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    Your winnings go further with the Bitcasino loyalty program

    Your winnings go further with the Bitcasino loyalty program


    With the explosion in popularity of online casino games over the last number of years, online casinos are having to work harder than ever to both attract new players and keep established ones interested. Loyalty programs are a great way for casinos to attract new players to their platform and incentivise the more established users to keep playing with them. They also act as a way for the casino itself to build up a rapport with the customer and can be useful as a way to get market feedback. In this sense, loyalty programs provide information that helps the platform improve the product offered.

    However, not all loyalty programs are created equal, and there is a wide variety of options available across the various online casinos out there. Loyalty programs can differ greatly in the types of perks on offer and how lucrative they will be in the long run. For this reason, it is worth doing a bit of research first so that you can understand the common terminology and how they actually work, allowing you to make a more informed decision in the long run.

    Loyalty program at Bitcasino

    Here at Bitcasino, we run a loyalty program that is based on a number of loyalty levels. These determine the kinds of reward you get as well as the total value they provide to you. The higher up you are, the more lucrative it is!

    The levels run from Level 1 all the way up to Level 7. Level 1 starts users off with Milestone Rewards, free spins, cash rewards, reward points and other bonuses. The highest level, Level 7, grants users “VIP” status and gives players all the Milestone Rewards from the previous levels in addition to a 10% cash rebate from the house edge. Players can level up by collecting level points as they play.

    What rewards does Bitcasino offer?

    Players in the loyalty program get either Milestone Rewards or Rebate Cash. Milestone Rewards are given as you reach a certain “milestone” and move up a level based on your points. These can be bonuses or free spins and are typically individualised. Rebate Cash, on the other hand, is calculated on the house edge of a particular game and gives players cash with every bet. These accumulate as reward points, which can be converted into cash at any point in time.

    Levelling up at Bitcasino

    To keep things interesting, your loyalty level lasts on a month-by-month basis, meaning that once you hit enough points for a level, you keep that status for the current month and next month only. After that, your status is reset for that level. So, for example, if towards the end of January, you reach Expert Level, your rewards and status will hold until the end of February. On 1 February, your points for Expert Level reset, and you need to hit the 30,000 points required for that level if you want to retain it for the next month. If you don’t meet this, you simply drop down one level – in this case, to Level 5 – and build up your points again.

    Bitcasino also offers Loyalty Points Multipliers, which multiply the points you have earned by a set amount – Level 1 results in a 1x multiplier, while Level 7 gives players a 3x boost. These help you level up faster.

    Rebate Cash?

    From Level 5 onwards, you earn Rebate Points to your account, which can be exchanged for cash at any time. You earn these with every bet you make, which is based on each game’s house edge. The house edge is calculated based on a particular game’s RTP level – so, for example, a game with a 96% RTP means that it has a 4% house edge.

    As this relates to Rebate Cash, if a slot game has a 4% house edge – 96% RTP – this means that you win 9.6mBTC with every spin from a 10mbtc bet. If you are a VIP-level player, this means that you gain 10% of the house edge. This means that you would walk away with a 0.04mBTC rebate case for every 10mBTC wagered.

    As you can tell from the above, loyalty programs offer benefits to the players as well as the casino itself. For the players, they can make their time spent gaming lucrative, while for the casino, they improve the client-customer relationship and provide them with a loyal user base. In this sense, they truly are a win-win for casino and player alike! If you fancy checking out the loyalty program offered by Bitcasino, sign up for a free account today and do some research! 

    Words: Sean McNulty
    Images: Shutterstock


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