Fishing God


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Medium volatility

Pray for a Bountiful Catch in Fishing God

Prepare your fishing rods or cannons, if you will. There’s plenty of fish in the sea for you to choose from in the casino slot Fishing God! Blast off rewarding fish and sea creatures to take your fishing experience to the next level. Have more chances of landing the jackpot when you play at an RTP of 97%!

Fishing God Details 


Spade Gaming

Game Type

Arcade Slot



Minimum Bet

0.01 credits

Maximum Bet

10 credits


888x your bet

Fishing God: The Sea Keeps on Giving

Discover all kinds of marine animals when you dip your feet in the pool of casino slot Fishing God! Shoot down any type of fish to score instant prizes! Each blast of your cannon costs your set bet. 

Choose your difficulty level from the following options, which sets your bet limit:

  • Junior: 0.01 to 1 credit
  • Expert: 0.1 to 5 credits
  • Godlike: 1 to 10 credits.


Low-paying Symbols

Find different types of underwater creatures as the low-paying symbols of Fishing God bitcoin slot.

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Flying Fish

2x your coin bet


3x your coin bet

Blue and yellow fish

4x your coin bet


5x your coin bet


6x your coin bet


7x your coin bet


8x your coin bet


9x your coin bet


10x your coin bet


12x your coin bet

Angler fish

15x your coin bet


18x your coin bet


20x your coin bet


25x your coin bet

High-paying Symbols

Catch larger fish in vibrant and golden colours swimming about in the pool of Fishing God bitcoin slot as the high-paying symbols.

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Big Clownfish

30x your coin bet

Blue angelfish

40x your coin bet

Big Pufferfish

50x your coin bet


30x-70x your coin bet

Gold Clownfish

30x-70x your coin bet

Gold angelfish

40-80x your coin bet

Gold Pufferfish

40x-90x your coin bet

Gold Shark

50x-100x your coin bet


50x-100x your coin bet

Gold Whale

60x-200x your coin bet

Gold Dragon

60x-888x your coin bet


Lots of bonus features and special upgrades wait for you in the Fishing God bitcoin slot! Shoot down these special symbols when you see them in the pool to activate their respective features.

Laser Crab

Shoot the Laser Crab and you can get rewarded up to 120x your bet and an Electro-Magnetic Cannon. This cannon shoots with a wider range and captures fish in a straight direction across the pool.

Drill Crab

Take down the Drill Crab and you can receive a reward of up to 120x your bet and a Drilling Cannon. This cannon captures fishes along the launch trail across the pool until it explodes.

Bomb Crab

Receive a reward of up to 120x your bet and an explosive bomb when you catch a Bomb Crab. The bomb explodes and captures fishes within the range.

Wheel Crab

Catch the Wheel Crab and you can win up to 300x your bet. Its 3-tier wheel spins and grants an instant prize.

Flash Jelly Fish

Receive a reward of up to 120x your bet when you catch a Flash Jelly Fish. It strikes electricity across the pool and captures fishes that are electrified.


You get the Rapid Fire Cannon when you take down the Firestorm symbol. It provides 60 to 100 bullets which fire in rapid succession.

Golden Fortune Bag

Shoot the red money bag to receive a reward of up to 200x your bet. Choose one from multiple fortune bags to reveal your instant cash prize

Dragon King’s Treasure

Anticipate the Dragon King’s appearance because you can win multiple prizes from 10x to 300x your bet when you shoot him down. You and the other players need to work together to receive the rewards and win the lucky bonus.

Fishing God: Let Down Your Rod

Dip your feet in the cool pond where all kinds of marine creatures flock when you open the game. Painted in deep and refreshing shades of cobalt blue, you’ll feel the cool water cascade on your skin as you play.

Fantastic 3D animations give life to the fishes you are about to catch in the game. Explosive sounds intensify your experience with voiceovers from the fish and the Fishing God himself encouraging you in every spin!

Fishing God: What a Catch!

Fill up your net with heavy wins in casino slot Fishing God! Crabs and jellyfishes bring you hefty servings of features that can reward up to 888x your bet. Level up your gaming experience with every blast from the cannon and fortune bag you take home!

Invite your friends over and let the Fishing War commence! You might discover Mermaids on your way.