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Feel the Gorgon’s Wrath in Medusa 2: The Quest of Perseus

Join Greek warrior Perseus as he braves the ruins of Medusa’s lair! Beware the slithering monster, she who can turn you into stone. Whisper a prayer, test your luck, and defeat her to win some coins!

Hold onto your seats while playing this action-adventure slots game! Immerse yourself in Ancient Athens with Medusa snaking her way to get you. Defeat the fabled monster with the exclusive gameplay features such as the Free Spins where you go head to head with Medusa herself. Play your spins right with 94.96% RTP and you just might get 2000 times your bet!

Prepare your Greek-god sponsored armour and get ready to face Medusa’s wrath! 

Medusa 2 Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



2000 x your bet

You’d Make a Fine Statue

Lit your torches and alert your senses with PGSoft’s Medusa II: The Quest of Perseus casino slot game. There are 5 reels and 3 rows in the game with 30 fixed paylines and an RTP of 94.96%. The bet size ranges from 0.01 to 1.25 and you can also adjust the bet level from 1 to 10. 

It showcases features unique to the game and the theme, such as the Stone Reels, Pot Selection, and the Soul Stone Collection features. Playing slots has never been this exciting with the Battle with Medusa Free Spins feature.

Medusa II follows after its prequel, Medusa: The Curse of Athena by the same game provider, PG Soft. If her beauty was lovely and innocent in the first game, now it's fierce, daunting and almost frightening. Gone is the charming Medusa, replaced by the accursed and resentful Gorgon. 

Fight against the serpentine lady as you get a first-person view of Perseus moving through her ruined firelit lair as the reels spin. Talk about a slot game and action-adventure RPG crossover! Every combo you get guarantees safety from her attacks whenever she randomly shows up on the screen. 

Pick your Armour Up 

The standard card figures serve as the regular symbols in the slot game. The Ace (A), King (K), Queen (Q), and Jack (J) symbols look like they’ve been carved from topaz or turquoise with their blue colour and rough texture. 

If Medusa appears out of nowhere to attack you and you get a winning combo with regular symbols, the Soul Stones you acquired prior to her appearance won’t be destroyed. If you don’t have any Soul Stones, then she’ll just go away.

To calculate your win, multiply the paytable value by the bet size and bet level. You can adjust these by clicking on the bet amount. Beside it, you can also see the history of your wins. 

Below is their corresponding paytable values:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


2 x bet size x bet level

5 x bet size x bet level

30 x bet size x bet level


2 x bet size x bet level

5 x bet size x bet level

20 x bet size x bet level


2 x bet size x bet level

3 x bet size x bet level

15 x bet size x bet level


2 x bet size x bet level

3 x bet size x bet level

10 x bet size x bet level

Perseus’ legendary goddess-given shield, torch, helmet, mace, and dagger serve as the special symbols in the game. Medusa randomly appears and attacks during the game. If you hit a winning combo with special symbols when she appears, these weapons will attack her and you’ll get a Soul Stone in return. Perseus’ portrait serves as the Wild symbol, and if he’s used in a winning combo, he roars silently like the impassioned Greek warrior that he is. 

Check the special symbols’ values below:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


15 x bet size x bet level

50 x bet size x bet level

300 x bet size x bet level


10 x bet size x bet level

30 x bet size x bet level

150 x bet size x bet level


8 x bet size x bet level

20 x bet size x bet level

100 x bet size x bet level


5 x bet size x bet level

15 x bet size x bet level

80 bet size x bet level


3 x bet size x bet level

5 x bet size x bet level

50 x bet size x bet level

Experience the Thrill, Feel the Rush

Upon arrival at the slot’s intro page, you’d wonder if you accidentally entered a different game. If you’re unfamiliar with PG Soft slot games, the vertical orientation of the screen designed for mobile gameplay would probably take you by surprise. 

Playing PG Soft slot games means having an electrifying and thrilling experience because of each one’s distinctive features. You’d definitely find yourself inching a bit further out of your seat with every spin.

Stone Reels Feature

During the spin, 1, 2, or 3 Stone Reels may appear and cover any reel. They either contain a red Soul Stone or a Blue Potion. Once the spin stops, one symbol aside from the Wild and Stacked Wild symbols, is randomly chosen and revealed in every Stone Reel.

Pots Selection Feature

When three Pots appear anywhere on the reels, this feature is activated. Three Pots float on the screen, asking you to pick one or Auto Select. Each one of these Pots may reveal Soul Stone, Blue Potion, cash prize, or respin.

Soul Stone Collection Feature

This one’s an interesting feature. Above the reels, you’ll find a Blue Meter that shortens with every spin. This represents the number of spins (max of 12) you have left before it resets and all the Soul Stones you’ve collected disappears. But if you luckily collect 3 Soul Stones, you’ll unlock the Free Spins feature.

It’s not easy though. Watch out for Medusa’s slithering body try to destroy the Soul Stones you have. If you don’t have a winning combination by the time she appears, say goodbye to one Soul Stone. 

If you land a regular winning combo, then she’ll just leave you and your Stone alone. 

If lady luck smiles upon you and grants a special winning combo, you’ll not just scare her aware but you’ll also get to add a Soul Stone to your collection!

If you receive a Blue Potion during the Pots Selection feature, 3 spins will be added to the Meter. It restores back to 12 cells once it empties, but your Soul Stones turn to dust.

Free Spins Feature

You can unlock the 10 Free Spins feature if you collect three Soul Stones or if the pot you choose in the Pot Selection feature reveals free spins. Don’t think this is just your typical Free Spins event, though. This is about the time our fabled monster gets a longer screentime.  

Medusa will appear, her snakes ready to fight and get you. Perseus engages in battle using his sword and shield. If a special winning combination lands on the reels, Perseus goes on the offensive and the amount you won is deducted from Medusa’s HP displayed above. 

If one or more Wild Perseus appears, Medusa turns those reels with his face into stone. They remain on the reels for one more spin before they change into a Stacked Wild symbol. This stays for 3 more free spins.

Medusa is defeated if her HP runs out and you get to have five more free spins with a random number of Wilds added to the reels.

Beware of She Who Slithers and Screams

To say Medusa 2’s animation and artwork are amazing would be an understatement. Tread carefully in the desecrated temple Medusa dwells herself in. Brave against the rolling thunders and spitting fires in the distance. Plug your earphones in and you’ll immediately be transported to an electrifying battlefield amped with tension. 

The first-person POV and RPG format of the screen above makes you feel involved in the battle, especially with Perseus ‘walking’ in every spin. It’s almost like you’re the one holding Athena’s shield on one hand and Hephaestus’ sword on the other. 

The smooth animation reels you in to keep spinning and see what might happen next. Stunning visuals greet you at every cutscene. Even the tiny details would mesmerize anyone, like the floating Pots urging you to test your luck and pick one.

The haunting music builds the anticipation, completing the suspenseful atmosphere. It heightens your senses up, setting you on edge, and on the watch for the serpentine woman.

Everything is tied down to the overall Greek theme, from the weapon symbols to the Ionic order on top of the reels. Immerse yourself completely as Greek mythology comes to life and into your screen in this video slot game. 

Be a Hero, Defeat the Gorgon

PG Soft has definitely made a masterpiece with Medusa 2 Bitcoin slot game. Not only does it stun you with sheer visual delight, it also entertains and gives plenty of chances for you to win coins. You’ll never run out of features to look out for with every spin. Whisper a prayer or two, stay loyal to your weapons, and you just might defeat the abominated Gorgon.

Escape once again to another world and another era in Hood vs. Wolf. Don’t let the fun times end! Relive the spookiest time of the year again and again in Mr. Hallow-Win. Enjoy PG Soft’s quirky slot games and feast on their distinct artworks and mesmerizing animation. You’ll never get tired of them.

Medusa 2
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