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    Gnomes Gems
    Real mode

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    You’ll certainly dig something up once you begin spinning reels in Gnomes’ Gems bitcoin slot! Even though this can look like a relatively easy job, miners risk their lives to unearth these exquisite gemstones. 

    This is a place on earth where miners thrive. At the end of a successful day, you can proudly call casino slot Gnomes’ Gems’ 1,000 coin jackpot ‘mine’!

    Gnomes' Gems Details 



    Game Type

    Video Slots







    Minimum Bet


    Maximum Bet



    1,000 coins

    Scouring the Earth for Gnomes' Gems

    Once subjected to heat or pressure, mere rocks can turn into prized jewels. Much like those inside Gnomes’ Gems bitcoin slot, these precious stones can be found on five reels and can pay on 20 win lines. It has a 97.07% RTP rate and features four missions for you to embark on. 

    Symbols Under Pressure 

    Mining tools, alphanumeric characters and gemstones make up the symbols inside casino slot Gnomes’ Gems. Different symbol combinations each have their own payouts. 

    The standard-paying symbols in Gnomes’ Gems bitcoin slot include 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and Ace (A). They appear to be forged from scrap metals melded together. Creating winning combinations with these symbols can reward you these payouts:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5


    5 coins

    10 coins

    20 coins


    7 coins

    15 coins

    30 coins


    8 coins

    20 coins

    40 coins


    10 coins

    25 coins

    80 coins


    15 coins

    40 coins

    100 coins

    The highest-paying symbols inside casino slot Gnomes’ Gems are represented by an emerald, garnet and ruby. When you generate a winning combination that includes these gemstones, you’ll obtain these payouts:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5


    20 coins

    80 coins

    300 coins


    25 coins

    150 coins

    500 coins


    30 coins

    200 coins

    1,000 coins

    The Wild symbol that can substitute all symbols except Scatter and Extra is represented by a pickaxe prying open a rock. It can only appear on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4 so you better watch out for it. 

    The Scatter symbol that can activate 10 Free Spins is represented by a Gas Lamp. It can only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the base game.

    The Extra symbols you’ll need to accomplish the missions are a grenade, dynamite, magnet and arrow sign. Once you collect these symbols, you will receive 20 Extra Free Spins on the average wager. 

    The two special symbols—Scatter and Extra—will never appear on the same spin.

    Mission Imposib-Gnomes’

    You can receive 20 Extra Free Spins from a side job for the Gnomes. The mission is simple. You’ll just need to collect a bunch of Extra symbols to complete a set and that’s it!

    Each extra symbol has a special feature that is uniquely theirs. 

    Acquiring a Grenade can detonate the symbols surrounding it within a one cell radius. One Grenade symbol can randomly appear on reels 2 or 3.

    Acquiring an Arrow Sign on reels 1 or 3 automatically respins that reel. You cannot have more than one symbol on a reel. 

    Acquiring a Magnet on any position on the reels will attract all symbols of its kind. 

    Acquiring a Dynamite on reels 4 or 5 can blow up the entire grid. When it does, you’ll need to take cover!

    Gnomes' Gems under a Jeweller’s Loupe

    Enter the foggy and hollow mine, pickaxe and shovel in hand. Inspect the walls before you fire up gas lamps to light your path as you work. Who knows what kind of elements are released from the walls and stones over time. 

    It can be pretty lonesome in this cold and damp place. No wonder the Gnomes are always so grumpy and serious. Do not let your radiant spirits falter because of the gloomy atmosphere!

    To lighten up the mood, you can initiate a working song. Don’t people do that to pass the time more easily? Hum to the tune of magically adventurous music playing along to your spins, mixing with the sounds of falling rocks and detonating explosives. 

    The luminous gemstones shine vividly in the darkness. Make the most out of your gloomy days inside the mine by playing Gnomes’ Gems bitcoin slot. It approaches you at full speed with straightforward gameplay and mechanics. 

    Don’t Take Gnomes' Gems for Granite!

    Strike jackpot gold worth 1,000 coins when you begin spinning reels in casino slot Gnomes’ Gems. It’s all in a day’s work, Gnomes always say. Prove your loyalty to the pack by wearing the hard hat for life!

    Even you deserve to relax after a long day at work. Grab a few beers at Patrick's Pub and listen to their guest band, Hell’s Band with your friend Booongo!

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