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    Kalamba Games

    Dino Odyssey
    Real mode

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    Dino Odyssey: You Came, You Saur, You Conquered

    You’ve seen them in movies and popular culture. The dinosaur, literally meaning ‘terrible lizard,’ is one of the most formidable creatures to ever walk the earth. See them in action at the Dino Odyssey bitcoin slot, where more prehistoric treasures await your arrival!

    We have never truly known them, but dinosaurs are now interpreted in many ways. Scientifically, they are known as fearsome beasts, while modern television made them friendlier with other characters. However you’d like to remember them, Kalamba Games’ casino slot Dino Odyssey offers another fresh perspective on these ferocious creatures: that they are generous and they can reward you with the earth’s barest riches. 

    Spin the reels in casino slot Dino Odyssey now. With a massive jackpot worth up to 500x your bet, your chances to win will never be extinct!

    Dino Odyssey Details 


    Kalamba Games

    Game Type

    Video Slots







    Minimum Bet

    0.05 mBTC

    Maximum Bet

    5 mBTC


    500x bet

    Dino Odyssey: Beastly Bonuses

    Kalamba Games’ casino slot Dino Odyssey is a 5-reel, 50-payline bitcoin slot that takes inspiration from the prehistoric era when fearsome dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

    The basic symbols are crystals of different colours and shapes. Each symbol has similar payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Triangle, Square, Circle, Diamond, Hexagon

    0.5 mBTC

    1.5 mBTC

    5 mBTC

    The high-paying symbols are some of the world’s most formidable dinosaurs, such as the pterodactyl, stegosaurus, triceratops, and of course the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex. Each symbol has its own payout for every winning combination based on the max bet:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus

    1.5 mBTC

    5 mBTC

    10 mBTC

    Triceratops, T-Rex

    2.5 mBTC

    7.5 mBTC

    15 mBTC

    The Dino Odyssey bitcoin slot features different kinds of Wilds and more opportunities for you to create winning paylines. One of the Wilds is represented by an Amber and it substitutes other symbols except Bonus symbols.

    Another Wild symbol is the Wild Diamond and, like the Amber, it substitutes other symbols except Bonus symbols. It has corresponding high payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:

    • Getting 3 symbols gets you 5 mBTC.
    • Getting 4 symbols gets you 15 mBTC.
    • Getting 5 symbols gets you 50 mBTC.

    The third Wild symbol of the game is the Full Stack Wild logo. Again, this symbol substitutes all symbols in the game except for Bonus symbols.

    Ferocious Features

    Free Spins

    The Free Spins feature is triggered by 3 Scatter symbols, represented by a Brachiosaurus. Landing 3 or more of these symbols on the reels rewards you with 0.15 mBTC and 10 Free Spins.

    During this feature, you can turn the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels Wild if you get Amber symbols. If an Egg symbol appears on the reels, Free Spins will be re-triggered.

    Bonus Spins

    This feature is triggered by Green Crystal symbols. If these appear on the reels, a meter will appear. If this meter is filled up, Bonus Spins will be activated. You can opt to play the Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels. If a Bonus Green Crystal symbol appears during this mode, you will receive higher payouts.

    Dino Odyssey: Rich Soils and Untouched Terrains

    Back when the world was uncharted by man and machinery, it thrived in all its full, natural glory. This is the sight you’ll be greeted with in the Dino Odyssey bitcoin slot. The game background is covered in nothing but the densest greenery. Of course, you’ll also be greeted by roaring dinosaurs in the background and on the reels. Fret not, though, for they will not harm you. Remember, the dinosaurs of the Dino Odyssey bitcoin slot are here to help you obtain the earth’s natural rewards.

    The banging of the drums along with the soft sound of trumpets play as you go about the game. It reminds you of a time you have never even been in. It is a time so old, older than ancient, yet still brimming with treasures and rewards. In Kalamba Games’ casino slot Dino Odyssey, you will witness nature at its barest and finest. 

    Dino Odyssey: A Pre-Hysterical Affair

    Dinosaurs may long be gone but their legacy of fearlessness and might lives on in Kalamba Games’ casino slot Dino Odyssey. Spin the reels in this fantastic primaeval-themed slot and you can get up to 500x your wager! The earth is bountiful and so are its prizes. Perhaps you can even go on a Mammoth Chase and discover more jackpots hiding in plain sight. You can even find the famed Tree of Gold and acquire its treasures if you roam these old lands far enough.

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