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Bully 4 U Slot: One Shot, One Win

Feel the wind in your hair as you load your bow with an arrow from your quiver. Keep your eye on the target, pull back, and fire! With casino slot Bully 4 U Slot, you’ve got two strings on your bow with a chance to win up to €50,000.

Archery is an incredibly precise and highly difficult sport that no average Joe can succeed in with relative ease. Only when you play Realistic’s casino slot Bully 4 U Slot can you become one with the bow and arrow to let loose a shot that can pierce even the heavens. You’ll never be shooting the breeze in the Bully 4 U Slot bitcoin slot because every shot is another opportunity to win. 

Give the casino slot Bully 4 U Slot your best shot. Stay focused and stick to your line of fire lest you jump the gun and lose this incredible opportunity that you won’t find anyone else. A Full House awaits anyone ready to shoot ‘em up. Have the time of your life with the Bully 4 U Slot bitcoin slot where every spin is hitting two birds with one stone—or arrow in this case.

Bully 4 U Slot Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet




Bully 4 U Slot: Sharp Shooter

Realistic’s casino slot Bully 4 U Slot is a 3-reel bitcoin slot with 5 paylines that lets you shoot your shot the best way possible.

The symbols in-game are all various fruits and miscellaneous images from classic slot machines. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet: 


Set of 3

Lemons, Cherries


Plums, Oranges










Lucky 7’s


Bully 4 U Slot Bully4U Bonus

The Bully 4 U Slot bitcoin slot has a unique Bully4U Bonus that can potentially grant you immense payouts. The Bully4U Bonus is activated when a symbol in the centre of the 3x3 slot is completely surrounded by another symbol that isn’t the original symbol. When this bonus activates, the symbol in the centre grants a Full House, transforming every other symbol on-screen into the same symbol. 

Bully 4 U Slot: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

The casino slot Bully 4 U Slot takes you to the vast, grassy plains where targets are arranged with perfect Symmetry in a row. Not even The Great Pyramid can rival the organization and minimalistic graphics of the Bully 4 U Slot bitcoin slot. All the symbols are drawn in a cartoonish style with bright, vivid colours and thick outlines. The game’s simplicity is something to be admired in the modern age where intense visuals and high-octane music are common. 

Bully 4 U Slot: Bullseye!

As a famous philosopher once said, you miss all the shots you don’t take. An archer without loyalty to their bow is a fisherman without a rod. Keep your eye on the prize and you can emerge victorious with a potential grand prize of up to €50,000 in the Bully 4 U Slot bitcoin slot. Realistic aims to please with their games and casino slot Bully 4 U Slot is no exception. Get ready to spin the reels, take aim, and let your arrows fly in the wind because it’s time for the money shot! Don’t stand around like a sitting duck waiting for a shot in the dark because great prizes await you. Just be careful not to take an arrow to the knee.

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