover Great Treasures on the Other Side of the Trolls Bridge

What makes a troll? Let us count the ways: a ‘moon of dwelling-Rungnir, giant’s wealth-sucker, storm-sun’s bale, seeress’s friendly companion, guardian of corpse-fiord’, and more. However, we have left the generous, hospitable ones out of the lore. Thankfully, the Trolls Bridge bitcoin slot is here to pay a fond tribute to these not-so-mischievous creatures!

In your youth, you may have recounted vast collections of folklore about the spiteful, obnoxious troll and his infamous bridge of doom. They were believed to have fattened sheep up for gobbling, as well as grounding their bones for bed. It seems that the world has categorised them under the mean-spirited creatures of mythicality. 

However, in Yggdrasil’s casino slot Trolls Bridge, the trolls won’t be the same angry brutes you’ve steered clear from as a child. Here, they can reward you magnificent prizes up to €250,000! Head to the Trolls Bridge bitcoin slot and cross the wooden drawbridge. You’ll see that there’s no such thing as riddles and tricks! 

Trolls Bridge Details 



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Video Slots







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Trolls Bridge: Cheap Thrills, Awesome Tricks

Yggdrasil’s casino slot Trolls Bridge is a 5-reel, 20-payline bitcoin slot. It wonderfully features a fantastic realm of clear blue skies, a marvelous castle, and of course, the reliable troll guardians of the drawbridge.

The basic symbols are the four playing card suits from a standard deck. Each symbol has its own payout for every winning combination based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


3 coins

15 coins

50 coins


3 coins

20 coins

50 coins


4 coins 

20 coins

60 coins


4 coins

25 coins

75 coins.

The high-paying symbols are the trolls themselves, the sentries of the castle. Each troll possesses different colours to distinguish their appearances and characters. Each has its own payout for every winning combination based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Blue Troll

10 coins

50 coins

125 coins

Green Troll

10 coins

50 coins

150 coins

Purple Troll

15 coins

60 coins

175 coins

Red Troll

20 coins

60 coins

250 coins

Trollish Features

Wild Symbols

One of the Troll Bridge bitcoin slot’s most notable features is its possession of 4 different Wild symbols. Each of these symbols substitutes all regular symbols, always trying to make a combination with the highest payout. Each type of Wild serves a different purpose and appears on different modes of the game. These are the four types of Wilds and their corresponding features:

  • The Regular Wild appears during base game and Free Spins mode.
  • The Random Wild is a feature pick and appears during Free Spins.
  • The Sticky Wild is a feature pick and it appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels.
  • The Troll Wild is a feature pick and it substitutes for any Troll symbol.

Free Spins

The Free Spins feature is triggered by 3 or more Free Spins logos on the reels. Along with the Free Spins, you can also be rewarded with various types of Wild symbols and other feature picks. 

The number of Free Spins you are rewarded with depends on the number of Free Spins symbols that land on the reels. These are the features you can pick with the Free Spins:

  • Getting 3 Free Spins symbols gives you 10 Free Spins and 5 feature picks.
  • Getting 4 Free Spins symbols gives you 8 Free Spins and 4 feature picks.
  • Getting 5 Free Spins symbols gives you 6 Free Spins and 3 feature picks.

Feature Picks

During the Free Spins mode, you can pick different features that will give you diverse kinds of bonuses that can help you win massive payouts. Aside from the various Wilds, you can also opt to take 2-3 more Free Spins, have Troll symbols stacked, or add a 2x multiplier on all your wins.

Golden Bet

You can trigger the Golden Bet feature during Free Spins mode. If you want more chances to win bigger prizes, you can add 1 more feature pick along with the one you get in the Free Spins feature. This will only cost you 5 coins.

Bonus Games

In the casino slot Trolls Bridge, you can enter Bonus Games. There are 2 kinds of Bonus symbols, each of them being triggered randomly during the base game.

One of these symbols is the Bonus Pot and it only lands on reel 5. If it lands successfully, you are rewarded with Free Spins that have various features or a large amount of coins. You can get up to 10 Free Spins with 5 features or a maximum of 1,000 coins.

Meanwhile, the Bonus Stone symbol can reward you gigantic cash prizes or multipliers. If you win during a spin, you are rewarded hefty multipliers of up to 5x. If you lose during a spin, you’ll still be rewarded with coins—the highest prize being 1,000 coins.

Trolls Bridge: No Troll Fees To Pay

Welcome to the magical world of casino slot Trolls Bridge. When you open the casino game, you’ll see the majestic golden-roofed, stone-walled castle atop a meager hill. Before you can enter, however, you must meet its dedicated protectors. The wooden drawbridge closes and the reels appear on the screen.

This is no place or time for you to be frightened. The Trolls that appear on the reels are the most hardworking sentries you’ll meet, despite their reputation of being unfriendly. However, they also uphold their job like their lives depend on it, so do not be discouraged by the fact that they are guarding the drawbridge so intently. 

Revel in the colourful visuals, the straightforward animations, and the mischief-filled melody of trumpets. In the Trolls Bridge bitcoin slot, you can enjoy a fantastic world of legend and lore as you anticipate the most massive prizes!

Trolls Bridge: Sentries of the Mountain

Our ancestors have always misunderstood mythical creatures of the world just because their appearance does not exude ‘beauty’ or ‘majesty’. Trolls may not be the most angelic-looking inhabitants of the mountain, but if you treat them with no hostility they will reward you for having goodness in your heart. Cross the bridge in Yggdrasil’s casino slot Trolls Bridge now and the trolls with share with you their treasures. You can go home with a massive cash prize of up to €250,000!

Surely this slot will remind you to stop looking at the Dark Vortex of things, for there is more to one than what you see on the surface. If you learn to look at the goodness and nothing more, you’ll find yourself in brighter Seasons and Sunny Shores.

Trolls Bridge
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