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Dwarfs Gone Wild: A Wild Adventure in this Fairytale

Come along with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs to traverse the depths of the mines loaded with riches. Dwarfs Gone Wild bitcoin slot creates their own twist on the fairy tale and delivers huge payouts with their Wild abilities.

Start your own rich fairy tale story in casino slot Dwarfs Gone Wild and mine your way for its riches. Take the Golden Minecarts for a spin through the mines and attain the help of the dwarfs for various ways to receive big payouts. Players enjoy exploring the vast mines and collecting treasures with this fairy tale cast with a 96.3% RTP. Once you reach the core of the mines, you can get a chance to win up to €253,500 for the jackpot that lies inside.

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Dwarfs Gone Wild: Living the Fairy Tale

Mining takes a lot of time until you can strike gold. Good thing in casino slot Dwarfs Gone Wild, there are 7 dwarfs and the lovely princess Snow White at your disposal to reach that gold. Mine through a 3x5-reel format to find the treasure in 20 fixed paylines. Hand over a minimum wager of €0.20 or a maximum wager of €100 to work in these mines.

Basic symbols consist of the three familiar faces from a playing card deck—the Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). Based on the maximum wager, these are the payout values for each set:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Q / K / A




Standard symbols hold 5 of the 7 dwarfs—Sir Dwarf, Wizard Dwarf, Hunter Dwarf, Blacksmith Dwarf, and Racer Dwarf. Earn the maximum payout for each of these dwarfs by placing the maximum wager:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Sir / Wizard / Hunter Dwarf




Blacksmith / Racer Dwarf




The remaining two dwarves are the high paying symbols and this consists of the Explosive Dwarf and Strongman Dwarf. Snow White and the ‘Dwarfs Gone Wild’ logo are also high paying symbols. Place the maximum wager to gain the payouts for these rich symbols:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Explosive / Strongman Dwarf




Snow White / Dwarfs Gone Wild




Note: The Dwarfs Gone Wild logo also acts as a Wild symbol.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

The magic mirror symbol showcases Snow White’s portrait in a golden mirror frame on the reels of Dwarfs Gone Wild bitcoin slot. Once it lands anywhere on reel 3, 300 additional Snow White symbols are added for more combination wins and it grants 2 Respins.

Ride Along the Golden Minecart Bonus Meter

Every combination win that involves any Dwarf symbols adds to the Golden Minecart Bonus Meter. Once the meter is filled, it adds another golden minecart to the stack. The meter is already filled to 75% and 1 Golden Minecart from the start.

These Golden Minecarts can trigger the special Dwarf features during the Golden Minecart Free Spins Bonus. You can earn a maximum of 7 Minecarts in Dwarfs Gone Wild bitcoin slot. 

Spin Around the Golden Minecart Free Spins Bonus

A golden bordered diamond surrounded by golden pickaxes and sapphires is the representation for the Bonus Scatter symbol. During the base game, this only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Obtain at least 3 Bonus Scatter symbols, it triggers the Golden Minecart Free Spins Bonus and rewards you 7 Free Spins. 

The special Dwarf features that can activate depends on the number of Golden Minecarts you earned for the Bonus Meter. This reaches only to a maximum of 7 Dwarf features. Each dwarf has their own specific icon to indicate what their speciality is. These are all randomly triggered during the duration of the Free Spins feature.

All these dwarfs serve their own role as a Wild feature. It consists of Rolling Wilds (Strongman Dwarf), Spreading Wilds (Explosive Dwarf), Throwback Wilds (Racer Dwarf), Full Reel Wilds (Blacksmith Dwarf), Free Wild (Hunter Dwarf), Extra Free Spins (Wizard Dwarf), and Win Multipliers (Sir Dwarf): 

Dwarves’ Wild


Rolling Wilds

Randomly placed on reel 3, 4, or 5 then moves 1 space to the left until it disappears

Spreading Wilds

Randomly places a Wild on a space and it explodes, turning 2-4 adjacent symbols into extra Wilds

Throwback Wilds

Rides on a minecart and randomly places 2-5 Wilds anywhere on the reels

Full Reel Wilds

Can transform a reel into a golden Full Wild reel up to 2 times

Free Wild

Places 1 Wild symbol in a position with the high chances of getting the best payouts

Extra Free Spins

Flies across the screen and hands over an additional 3-5 Free Spins

Win Multiplier

At least 1 winning spin has their payout multiplied by 2x, 3x, or 5x.

Dwarfs Gone Wild: Strike Gold in the Mines

Behind the lovely home of Snow White and these 7 burly Dwarfs lies the entrance of a mine filled with various treasures! It’s hidden in the woods covered in moss and surrounded by rocks and boulders. An orchestra carries the merry melody through the whole duration of casino slot Dwarfs Gone Wild. It delivers a carefree tune that any dwarf can sing along to on the way to work.

During the Free Spins feature, it embarks the player on a cinematic scene through the depths of the mine. The special abilities of the dwarfs shine in this mode because they actively go around the reels to demonstrate it. During each dwarf’s turn, it plays a unique theme for every single one to make them distinct from one another.

All the dwarfs are designed with unique characteristics so you can distinguish between each one. The outfits and accessories for each dwarf reflect their personality and their person special feature in Dwarfs Gone Wild bitcoin slot.

Dwarfs Gone Wild: Get Your Own Happy Ending

Fairy tales have happy endings and so can you in casino slot Dwarfs Gone Wild. These mines reward you cash prizes for all your hard work with the help of Snow White and her 7 trusty dwarfs. With the strength of all these dwarfs’ abilities, you can have a chance at victory for the jackpot of €253,500. Enjoy other classic fairy tales like Goldilocks or Pied Piper in Quickspin’s story slots.

Dwarfs Gone Wild