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Which is fairer – real slots or online slots?

Which is fairer – real slots or online slots?



Most of us have played an occasional game of slots in a brick-and-mortar casino, and if we’ve also tried the same thing in a crypto casino like Bitcasino, we may have reflected on how the two experiences compare and even on whether one is fairer than the other in terms of payout odds.

There are quite a number of differences between the two, as the gaming environments and nature of the games themselves differ on so many levels, so it’s worth looking at these a bit more closely before trying to reach any conclusions about which is one is best. This will help you to make a better-informed decision concerning the types of slots – online or offline – that are best suited to you based on your expectations.

The transition to online

What all slots games have in common, whether they’re in a traditional high street casino or in a Bitcoin gambling casino along with Bitcoin poker, Bitcoin roulette and other Bitcoin games, is that all the machines will have been independently tested and certified as being truly random in their operation. With online slots, you’re basically playing against a software program, and you’ll want to be certain before you place your bet that it is not biased in any way.

Many of the traditional slots games that are so familiar from brick-and-mortar casinos have made the transition to the online gaming environment. Most of the gaming manufacturers have shifted their back catalogues of physical slots, found in gaming venues and on casino floors around the globe, to crypto gambling establishments based online.

Slots in both the online and offline environments operate and pay out in just the same way, so there are no unpleasant surprises to look out for, and the bonus games, pay tables and payout percentages are also faithfully reproduced in the virtual casino.

Having said that, there remain several differences between the two experiences that are quite unique and that make online slots a different kettle of fish to the offline slots you may be more used to. It’s worth looking into these in more depth before deciding whether online or offline slots are the best bet for you personally.

Online slots offer more choice

By its nature, the online gaming environment can offer a far greater range of slots games than could ever be fitted into a brick-and-mortar casino. Therefore, if your primary interest in playing slots is the number and variety of games on offer apart from payout and bonus considerations, you’ll be much better off opting to play in a Bitcoin casino like Bitcasino.

Land-based casinos tend to feature multiple rows of identical machines, while in a Litecoin casino or Bitcoin casino based online, there are typically hundreds of slots types on offer, which makes your slots-playing experience that much more exciting and enjoyable.

Operating overheads and bonuses

The ongoing costs involved in running a land-based casino can be enormous, and because an online casino carries nowhere near such hefty operating overheads, it can afford to be much more generous in awarding a range of attractive bonuses and comps. Physical casinos may, in part, compensate for this by providing their loyal customers with perks, such as free meals and rooms for socialising, but the casino credits and hard cash on offer at a crypto casino more than compensate for the lack of these online, at least for most serious gamblers.

Frequency of progressive jackpots

Players who are accustomed to gambling on slots in a physical casino are usually quick to make the change to online gambling with Bitcoin once they see how big payouts are awarded so much more frequently on progressive jackpots in a Bitcoin casino. The sheer numbers of simultaneous slots players in an online casino environment are what makes this possible, with the jackpot accumulating much more speedily than its equivalent in a land-based casino and therefore being won much more frequently. In terms of progressive jackpot wins at slots, you simply can’t beat an online casino.

Not only will you win at progressive jackpots more often in an online as opposed to offline environment, but there is also a much greater choice of them on offer at a crypto casino. This includes not only the classic progressive slots but also variations, such as random progressive jackpots and a range of video progressive games as well. These factors contribute to keeping the online player entertained and busy at all times and makes their chances of winning big prizes at Bitcoin slots or Ethereum slots that much greater.

Higher payouts online

Of course, the slot’s actual payout percentage is of paramount concern for anyone staking their money on Bitcoin slots or land-based slots. It’s well-established that in this respect, you’re going to get a higher percentage of payouts at a crypto casino than anything you can expect when playing land-based slots. Target the online slots that pay the highest percentage, and you can’t go far wrong.

Mobile gaming benefits

As you are no longer limited to playing Bitcoin slots or Ethereum slots on your computer, playing on smartphones, tablets and other devices allows you to hone your gameplay. This applies just as much to table games, such as Bitcoin roulette and Bitcoin poker, as it does to slots. In gambling terms, practice cannot make perfect, but at least it does help you develop strategies and manage risks in a more informed manner.

Welcome bonuses

From the point of view of newbies to the world of Bitcoin gambling who are eager to try their hand at Bitcoin roulette, Bitcoin poker and Bitcoin slots, a particular attraction is the abundance of welcome bonuses and free money on offer to get them started. You’re not likely to get anything remotely like that in a land-based casino unless you consider the occasional free drink and nibbles at the bar to be enough recompense.

Many gamblers new to the online world of crypto casinos make their first choice of a casino to frequent by looking around to see the most tantalising welcome freebies of this kind on offer, which, of course, is exactly what they’re there for. Once signed up, you can use your free bets to try your hand at the Bitcoin slots and Ethereum slots on offer and get a feel for how they work and the types of payouts you can expect in the longer term.

Information on payout percentages

Payout percentages are all about a player’s return on the initial outlay in the long run. The higher payout percentages for online slots means that it’s easier to find out what these percentages are in an online slots environment. It turns out that the payout figure for a land-based casino is around 85%, while for a crypto-casino, it is between 96% and 98%, which is a significant margin.

Equally, with land-based casinos, it can be quite difficult to extract information on the figures for slot game-winning odds, but online, there are several official bodies that have been specifically put in place to monitor randomness and fairness in the crypto-casino environment. These bodies can evaluate expertly and independently payout percentages over literally millions of spins on multiple slots machines. Many casinos online publish such statistics, so players can make informed decisions about whether it’s worth their while to play there.

Free-play slots on offer

Online gambling with Bitcoin at a crypto casino often allows you to spin slots free of charge, so the fact that you don’t have to deposit any money means that you can do a few test runs to see whether that particular machine is suitable for what you’re trying to achieve and if you’re comfortable playing on it. If you do feel that the Bitcoin slots you’re on is a good match for you, you can then proceed to play with real money, as by then, you’ll know how the game plays and there won’t be any unnerving surprises in store for you.


The consensus of opinion is that although online Bitcoin slots and land-based slots in a physical casino are equally “fair”, crypto gambling at an online casino carries several real advantages that are not countered by anything a land-based casino can offer.

Bitcasino is the leading online casino, with a vast range of games on offer that include state-of-the-art slots. Using the Bitcoin and Ethereum virtual currencies, you can make instant deposits and withdrawals with complete peace of mind. It takes just a few minutes to set up your player account and start enjoying the choice of Bitcoin games available. As all gaming is carried out online in your PC or handheld device’s browser, it is not necessary to download any software, and help is available 24/7. Log onto Bitcasino and start playing your favourite games right now.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock & Bitcasino


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