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Which casino games pay out most?

Which casino games pay out most?


While enjoying roulette, baccarat or slots is always enjoyable in itself for the thrill of the gamble, generally we play to win hard cash. However, before you start spending your money, it's important to do your research to find out which games are going to give you better payouts and bonuses – are slots more lucrative or could you build a bankroll over time with poker?

Check our massive range of games now and see what takes your fancy:

House edge and payout percentages

It's useful to know what certain terms mean before you even look at the research. Two of the most important phrases are “the house edge” and the “payout percentage”.

The house edge is the casino’s profit expressed as a percentage of the gambler’s original bet. By knowing how this applies to certain games, players can work out if the odds are good for them or not.

The payout percentage applies specifically to slot machine games and is very similar to the house edge. In this case, the payout percentage is the return players are likely get for their wager in the long run.

Online versus offline

The games on offer both in internet casinos and land-based ones are more or less the same, but online casinos have an advantage in that they are not restricted by space. Some land-based casinos are absolutely huge, but even they have a finite number of games that they can fit into their venues.

Here at Bitcasino, however, we only take up cyberspace and can offer a multitude of variations of even one single game. No more queueing to join a table, no hunting around for the slot machine you want! A live casino can only pick a couple of versions of blackjack, whereas at Bitcasino, we offer our players so many more games, so there’s more opportunity for you to win big!

Internet casinos are not restricted by some of the regulations that affect land-based ones as they exist without borders and therefore offer more flexibility. This kind of freedom is one of the factors that makes online casinos more profitable than live venues, and they can also offer a greater range of higher payout options too. Just check our main page to see the total jackpots we pay out at Bitcasino, as well as the latest winners by game. The list is always growing, and who knows, one day your name might be there too!

Independent research has shown that the best payout casinos are the ones that give players a higher degree of freedom regarding how they play and manage an account. The highest payout online casinos all show very clearly on their sites how much they have paid out recently.

Online casinos are famous for the bonuses they offer. Most come with terms and conditions and you will need to satisfy specific requirements before you can withdraw your bonus winnings. Yet again, here at Bitcasino, we are head and shoulders above the rest and are completely upfront about the bonuses we offer – just have a look at our bonus terms and conditions page for information about all the bonuses up for grabs when you play with us.

Examples of the games with the best odds

The games with the best odds are generally all forms of table games. The house edge for blackjack is normally 1% or sometimes as low as 0.13% at some tables. Obviously, this turns the odds in your favour which is why blackjack is one of the best casino games for high payouts. Try it out now with a game like Pirate 21 and see what winnings you can snatch:

Roulette is another simple game to master, even for the novice, and it generally pays out well. The house edge can be 2.7% for single zero and 5.26% for double zero but look at the options before you pay your money.

Return to Player Percentage

RTP or Return to Player percentage describes the payout power of a particular online slot game and is set by the game provider. The percentage relates to the percentage of money that is bet on a game against the amount that is paid back to players over a specific time period. This figure is calculated across at least 1000 players and offers an indicator as to how much a gambler could expect to see from a slot machine game over the long term.

How do you get your payout money?

Making a withdrawal from your online account with us is just as simple as depositing funds. Because all our transactions are cryptocurrency based and secured by blockchain, all your winnings will be delivered to you seamlessly and with total anonymity. You can find more information about payments on our Help Centre, but it really is so easy you’ll be accessing your winnings in no time at all. The only thing is to get playing first!

Get started with Bitcasino now

Bitcasino has been developed to make gambling with cryptocurrencies simple and enjoyable.

The benefits of using bitcoin include its privacy as well as the fact that it is one of the most secure digital currencies if it is stored correctly. This means protecting your private keys with strong passwords, keeping most of your coins in cold storage and keeping them away from online wallets.

There’s also the speed of payments and most transactions are confirmed within minutes. With bitcoin, players can withdraw winnings or fund their accounts instantly and easily. It is also cheaper as the fees are much smaller than those associated with credit card payments or bank transfers.

Finally, bitcoin was invented for online use, which is why it is perfect for online gambling on Bitcasino. So, why not get started straight away. Just browse through our list of thrilling games and take your pick. Try out as many as you like to find something you truly enjoy.

Words: Sean Mcnulty

Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino


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Which casino games pay out most?
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