Invite friends and get up to 5,000 USDT is better with friends! Participate in Races, Promotions and Bitcoin price prediction.

    How does it work?

    Share your invite link.

    Refer a friend who's new to Bitcasino and make sure they use your link to register.

    Level Up & Receive

    30-day progression starts immediately after the referred user has created an account.

    Get 5,000 USDT

    Your friend's activity level will determine your reward.

    See the rules

    Got a question?

    How does the Refer a Friend system work?
    A registered player can generate a referral link on the Refer a Friend page and send the link to a friend who does not already have an account on Bitcasino. The referred friend needs to register through this referral link. After registration, the referrer will see a 30-day progress bar on the Refer a Friend page. The final referral reward is determined by how many points the referred friend earns in the first 30 days after registration. The referred friend gets 1 point per every 1 USDT wagered. The referral reward will only be given to the referrer. The referred friend will enjoy welcome offers and all other promotions dedicated to new customers.

    What are the prizes?
    The reward is determined by the amount of points the referred friend earns in the first 30 days after registration: Level Points Reward 1 2,500 points 25 USDT cash 2 10,000 points 50 USDT cash 3 25,000 points 75 USDT cash 4 50,000 points 125 USDT cash 5 100,000 points 200 USDT cash 6 500,000 points 1,000 USDT cash 7 1,500,000 points 2,500 USDT cash 8 3,000,000 points 5,000 USDT cash

    When will I get my reward?
    The reward will be released 30 days after the referred friend creates their account and after the necessary reviews/checks are completed.

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