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    Fairy Gate
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    Fairy Tale

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    Enchanting Wins Lie Inside the Fairy Gate

    Four fairies with astounding beauty and glamour guard the mysteriously magical Fairy Gate. These fairies possess immense power so they can safely protect the riches that lie inside the Fairy Gate. You don’t have to worry because they give chances to humans who want a piece of their magical wealth. They’ll help you if you spare some of your lucky charms.

    This casino slot welcomes you to an enchanting forest where you can find the Fairy Gate! Prepare to grab sparkling riches that can go as high as €2,000 in just a single spin.

    Fairy Gate Details



    Game Type

    Video Slot







    Minimum Bet


    Maximum Bet



    €2,000 in a single spin

    The Key to Unlock the Fairy Gate

    Casino slot Fairy Gate hides respins and free spins behind its grand facade. Get the chance to unlock the Fairy Gate in this bitcoin slot if you spin its 5 reels for a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum bet of €100.

    Fairy Gate bitcoin slot has 20 paylines with an RTP of 96.66%. This video slot is powered by popular game provider Quickspin. 

    Symbols: The Magical World of Fairies

    Regular Paying Symbols

    Apart from the four fairies, the high values of classic cards can also grant you magical wins. They are Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). If you hit line wins containing 3, 4, or 5 of these symbols, you can receive the following payouts based on the maximum bet amount:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5









    High Paying Symbols

    The blue, green, pink, and red fairies guard the Fairy Gate in this bitcoin slot. If you please them with your charms, they can give you high prizes. The following payouts can be yours on a maximum bet:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Blue/Green Fairy




    Pink Fairy




    Red Fairy





    The Wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except Bonus Scatter.

    Bonus Scatter

    The Bonus Scatter symbol can trigger the Free Spins feature. It can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

    Fairy Wild Features

    Free Spins

    You can trigger the Free Spins feature if you hit 3 Bonus Scatter symbols. 10 free spins are given to you. There are Fairy Orb symbols as well that act as additional wilds during this feature.


    The Fairy Wild Respins can randomly get triggered during the base game. 2 extra reels are added to the original 5 reels in this feature. The extra reels contain Fairy Orb symbols to reward you with more wilds and respins.

    Fairy Gate: The Enchanting Lair of Fairies

    When life gets dull, it’s time to find a way to spice things up. Sprinkle a pinch of pixie dust all over your screen and fly towards an enchanting forest that houses the magical Fairy Gate. In the middle of the forest, you’ll find a huge tree with a sturdy trunk. The middle part of this trunk is where the Fairy Gate lies.

    The Fairy Gate of this bitcoin slot is spellbound by glamorous fairies. It has jewelled violet swirls all over its design. There are gold vines as well that complement the sturdy tree’s green vine-like leaves.

    The four fairies of casino slot Fairy Gate all have pointed ears. These pointed ears are one of the most popular physical traits of a fairy. All fairies each have their own colour so you can easily distinguish them.

    The blue fairy has long blue hair with sparkly bangs. She has a sweet expression and exudes pure innocence from her tight-lipped smile. A mischievous look is displayed all over the green fairy’s face. She has smooth-looking green hair that easily sways with the wind.

    As opposed to the other fairies’ highly visible cheekbones, the pink fairy has unique chubby cheeks. The red fairy’s unique trait is her powerful aura. She gives you a fierce expression that matches well with her strong red colour.

    The Fairy Gate Grants Magical Sparklin’ Wins

    Casino slot Fairy Gate is your Prime Zone to receive magical wins from beautiful fairies with immense power. While enjoying the sight of flowers and vines in the middle of an enchanting forest, you can also potentially win €2,000 in just a single spin! The Epic Journey of conquering sparkling riches from fairies has never been more exciting with casino slot Fairy Gate.

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