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Sushicade: Kawaii Treats From the Land of the Rising Sun

Itadakimasu! Taste a delicious meal of sushi and massive payouts in one bite! Spin the reels to taste the freshest flavours from the Land of the Rising Sun now in casino slot Sushicade. 

Start your Tokyo vacation with a tasty dinner of the island’s most iconic dish! Dip your sushi on free spins and multiplier for a chance to take a savoury jackpot worth €330,000 in Sushicade bitcoin slot. 

Sushicade Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet




Sushicade: The Cutest Sushis in All of Japan 

Casino slot Sushicade has 25 tasty paylines spread across 5 kawaii reels. It has a fresh-tasting jackpot worth €330,000 and a 98.41% RTP. You can start sampling cute treats and delicious prizes by wagering at least €0.30 up to a maximum stake of €990. All wins are paid in euros (€). 


The Sushicade bitcoin slot bar became one of the most famous hang-out spots in Tokyo because of their tasty sushis. You can taste treats such as headphone sushi, neko sushi and penguin sushi in the game as standard symbols. 

Hitting standard combinations while betting the max stake will let you taste the following prizes: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Headphone Sushi




Neko Sushi




Penguin Sushi




The sushi bar is generous to its loyal customers. Becoming a patron of the establishment will let you savour their premium sushi collection comprised of smiling egg sushi, angry sashimi sushi, winking shrimp sushi and cool octopus sushi that serves as the high-paying symbols of casino slot Sushicade. 

Forming high-paying sets will score you delicious prizes if you wager the max bet: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Smiling Egg Sushi




Angry Sashimi Sushi




Winking Shrimp Sushi




Cool Octopus Sushi




Scatter Symbol

Having a single bite of delicious sushi can leave you wanting for more. Because of this, Sushicade bitcoin slot also offers a Sushi Platter that is the scatter symbol of the game. Forming a set of 3 scatter symbols will let you savour 10 free spins and the prize below if you wager the highest bet:


Set of 3

Sushi Platter (Scatter symbol) 


Wild Symbol

The taste of sushi will never be complete without the fresh, spicy taste of wasabi and refreshing tang of pickled ginger. You can taste this flavourful duo as the wild symbol of casino slot Sushicade. The wild symbol can substitute standard and high-paying symbols to form winning combinations. 

Sushicade: A Generous Platter of Multipliers 

To show their dedication to their loyal patrons, Sushicade bitcoin slot offers delicious multipliers that will give your payouts a satisfying flavour. You can trigger these multipliers by forming consecutive winning combinations. Having consecutive wins will let you binge on the multipliers below: 

  • 1 winning set grants a 2x multiplier.  
  • 2 winning sets grant a 3x multiplier.  
  • 3 winning sets grant a 4x multiplier.  
  • 4 winning sets grant a 5x multiplier.   
  • 5 or more winning sets grant a 6x multiplier.

These multipliers increase during free spin rounds. Forming consecutive winning combinations during free spins rounds will let you feast on the following multipliers:

  • 1 winning set grants a 4x multiplier.  
  • 2 winning sets grant a 5x multiplier.  
  • 3 winning sets grant a 6x multiplier.  
  • 4 winning sets grant a 7x multiplier.   
  • 5 or more winning sets grant an 8x multiplier.

Sushicade: A Refreshing Feast for the Eyes 

Casino slot Sushicade doesn’t only care about pleasing your hunger for payouts it also gives a great deal about making your mouth water with its cute, picture-perfect presentation. Upon stepping inside the game’s sushi bar, you will see a charming pink background adorned with cartoon-y illustrations of sushi condiments that will bombard you with cuteness. 

However, the most kawaii thing about this slot can be found in the bamboo makisu or sushi roller backdrop. You will see a variety of zany sushis complete with their own quirks and flavours. You will be charmed by the coolness of octopus sushi, playfulness of the shrimp sushi and innocence of the penguin sushi. 

These sushi symbols are rolled or in this case animated to perfection. You will be delighted to see them dance, smile and wave as you spin the reels. The perfect mix of the refreshing background and kawaii symbols give the slot a perfect colour recipe that will let you savour different shades of pink, green, blue and yellow that refresh you.  

Sushicade bitcoin slot has something delicious for your ears as well. In the game, you will hear fun techno music that will make you dance as you binge on massive payouts from these sushis. This is provided by a lively mix of overlapping synths and catchy beat that will make your feast more enjoyable. 

Sushicade: A Flavourful Experience That Will Sate Your Cravings

Casino slot Sushicade is truly a culinary experience that will delight not only your eyes and tastebuds but also your hunger for massive payouts. The delicious and generous serving of free spins, as well as multipliers, will let you binge flavourful payouts that will make you feel full for days. 

These amazing features are dipped on the slot’s kawaii and mouthwatering aesthetic that will make you feel refreshed with every spin. While you may have come to this sushi bar-themed slot for a heartwarming meal, you will definitely love the tasty prizes that you will win with every spin.

There is more to Japan than tasty sushi! Be the ultimate tourist and explore more of the island’s culture. Play with some playful Japenese dogs in the Shiba Inu cafe or watch a Wild Sumo match between gigantic rikishis. 

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