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It’s time to put the many space junk through the Incinerator bitcoin slot. Gather all the space junk you can find because they might just bring you great prizes.

The different coloured space junk you get can give you big prizes if you manage to land the highest winning combinations in casino slot Incinerator. Watch the Wild Pattern panel and see it transform some of your symbols according to what it displays. You can receive up to €60,000 in Incinerator bitcoin slot.

Incinerator Details 



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Up to €60,000

Tossed into the Incinerator

The casino slot Incinerator uses €5 reels that provide 20 ways to win. You can start playing this game with a minimum bet of €0.20 up to €200 per spin on your desktop, mobile or tablet. 

Incinerator bitcoin slot utilizes six space junks that come in different colours as its symbols. The space junks have distinct shapes that also differentiates them from each other. Each of the space junks can land to form winning combinations. These combinations will give you rewards that are based on the size of your bets. 

These are the rewards you can receive from the different combinations: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Red Space Junk




Purple Space Junk




Lime Space Junk




Yellow Space Junk




Pink Space Junk




Blue Space Junk




Incinerator Goes Wild

The Wild symbol is represented by a robot that has an LED screen which projects the word Wild. It can substitute all symbols and pays the highest winning combination from left to right.

Aside from the usual landing of the Wild symbols on a spin, you can also receive Wild symbols whenever the Wild Pattern feature activates. The Wild Pattern is triggered whenever you successfully get three consecutive payline wins. 

There is an LED screen located on the left side of the screen that displays different patterns every time the reels spin. There are a total of 16 patterns that come out from that screen. After winning three consecutive times, the Wild Pattern feature will turn the symbols located on the spaces that the pattern indicated into Wilds. 

The Out of this World Incinerator

The casino slot Incinerator is located in outer space where it can collect tons of space junk. The different symbols used seems to be bits and pieces of space crafts that have been junked. Each of the space junk is vibrantly coloured that differentiates each from the others.

The reels are set on what looks to be a special contraption that cycles junk through the incinerator. The LED screens add a futuristic vibe to the game that is beyond human’s reach at this age. 

There is an adrenaline-pumping techno-themed music scoring that continuously plays in the background. This will keep your adrenaline pumping as you spin the reels to obtain big wins in Incinerator bitcoin slot. 

Incinerator: A Conclusion

The casino slot Incinerator has a simple gameplay that is easy to understand. Because it only has a limited number of symbols, you have bigger chances to get big wins. The Wild Pattern feature gives you more opportunities to get bigger combinations whenever it is triggered. Gather all the space junk you can find and start spinning those reels. You never know, maybe you’ll win big on your next spin in Incinerator bitcoin slot.

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