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Battle Mania slot - Bitcasino.io

Get ready for an intense series of battles once you land on the Forest Island. Fighting monsters is easy to do in Battle Mania because with a click of a button you’ve got a team of heroes! Hop between islands filled with different landscapes until you reach the rare Treasure Island where the ground is covered in riches. 

Slay the enemies that block your way to treasure by entering Battle Mania bitcoin slot where teams are there for you to aid you in battle. Pick your team of heroes and face the evil forces on the island together until you collect grand prizes like precious stones used to unlock the next island. Each island has its own unique features so deal your hero cards and try to find a way to its bonuses. 

The five islands you can travel to have gained attention because of the amount of fortune you can find from every battle. Become one of the lucky heroes and find the location of Treasure Island. Fight your way with your team and get the opportunity to win the grand treasure of 200,000 coins. 

Battle Mania Details 



Game Type

Video Slots



Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



100,000 coins

Battle Mania: Battle for Your Life 

Deal 5 character cards for your team to battle against the foes found on the island. Learn more about each hero when you click on the information panel. Once you’ve decided which team you want to use, spend the minimum wager of €0.50 or the maximum wager of €100 to start Battle Mania bitcoin slot!

In every battle you win, all the wins are tallied up for each enemy you defeat and you’ll receive the total for that battle. 

For the hero cards, there are three types—green heroes, blue heroes, and red heroes. Each hero type deals a different amount of damage and varying volatility. There are a different set of characters found for each hero type:

  • Green Heroes: Eloimaya, Assirra, Miandra, Baalthor, and Renodet
  • Blue Heroes: Brugnur, Diabla, Ormadone, Alderton, and Dhakuq
  • Red Heroes: Torben, Randolph, Enk, Sligi, and Snowflake.

Click on any of the cards during gameplay and you can view a brief character description and their special skill in Battle Mania bitcoin slot. Each of their special skills describe how they deal damage to their opponents. 

Green heroes have a high chance at defeating enemies and can scavenge small to medium rewards after a battle. Blue Heroes have an average chance of winning against foes and you can receive small to huge prizes. With Red Heroes, they face difficulty in landing hits on their enemies. Once they do, though, they deliver medium to high payouts!

All Hero cards are drawn randomly at the beginning of the battle. You can get the chance to receive any of the following payouts based on what type of Hero card you are given and your initial wager:

Type of Hero Cards

Available Wins in Coins

Available Wins Using the Special Skill in Coins

Green Heroes

20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 140, 200, and 240

200, 300, and 400

Blue Heroes

80, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700

500, 700, and 1,000

Red Heroes

200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 900, and 1,000

800, 1,200, and 1,500

Choose Your Hero Team Now

When you start the casino slot Battle Mania, you must pick a team suitable for how you want to win. Each team has its own set of heroes and a range of coins you can win:

Islands Guardians

Attain more wins with the elemental Island GuardiansBaalthor, Sligi, Eloimaya, Dhakuq, and Assirra—and you can win a range of 20 to 2,420 coins.  

Heroes of Light

Brave warriors like Eloimaya, Brugnur, and Renodet team up with mythical creatures Snowflake and Alderton to face evil head-on! Travel to each island with the Heroes of Light as they fight for hope in winning 20 to 2,880 coins from the enemies they face. 

Champions of Balance

Join the legendary Champions of Balance team where each hero specializes in different kinds of battle arts to conquer every fight. Skilled warriors such as Renodet, Torben, Diabla, Randolph, and Miandra can get you a range of 20 to 3,180 coins when they succeed in battle. 

Dark Fury

Don’t underestimate the potential of dark magic when you take on the Dark Fury’s side. Handling dark magic is easy to gain high payouts worth 20 to 3,640 coins with the help of Ormadone, Randolph, Baalthor, Enk, and Diabla. 

Heavy Fighters

Use brute force on the battlefield with the Heavy Fighters like Torben, Miandra, Snowflake, Ormadone, and Enk. It takes a while for them to hit their foes but when they do, they deliver the highest payouts compared to the other teams with a whopping range of 20 to 3,940 coins. 

Island-Hopping for Intense Battles and Incredible Wins!

In casino slot Battle Mania, your team starts on the Forest Island. Your goal is to fight your way through a horde of creatures to collect magical stones. These stones will guide you to your last destination where you’ll get the opportunity to collect treasure worth up to 100,000 coins. 

Bonus Feature cards can be randomly obtained in any battle. It’s represented by a chipped card with 3 diamond-shaped gems on it. All the following Island Bonus features are activated when you obtain the Bonus feature card:

Forest Island

First stop you can head to in Battle Mania is a mystical Forest Island where a dragon reigns. Lay out your hero cards and let them fight against the dragon for a chance at winning up to 20,000 coins! The Boss Fight feature will end when either the dragon is slain or your team is defeated. 

Swamp Island

Loot 2 Swamp stones in any battle to gain access to the next island—Swamp Island. Enter the murky waters with your team and fight your way through The Villain’s Wave bonus feature. You are given a magical crossbow with 15 arrows for each wave of enemies you’ll face. 

There are a total of 5 waves and they come with stronger enemies for each batch killed. Take arms and defeat them to win multipliers that go as high as x10. Listed below are the multipliers for each wave:

  • 1st wave - x2
  • 2nd wave - x3
  • 3rd wave - x4
  • 4th wave - x5
  • 5th wave - x10

Desert Island

Scavenge for 5 Desert stones to unlock the Desert Island. Tread through the hot sands and get a chance to fight in 5 Free Battles for the Desert Bonus. All wins are doubled and each battle provides a treasure card that gives you an instant prize worth up to 1,000 coins. 

Volcano Island

Gain instant wins when you play in the Volcano Island bonus. To access this island, you have to collect 8 Volcano stones from any of your battles. In the Lava Stones Pick bonus, you have to choose as many lava stones from the 12 available until one reveals a multiplier. 

The feature ends when you get a multiplier. All the rewards you gained from other stones are accumulated then use the multiplier for your total wins. You can win up to 17,000 coins. 

Treasure Island 

The Treasure Island event can be after going through 12 battles. This special event lasts for 20 battles only and you can switch teams in between each battle. An extra 25% is added to all total wins after a battle. Keep an eye out for a Magic Blue Stone card to score a whopping win of 100,000 coins.

Battle Mania: Sacred Treasures of the Islands

View the beautiful landscapes that each island has to show in the casino slot Battle Mania! Every island has its own background to show off its distinct features. All the characters are illustrated in a cartoonish style to emphasise the way classic RPGs were drawn before. 

The mechanics of the game don’t follow the standard video slot’s rules. It takes on an RPG approach and lets you fight monsters through cards. Microgaming allows you to immerse yourself in the lore of Battle Mania bitcoin slot by clicking on each of the hero cards. Each hero card shows a short tidbit about the character along with a special skill that reflects the heroes’ speciality. 

Special skills are exhibited through an animation of the character close up as they deal damage with their abilities. It’s shown through a classic RPG format with no added effects except a blue banner crossing the top of the screen to display the character and its special move. 

Battle Mania: Draw Out the Power of Heroes!

Don’t be fooled by casino slot Battle Mania’s appearance because it is still a video slot played in RPG fashion! Deal out hero cards to fight against the monsters of each island so you can score incredible payouts. Explore every island while going through a battle frenzy to obtain magical stones that can lead you to Treasure Island. 

Collect enough stones in order to unlock all the islands and increase your chances of winning high payouts. Make your way through the horde of monsters and experience a ton of fun features to gain amazing wins. Try out the rare Treasure Island and survive through 30 battles with your team so you get a chance to find the Magical Stone worth 100,000 coins!

Go on another thrilling adventure with the Relic Seekers and search the cavern for hidden treasures worth a fortune. Find a way to get inside the inner chambers and you can get the opportunity to strike Crypt Crusade Gold!

Battle Mania
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