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Nirvana: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Nirvana—a mythical land of peace, health, and endless bliss. It is a land void of problems and earthly desires, where all are welcome and treated equally by the three goddesses who watch over the realm. 

Yggdrasil takes you high above the clouds to an archipelago in the sky where nature prospers and all your problems are washed away as you bathe in divine waterfalls. As you spin the reels, every Lotus you come upon can grant you an otherworldly meeting with one—or all—of the three goddesses. 

Understood the true meaning of self-fulfilment and tranquillity as you spin the reels with a potential payout of up to €80,000.

Close your eyes and breathe in deep. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale… As your eyes open to the sun’s warm light, welcome to the Nirvana bitcoin slot.

Nirvana Details 



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Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet




Nirvana: A World Unlike Any Other

Yggdrasil’s casino slot Nirvana is a 5-reel bitcoin slot featuring the well-known and highly sought-after Nirvana where endless bliss reigns.

The basic symbols are the deck suits. These are the Diamond, Club, Spade, and Heart. Each basic symbol has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Blue Diamond

5 coins

20 coins

50 coins

Purple Club

5 coins

20 coins

60 coins

Green Spade

6 coins

25 coins

70 coins

Red Heart

7 coins

25 coins

75 coins

The high-paying symbols are the various magical creatures that inhabit Nirvana. Each creature has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Baby Griffin

20 coins

60 coins

150 coins


20 coins

70 coins

175 coins


25 coins

80 coins

200 coins


30 coins

100 coins

250 coins

The Nirvana bitcoin slot features a Wild symbol that substitutes all paying symbols except for the Free Spins symbol. The Wild symbol also substitutes the highest winning combination from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. 

Free Spins

Casino slot Nirvana also features a Free Spins mode wherein you can spin the reels for free with added bonuses. The Free Spins symbol is represented by a Pink Lotus and getting at least 2 Free Spins symbols grants you a set number of Free Spins. In addition, getting at least 3 Free Spins symbols also gives you a coin reward. The number of Free Spins you can win are the following:

  • Getting 2 Free Spins symbols gives you 1 Free Spin.
  • Getting 3 Free Spins symbols gives you 10 Free Spins.
  • Getting 4 Free Spins symbols gives you 10 Free Spins and 1,000 coins.
  • Getting 5 Free Spins symbols gives you 10 Free Spins and 5,000 coins.

When you unlock the Free Spins mode, there are 3 different features you can choose from for your Free Spins. Each of them has its own unique bonuses to give you greater winning potential. 

It must be noted that the feature applies to all Free Spins. This means that getting 2 Free Spins symbols gives you 1 Free Spin and a randomly chosen feature for that 1 Free Spin. 

Additionally, getting 2 Free Spins symbols during the Free Spins mode gives you an extra Free Spin.

The 3 features are the following:

  • Wild Seeds: This feature randomly adds 2-4 Wild symbols on the slot and has the highest win frequency out of all the features.
  • Mega Reel: This feature causes 3 reels to sync. This means that all their symbols are the same and land on the same rows. The Mega Reel feature has the highest winning potential out of all the features.
  • Nudge Reels: This feature moves the reels slightly by nudging them in order to reach the best possible payout potential. The Nudge Reels feature also has the greatest chance out of all the features to re-trigger your Free Spins mode.

Free Spins Re-Trigger

While getting 2 Free Spins symbols during the Free Spins mode gives you 1 extra Free Spin, getting at least 3 Free Spins symbols gives you 10 Free Spins and resets the Free Spins mode. 

Getting at least 3 Free Spins symbols also allows you to pick 1 additional feature to add to your current Free Spins mode. This means you can potentially play through your Free Spins mode with all 3 features activated for maximum winning potential if you re-trigger the Free Spins mode twice. 

Nirvana: Looking Through Your Mind’s Eye

The legendary land of casino slot Nirvana exists high in the sky where the influence of earthly desires and material possessions doesn’t reach. A multitude of floating islands hovers gently on the clouds’ surfaces connected by ancient rope bridges that were constructed by the first beings to roam Nirvana. Powerful waterfalls also stem from the heart of every island and cascade down into the clouds to provide the Earth with its rain and plants with their continued existence.

Yggdrasil designed the Nirvana bitcoin slot with an intricately-drawn golden frame with etchings and carvings that follow the rule of symmetry. They are satisfying and visually pleasing to the eyes because of this. The high-paying creatures and the three goddesses have also been designed to match the aesthetic of the Buddhist heaven with strong yet cool shades of the colours they feature.

The music that plays in the background is a calming tune featuring flutes and various percussion instruments. It makes use of two different beats, one being slow and soothing and the other being fast and upbeat, to create a unique rhythm that simultaneously relaxes and excites.

Nirvana: The End of Your Journey to Satisfaction

As you near the end of your journey in your quest to becoming whole, allow the potential payout of up to €80,000 fill what was taken away—your woes, problems, and earthly desires. You can be made complete with Yggdrasil’s soothing and fantastic casino slot Nirvana. All the three goddesses ask of you are your eternal loyalty and maintenance of your best and happiest self.

Don’t hesitate. Time is of the essence. Enter the Valley of the Gods and live out the rest of your days on the Sunny Shores of Nirvana. This is a slot worthy of the Jungle Books.

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