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Video Poker cheat sheets: Yes, you can use them

Video Poker cheat sheets: Yes, you can use them


Video Poker is a game that has been around in the casinos of the world for over 40 years! It is one of the most popular games around, and one of the reasons for this is because it allows you to play Poker without the additional pressure of playing at a table.

For a lot of people, the reason they struggle with Poker is the additional social aspects to it. If you are unable to hide your emotions or if you have non-verbal tells, Poker will be a struggle for you, no matter how highly developed your skills are. This is the main reason why Video Poker is so popular. However, it is not just the ability to play alone that makes Video Poker such a popular choice.

Video Poker cheat sheets

"Cheat sheet" is perhaps the wrong term to use because strictly speaking, using them is not cheating. Strategy chart or strategy sheet is a more accurate term. However, colloquially they are referred to as cheat sheets, so we will stick with that. One important question is – what is a Video Poker cheat sheet?

Simply put, a Video Poker cheat sheet is a chart that lays out the optimal move for you to make on every single hand that you might be dealt when playing Video Poker. There are a huge number of cheat sheets out there, simply because each Video Poker game has a different paytable. This means that the optimal decision for one hand could be completely different from game to game.

These sheets make it more likely that you will get a positive return when you are playing Video Poker, which is why they are referred to as cheat sheets.

So, are you cheating by using them?

Here's the amazing thing. It is not cheating to use a cheat sheet. This is not like Poker when you sit at a table with other people. There is nothing to stop you from pulling out your cheat sheet when playing and using it to help you to play the game. You can get them from pretty much anywhere these days, so there is nothing to stop you from finding one for pretty much any game out there.

Why do so many people not use them?

There are several reasons why people choose not to use cheat sheets. The first one is pretty obvious. They think that they are not allowed to use them. The name cheat sheet implies that they are cheating. If someone is in a casino and pulls one of them out, they expect to be asked to leave. The problem with this is that they are wrong. Cheat sheets are totally legal and can be used in any casino. They are even easier to use when playing at online casinos, as even if they were illegal, there is nobody to check if you are using them.

Another big reason is that they do not know that they even exist. Many players do not know about cheat sheets, and because of this, they do not use them. These are usually more casual players, as players who take their gaming seriously are much more likely to investigate ways to play at a high level.

Why else would people not use them?

The main reason that people who know about them and know that they are legal choose not to use them is that they do not know how to use them. Some cheat sheets are quite complex, and using them does take some time to learn. People feel that the advantage they gain from using them is not as beneficial as cultivating their own instincts from playing Video Poker, and instead of spending the time learning how to use cheat sheets, they just spend the time playing the game instead.

Another reason is purely an egotistical one. Some people feel embarrassed about using one. Since it might single them out as someone who does not have the ability to play instantly in their head, they feel like it will cause other players to look down on them. While this is not the case, especially as some experienced players use cheat sheets, when someone has a thought like that, it is hard for them to let it go.

The final reason is that they just do not want to waste time during the game to check what their decision should be. They feel that stopping the gameplay to check a strategy chart takes away the enjoyment of the game. If someone plays Poker purely for the enjoyment of the game, this is a completely reasonable position to take. Since it can sometimes take quite a while to find the correct play, it can slow down the gameplay quite significantly.

However, the main thing to take away is that if you would like to use a cheat sheet, there is nothing stopping you from doing so, especially if you are playing at an online casino where nobody can see what you are doing anyway. 

Where to use your cheat sheets

If you do want to use your cheat sheets, the best place to do so is at Bitcasino. With a huge range of games on offer, it does not matter which game you would like to play. You can sit and use your cheat sheet as you play it. Whether you have a cheat sheet for Video Poker or Blackjack, here at Bitcasino, we have a range of games for you to try out.

We even have a selection of games that do not require a cheat sheet. So, if you prefer to play Video Slots or Roulette, we can cater to your needs. No matter what type of games you like to play, we have something for you.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock


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