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    Bitcasino Blog

    Welcome to the Bitcasino blog. Get all the latest news from the bitcoin world and learn about the new features and updates on Bitcasino

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    VIP Player Diary: Bricks and Mortar vs Online vs Crypto Casinos

    VIP Player Diary: Bricks and Mortar vs Online vs Crypto Casinos


    Whether you have never placed a single online wager or are a regular player with one of the numerous sites out there, ensuring that you are playing at the casino best suited to you can be a difficult decision to make. In the physical casino industry, a player’s proximity to a casino has a direct impact on how likely that player is to become a patron of that particular casino.  The same cannot be said when it comes to Internet-based casinos.

    The Internet allows casino operators to attract players from all areas of the world, regardless of where the casino is based.  Furthermore, although any Internet casino worth playing at will hold a valid license from a reputable regulator, there is no requirement that the casino must be licensed in every region from which it accepts its clientele.  These conditions have created a marketplace in which online casino operators must compete vigorously to win over players.  The most common way casinos do this is by advertising that a player’s first deposit or deposits will be matched with additional casino credits.  These promotional schemes, known in the industry as sign-up bonuses, are commonplace in the online gambling industry.

    These bonuses vary greatly from one operator to the next; this is true of both the terms as advertised, as well as with regard to the fine print terms and conditions which govern these bonuses.  This is a topic which requires an entire article on its own, to explore fully and is beyond the scope of what we’re discussing here.  Therefore, for the purpose of this article, I will summarise this one aspect of comparative shopping for a casino worthy of your money to the following few sentences. 

    Firstly, that old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’, is an indispensable piece of advice when considering introductory bonus offers.  In all likelihood a casino offering a 500% bonus on top of your initial deposit is either not a reputable establishment or has attached such onerous terms and conditions to this ‘promotion’ that there is slim to no chance of actually being able to fulfill all the requirements, and still be left with any money to withdraw.  It is of utmost importance that one reads the detailed terms and conditions which are associated with any promotion offered by a casino. 

    "One method a player can employ to determine if a promotional offer is one that is reasonable or not is to look at the length of the terms and conditions."

    One of the things that are instantly noticeable about promotions offered by Bitcasino is the fact that the terms and conditions are generally less than a full page in length.  Furthermore, the average player can understand the terms and conditions of Bitcasino offers; they are written in plain English and are not intentionally packed full of legal jargon.  My suggestion is that if you feel you must hire an attorney to understand the terms and conditions associated with an offer, it is likely a negative indicator.

    One of the more difficult elements to decipher before spending some time playing in a casino is the attentiveness and quality of the customer service which they provide.  Although most casinos ensure that high roller VIP clientele is well taken care of, this is of no benefit to an average player if they are treated as second-class citizens.  Furthermore, the ease with which players can contact support personnel is another crucial factor to consider.  The lack of telephone-based customer service at Bitcasino was, at least initially, somewhat of a concern to me. I have typically found that live chat is an ineffective method of resolving situations when problems occur. However, admitting when I am wrong is something I don’t enjoy doing, this is one case where I must surrender myself to admit that very thing. 

    Bitcasino has, once again, exceeded my expectations in regard to customer service on all levels. Although I am now a VIP member, this was not always the case. I can attest to the fact that, even when I played for lower stakes and, furthermore, did so sporadically, their customer service team manning the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, live chat service is second to none. I noticed there was virtually never a queue to wait in before chatting with a live person on the support team. This has remained to be true even after hundreds if not thousands of interactions with Bitcasino staff over the years. Frankly, I can’t recall ever waiting more than a few seconds to be connected to a representative, and once connected that representative is clearly tending to your matters exclusively as there are no delays in getting answers to the questions you ask.

    This is truly one area which makes Bitcasino shine over the vast majority of other online gaming operators. Frankly, I found that many of the most well-known names are absolute failures when it comes to servicing players and respecting our time. The immediate response of Bitcasino staff is the opposite of the service I have consistently found at some established, FIAT based online casinos. I recall that I would typically wait at least five minutes to be connected with an agent at any of the above competitors on a good day. I recall waiting over an hour to be connected to staff at one of these companies on multiple occasions.

    Once connected to Bitcasino support staff, I have almost always been satisfied by the agent’s ability to remedy any situation or address any concern. It is very rare that I have been told that I must wait for a response by email from another department; on the rare occasion that has occurred, the relevant department has handled the matter and contacted me within a couple of hours in any occurrence I can recall.

    "Although there are certainly other important aspects when choosing an online casino, the integrity of the company and the treatment of their players is perhaps, at least in my book, of utmost importance."

     For those who may still have some apprehension regarding the fairness of online betting, Bitcasino now offers players two discrete options which even the most skeptical players will accept to be fair. The first option, which happens to be one of my personal favorites, is the live dealer offerings. I have included an image of the exclusive Bitcasino baccarat live dealer table, so you can get a feel for how this exciting form of online gambling works.

    As you can see, there is a live person in full motion, high definition video. With audio also streamed this person interacts with players in the exact same way as the croupier would at a live casino. She deals the cards out of a shoe which remains fully visible at all times. In order to provide players with the utmost level of transparency, you’ll notice that there is a second shoe of cards located on a small table on the left side of the image. That table is a shuffling table; as the current shoe in play is being played, a card shuffler will shuffle the cards while on screen for all to see, the shuffled shoe is placed on that small table when complete. At no time is there ever a moment when the cards are out of view. The cards are shuffled on camera, live for all to see. The cards are then left there and when the current shoe comes to its end, the dealer will take the shoe which has been shuffled on screen and continue dealing the game from there. This procedure makes it absolutely impossible for anything underhanded to be taking place.

    For those players who prefer to play a ‘cartoon’, or virtual game, there is also an option for a game with provably fair results. Although the technology behind this concept is far beyond the scope of this article, I will do my best to summarise the basis of it. In a nutshell, prior to dealing a round of whichever game is being played (i.e. baccarat, blackjack, etc.), the server generates a random string of letters and numbers known as a server seed. This seed is not revealed to the player until that one game round is concluded. However, prior to starting the round (pressing the deal button), a player can enter any random string of numbers and letters or words, or any characters of their choice, into what is known as the player seed. A seed can be best described as a shuffle of the virtual deck of cards. Therefore, the cards are shuffled according to the server seed and then according to the player's seed. After the round is completed, a player can verify the fairness of the round by entering both seeds into a calculator, which will produce the precise order in which the cards were ‘shuffled’. The player can verify this by comparing it to the cards which were dealt by the system. If you have any reservations about the fairness of online gaming, I urge you to do your own research into ‘Provably Fair RNG’ technology to satisfy yourself of this.

    For those who have not already done so, I would strongly suggest reading my previous article which outlines some of the benefits associated with the instant payment policy which is virtually exclusive to Bitcaisno. Do NOT be fooled by imitators. I have personally come across numerous casinos in recent weeks who claim ‘instant withdrawals’ for players depositing bitcoin. However, if you contact support staff to verify this, they will reluctantly admit the fact that the ‘instant’ payment is made after the ‘mandatory’ pending period which the casino imposes.

    These imposters try to use a play on words to convince players that they are able to instantly withdraw their balances. I actually experienced one customer service supervisor who attempted to convince me that the 48 hours pending period was required, “by law,” and was not a policy the casino had any control over. This is nothing but B.S.

    I remind players that Bitcasino has always paid customers out within minutes of a withdrawal request. There is no ‘pending period’ imposed. If you deposit some bitcoin at 6:00 PM, win a jackpot and make a withdrawal request at 6:50 PM, you can be assured that by 7:00 PM that SAME DAY, you will have your money in hand (well, in your bitcoin wallet, but same difference).

    Words:  Chamberlain Stone

    Images: Shutterstock

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