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    Bitcasino Blog

    Welcome to the Bitcasino blog. Get all the latest news from the bitcoin world and learn about the new features and updates on Bitcasino

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    VIP Player Diary: How It All Began

    VIP Player Diary: How It All Began


    There is a certain thrill that comes with winning money.  The excitement that’s experienced by players seated around a casino gaming table can often be felt by persons simply observing the game, despite not having any material interest in the outcome of the game themselves.

    I can attest to that based on my own personal experience. Even though I personally have no interest in sports whatsoever, I would anticipate that the excitement of watching a friend play blackjack at a casino is likely similar to the feeling of a sports enthusiast fixated as a tied hockey game goes into overtime during the playoffs.

    My first experience in a casino was about eight years ago while accompanying my best friend, Jason, to the Great Blue Heron Casino in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.  Although I can’t recall how he talked me into accompanying him there, I do recall expecting to be bored out of my mind as I had no interest in gambling at this point in my life.  Prior to that evening, I had never even so much as purchased a lottery ticket.  I could never understand why seemingly intelligent people would gamble.

    Casinos stay in business because every game that the casino offers is designed in such a way that, in the long run, the casino will always win more than it pays out.  This is not information which is kept secret.  No reputable casino would ever deny this fact.  Most, if not all players who regularly play at casinos are aware of this information.

     It puzzled me why despite knowing this information any intelligent person would spend hours of their time playing a game which, more often than not, would likely result in the loss of money.  All of that changed after that first fateful night while accompanying my friend Jason to the casino.

    I personally didn’t place any bets this first time, but the excitement that I experienced while watching him play was truly invigorating.  To my surprise, rather than experiencing the boredom I expected, I found myself on the edge of my seat despite not even fully understanding blackjack.

    "Although I didn’t place any wager that night myself, I had surrendered myself to the fact that perhaps I would enjoy gambling after all."

    After roughly an hour, Jason had lost several hands in a row; the $2500 worth of chips which had been purchased by him upon sitting down at the table an hour previously had turned into just $150.  Despite this, we’re both still having a good time.  He placed $100 in the dining spot for the blackjack hand and $50.00 on another circle to the side of it, which had the letters ‘PP’ within it.

    At this point, I had no idea what ‘PP’ meant.  I just remember thinking that he was perhaps mistaken, as by this time I had learned enough about blackjack to know that when the dealer's card was an Ace - and he had been dealt two 3 of hearts - his chances of winning were less than good.  Yet he loudly yelled ‘right on’ and went to give me five as though he had just been dealt a winning hand. 

    This is when I learned that ‘PP’ stood for Perfect Pair; this was a side bet which he had placed $50.00 on and based on being dealt a perfect pair of threes had won himself 25 times his wager, which equaled $1,250.00.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, the same happened again in his next hand.

    Having just watched as he won back $2500 as I was already putting on my jacket, expecting him to lose the last of his chips, removed any final doubt that I may have had about why people are drawn to playing in casinos.  I had realized that it was the entertainment value that people are drawn too.

    There is something that’s deeply exciting about not knowing what the outcome of a night of gambling in a casino will result in, while at the same time knowing that any and every outcome is possible. 

    Although I didn’t place any wager that night myself, I had surrendered myself to the fact that perhaps I would enjoy gambling after all.  Eight years later, I am now a VIP member of, as well as holding high-level VIP status at the 3 brick and mortar casinos located within a reasonable distance of Toronto, Ontario, which is where I reside.

    Any sports fan would find the most authentic experience to be visiting a live game at the stadium.  Despite this, millions of sports fans around the world have invested considerable sums of money into the latest technology of high definition televisions and surround sound audio systems.  This technology has enabled sports fans everywhere to bring much of the excitement of visiting the stadium into their living room.

    For many sports fans, the high prices of tickets to live sports games make it prohibitive to be present to support your favorite team at every game by being at the stadium.  Aside from the cost of tickets to the event, sports teams often travel around the country to visit the home base of opposing teams for many of a season’s games. 

    While it may be a nice spot to attend every game regardless of where it’s played, the reality for most people is that doing so is just not possible.  After all, it’s quite difficult to be at work at your office in New York City by 9:00 A.M. if you are in San Francisco watching a game until late the night before.  Additionally, venturing out to a live game, even within one’s own city, is frankly a tiring excursion which may not always be preferable regardless of how much team spirit you have.

    Each and every one of the foregoing points are equally applicable to visiting a brick and mortar casino versus, playing online.  If a person has a passion for playing blackjack, there is no reason that in today’s day and age, one must trek out to a casino to satisfy their desire to gamble. 

    The Internet has brought about great change in virtually every industry; the gambling industry is no exception to that.  Just as the online business world continues to evolve in all facets of commerce, the same is true for Internet-based casinos.

    "Competition amongst businesses is what results in better service for consumers. The emergence of Bitcoin is proving to be perhaps the biggest game-changer in the casino industry."

    As entertaining as gambling is - and as much as I enjoy it - the fact is that the closest casino to Toronto is over an hour’s drive away.  For anyone else who finds gambling to be an exciting pastime, but can’t always justify spending several hours commuting to a casino and back, I strongly recommend exploring the world of online gambling.

    Playing at the level at which I play, both online and in the brick and mortar casinos I attend comes with several perks. There are two casinos which I regularly play at, the Fallsview Casino Resort (located near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) as well as the Casino Rama Resort (located in Orillia, Ontario).

    My level of play entitles me to complimentary luxury hotel suites, transportation from my front door to and from the casinos via stretch limousine, as well as admission to any number of concerts and other live shows, as well as exceptional dining in any of the restaurants within the casinos and certain other perks.

    Despite the fact that the casino ensures that players such as myself are afforded every possible comfort, the fact is that there are many times which I would like to play some blackjack but can’t take the time to travel there due to the scheduling of meetings or other obligations. The fact that I play at a level which has earned me the perks of free luxury hotel suites and the option of having a stretch limo drive me from my front door and back anytime I wish to attend.

    Although I was skeptical at first, I have learned that my initial skepticism was void of any merit.  Much like any category of business, there is significant competition which exists in the online gambling world.  Competition amongst businesses is what results in better service for consumers. The emergence of Bitcoin is proving to be perhaps the biggest game changer in the casino industry.

    When I first started playing online, I didn’t even know what Bitcoin was. As such and for several years, I played at various sites on which I deposited via either a credit card or using my bank account. I got lucky after about 3 weeks of playing online and won in excess of $25,000.00 over roughly 6 hours of blackjack, and I had only made a $1,000.00 deposit. Thrilled by my win, I proceeded to request a withdrawal from the online casino.

    This is when the excitement began slowly depleting and gradually became nothing but frustration. To win over twenty grand and then have that be the source of incomprehensible frustration, is a phenomenon I would never have believed could exist. However, being a betting man, I could safely wager that anyone reading this article will understand how this could happen.

    For the sake of clarity, here is a chronological summary of events:

    1.     Beginning of July: I register for an account with a reputable and well known online casino. I link a bank account and a credit card as funding sources which are both instantly added to my account and allow me to instantly fund my account.

    2.     Mid July: On the advice of a friend of mine who has played on this site for over a year (and has successfully withdrawn winnings more than once), I submit copies of multiple forms of photo ID, a recent bank statement, as well as all required wire transfer details which the casino would need in order to send me funds if I were to request a withdrawal from them.

    3.     Roughly July 25th: I am playing for the 5th or 6th time online and my $1,000.00 deposit has become a balance of roughly $25,000.00 due to a good day of blackjack play.

    4.     I request a withdrawal of $20,000.00 to the bank account for which I have already provided all the necessary details as requested by the casino.

    This is where the frustration begins. I call the casino to ensure that they have received my withdrawal request and ask what the timeframe is for processing. I am advised that the casino’s policy is that the withdrawal must be placed in a ‘pending status’ for anywhere between 1 to 3 business days before processing will begin. I am told this 1 to 3-day delay is required for several different reasons - although the rep I’m speaking with can’t actually state what that reason is. 

    After escalating the call to a supervisor, and finally a manager, I get no further in obtaining a truthful and logical reason for the ‘pending period’. I decide to take it with a grain of salt and await the arrival of my winnings. After a full week has passed, I call to inquire why I still have not been paid. I am told that the casino attempted to send the funds, but my bank returned them to the casino as the account number was non-existent.

    After looking into the matter further, it is discovered that the casino made an error with the account number which was provided to them. It was also supposedly verified by the casino, as they required me to provide a copy of a stamped document bearing the details of the account as a ‘security’ requirement.

    The manager I was speaking to at the casino then suggested that I open a ‘Neteller’ account (an e-wallet similar to PayPal) as the casino can transfer the funds by that method in only 1 to 2 business days. I take his advice and do so. I go through the verification processes with this e-wallet provider, but…

    It was all for nothing. Why?  Because, just one week prior to this, Neteller amended its policy and no longer allowed Canadian residents to use their services for any gaming purposes. So… after calling the casino back, I am told to open yet another e-wallet known as ‘Skrill’. Before doing so, I inquire and learn that Skrill has also recently discontinued serving Canadians.

    I will forgo the remaining boring details and state that it ultimately took me 5 weeks to receive my winnings, despite the fact that the casino never had any problem obtaining money from my very same bank account instantly, when I deposited funds into the casino.

    The frustration that I experienced when obtaining my funds put a damper on my view of online gambling for some time. However, I did eventually continue to play with that same outfit (as well as a few others) and although withdrawals always took at least 3 days to get to me, the process became simple and easy.

    Fast forward about 2 years and I discover this new online currency known as Bitcoin. At the time, one Bitcoin could be purchased for under four hundred dollars. After reading some articles about Bitcoin, I bought 2 Bitcoin for less than $1,000 as a long shot investment opportunity. I eventually stumble upon an advertisement for Despite my skepticism, I try it out. This is the point at which my taste for gambling on the internet really began…

    Although times such as 3 or 5 days are excessive for a casino to ‘review’ a withdrawal request, there is an absolutely necessary review which the vast majority of online casinos must complete prior to releasing winnings to a player. This is particularly true for a player who has recently become a customer of a particular website.

    " is the renegade which is disrupting the casino industry. has changed the rules of the online gaming world - and players love it."

    The reasoning is quite simple: fiat casinos which rely primarily on payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, or certain services allowing deposits to be transferred from a player’s bank account. Certain payment methods present risks to the casino, which are specific to that particular payment method, while other risks are virtually indiscriminately present irrespective of which payment method is used.

    For example, payment methods which allow players to fund their accounts directly from their own bank account are accompanied by their own unique risk. Depending upon which country a player resides in (and thus, the particular banking system of that country), although a casino credits a player’s account instantly upon the player completing a deposit, the reality is that the casino is unable to verify that the player actually has enough money to cover the amount deposited as the transaction does not occur instantly.

    Similar to accepting a personal cheque, the casino accepts the payment instructions from the player in good faith. If the player’s account does not actually have sufficient funds to honor the deposit, the casino will only be notified of this information many days (and sometimes weeks) later. As such, it is entirely reasonable for a casino to hold payment of any withdrawal until such time that the casino confirms the player’s deposit was honored by the bank.

    Additionally, regardless of whether a bank account or credit card is used to fund a deposit, the casino is most often the party which loses out if a stolen credit card or fraudulently used bank information was the source of the deposit.

    The risk of fraudulent payments is a near-universal risk, irrespective of what particular method a customer pays with. Given these facts, it is unreasonable for us players to expect that an online casino pays instantly upon a player requesting to withdraw their winnings. It is an unfortunate reality of a society that ‘one bad apple spoils the bunch’.

    However, there is one unique exception to the foregoing dilemma… Bitcoin. As I mentioned, is the renegade which is disrupting the casino industry. has changed the rules of the online gaming world - and players love it. The online fiat casino industry (which accounts for the vast majority of online gaming) hates it. enables each and every player to withdraw their funds within seconds. There is no requirement to verify a player’s identity. There is no need to submit your driver’s license or passport. There is no need to confirm your address. AND THERE IS NO WAITING TIME! If you win, you get paid. And you get paid INSTANTLY! has paid individual players amounts exceeding the ONE MILLION U.S. DOLLAR mark in under ten mins from the time the withdrawal was requested.

    I invite you to join me back here to learn a bit more about the other ways that this great company is shaking up the norm in this industry, to make it a better place for players to play.

    Some of these topics include: absolutely 100% verifiably fair gaming software which YOU can verify the fairness of each and every spin (or hand dealt), some of the best bonuses and promotional offers on the internet, support staff who are second to none, a VIP team (headed up by an incredible person named Lilly who treats players very well), a massive assortment of games and software providers, and my personal favourite, AN EXCLUSIVE BITCASINO LIVE BLACKJACK TABLE where you get to actually see the cards get shuffled and dealt by a live dealer.

    Until then, always remember that gambling is intended to be an enjoyable activity and source of entertainment. Act responsibly and have a great time while doing so.

    Words: Chamberlain Stone

    Images: Shutterstock

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