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Face Your Fears in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

After joining a group of explorers with a specialization in recovering ancient Egyptian artifacts, you find yourself in the crypts of a long-abandoned pyramid. One shake from the ground is all it takes for the golden caskets and marble coffins to open. Prepare yourself for an endless night of battle with the Gods in casino slot Max Quest: Wrath of Ra!

Defeat the reanimated gods of Egypt and try your luck in winning as much as 37,7740x your wager when you shoot your weapon at an RTP of 97.5%!

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Details 



Game Type

Arcade Slot



Minimum Bet

0.05 credits

Maximum Bet

1 credit


37,7740x your wager

Defeat the Monsters in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Survive the endless night in the crypts when you play casino slot Max Quest: Wrath of Ra! After awakening Anubis and his sleeping colony, prepare to run for your lives as you defeat one zombified mummy after another. Before starting the game, choose your bet from 0.05 credits to the maximum of 1 credit!


Hit your enemies as you fire off one bullet after another with your shooter. Clicking the left button on the mouse shoots one bullet while clicking the right button puts your weapon on auto-shoot mode. Each bullet you fire off pays one wager and it is guaranteed to hit a target. If you fire it on the floor, it ricochets and still hits a target, inflicting damage to it.

Before playing, choose which room to play in first. Up to 6 players can occupy a game room where all players compete simultaneously for cash and collectible prizes.

Each room requires the following minimum wagers in order for you to enter:

  • Room 1 requires 0.05 credits as minimum wager
  • Room 2 requires 0.10 credits as minimum wager
  • Room 3 requires 0.25 credits as minimum wager
  • Room 4 requires 0.50 credits as minimum wager
  • Room 5 requires 1 credit as minimum wager.

Each enemy that wanders on the game screen has a health bar. Keep hitting the target to reduce their health points until it reaches zero. An enemy is defeated once their health point is depleted. You receive a reward afterwards. Any of the three prizes can be rewarded once an enemy is defeated:

  • Cash prize
  • Special weapon
  • Treasure.


At the beginning of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra bitcoin slot, a piston serves as your initial weapon. You can acquire special weapons by purchasing treasure chests whenever you want. You can also receive special weapons at random when you defeat an enemy. 

Compared to the piston that is the regular weapons, special weapons deal a lot more damage to the enemies especially to Bosses.

Each weapon’s strength is determined by the number of stars in its Shot Strength stat. The more stars there are in a weapon’s Shot Strength stat, the larger the damage each shot deals to the enemy.

Check each weapon’s description and stats below:


Description and Stats


Standard weapon.

Area of Effect: 1 target enemy

Shot Strength: ★☆☆☆☆


Double-Barreled Sawed-off Shotgun deals  a massive blast per bullet.

Area of Effect: 1 target enemy

Shot Strength: ★★★☆☆


Explodes when thrown and lands on the ground.

Area of Effect: 1 to 5 target enemies

Shot Strength: ★★★⋆☆

Machine Gun

Heavy-calibre machine gun lets out a stream of bullets.

Area of Effect: 1 target enemy

Shot Strength: ★★★★☆


Shoots off a concentrated laser beam.

Area of Effect: 1 target enemy + chance of ricochet

Shot Strength: ★★★★☆

Plasma Rifle

High-tech weapon that shoots off a powerful blast.

Area of Effect:1 target enemy

Shot Strength: ★★★★★

Artillery Strike

Summons an artillery strike on its location and inflicts high damage to enemies within the area.

Area of Effect: Multiple enemies

Shot Strength: ★★★★★


Freezes enemies with a blast of chilled gas.

Area of Effect: Multiple Enemies

Shot Strength: ★★★★★


Engulfs enemies in wildfire.

Area of Effect: Multiple Enemies

Shot Strength: ★★★★★

Mine Launcher

Launches a land mine at the targeted area and goes off once an enemy steps on the location.

Area of Effect: Multiple Enemies

Shot Strength: ★★★★★


Launches a slug of metal at the enemy and inflicts tremendous damage.

Area of EffectL 1 target enemy

Shot Strength: ★★★★★

Rocket Launcher

Launches a cluster of 4-high explosive rockets at the enemy.

Area of Effect: 1 taret enemy

Shot Strength: ★★★★★

AP Pistol Ammo

Hardened bullets for the standard pistol that deals greater damage on the enemy.

Area of Effect: 1 target enemy

Shot Strength: ★★☆☆☆


Each game room in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra bitcoin slot constitutes different sets of targets that lurk the game screen. There are common enemies that pay minimal to huge payouts and there are special enemies that reward generously once defeated.

Common Enemies

Whether they are lowly scarabs that scatter on the floor or dead minions wrapped in cloth, these common enemies still bring terror to the game! 

Shoot them off and destroy each and every last one of them to receive the following payouts:



Scarab Hatchling

5x - 50x

Shadow Scarab

5x - 50x

Golden Tomb Scrabbler

5x - 50x

Wrapped Minion

10x - 100x

Wrapped Shadowguard

25x - 250x

Wrapped Spiritguard

25x - 500x

Tahawy Warrior

25x - 750x

Crimson Bataanta

25x - 2,500x

Emerald Bataanta

50x - 5,000x

Special Enemies

The battle intensifies in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra bitcoin slot when a common enemy is reanimated once again with eternal fire and becomes a special enemy. This event occurs at random and not all common enemies can become special enemies. 

The more shots the special enemy takes, the higher the chances that you receive a higher payout once you defeat it. The maximum reward you can receive climbs up to 10,000x your wager!

Special Enemy


Risen Mummies

25x - 2,500x

Risen Scarab

10x - 10,000x


10x - 37,7740x


10x - 37,7740x


10x - 37,7740x

Bonus Features

God Events

During every round, there is a chance that the special God Event feature activates when you defeat an enemy. One of the three legendary Pharaoh Gods Osiris, Anubis, and Ra can show up and prevent any new enemies from appearing until you defeat him. 

These God Enemies take extra damage when you use special weapons. They also reward generous payouts once defeated. The payout is distributed to all players in the game room and divided according to the total amount of damage they inflicted on the boss.

Once the Boss is defeated, regular and special enemies enter the room again and the round resumes.

Experience Points

Each time you defeat an enemy, you receive Experience Points (XP) that determines your player level and rank in the Tournament leaderboards. Finding treasures and finishing Quests also reward XP.


You can choose to take a Quest by clicking on the Quests/Inventory log. In each quest, you are tasked to find a certain number of treasures. After collecting the items, you can receive a cash prize or a number of shots from a special weapon.

Run Across Hallowed Hallways in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Betsoft is known for fantastic graphics and high-quality 3D animations that reels you into the journey. Expect nothing short of perfection when you play Max Quest: Wrath of Ra bitcoin slot! Mummies run amok the game screen while golden scarabs crawl on the floor where treasure chests spew gold coins nonstop. Lit torch bowls cast the room in a captivating illumination with shadows creating depth and adding a realistic flair to the game.

Clear each game level and walk the eerie halls of the crypt where cultural ornaments hang on every wall that isn’t covered with hieroglyphs. Listen to the music of tinkling bells and traditional Arabian music as it immerses you deeper in this journey below the ground.

Take What You Came for in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Tame the angered gods with your blasters in casino slot Max Quest: Wrath of Ra! Loads of fantastic features are waiting for you in this one-of-a-kind gameplay filled with walking mummies and warriors. Defeat the reanimated Anubis, Osiris or Ra to find the end of the labyrinth with prizes as huge as 37,7740x your wager in tow!

Beware of Greedy Goblins you might meet on the way out of the Lost Pyramid!

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra 2.0
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