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The world’s most beautiful casinos

The world’s most beautiful casinos


Casinos are more than just places you can go to gamble. They offer you a place to stay, a place to eat, a place to relax and many additional things. Something else that they offer is a display of elegance that is hard to top. Casinos are genuinely some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, both inside and out.

Looking at a casino can sometimes take your breath away. With some of the best designers in the world tasked with making casinos look amazing, it is no surprise that they are so awe-inspiring. We have picked our favourites so you can see which casinos are right at the top of the list in the beauty stakes.

Atlantis Paradise Island

This casino is very aptly named. Located in the Bahamas, it literally is located on a paradise island. You only have to take a look at the exterior of the Atlantis Paradise Island casino to fall in love. This casino is actually the largest in the Caribbean, and when you hear what it offers to customers, you will understand why.

In terms of Video Slots, Atlantis Paradise Island offers more choices than some online casinos. It has over 700 slots on offer and manages to cover every possible type you can imagine. There are retro video slots on offer, progressive slots and modern slots that are at the forefront of technology.

There are also over 80 tables with different games on offer, so fans of classic casino games will find it easy to find the games that they want to play. There is also a range of hotels, restaurants and even nightclubs all available for you to use.

ll of this is located within a stunning building, but that is not what makes it so beautiful. The location is possibly the most beautiful place on Earth, and it really helps to make the Atlantis Paradise Island casino one of the most beautiful casinos there is.

 The Bellagio

How could any list of beautiful casinos not include one of the most famous casinos on the planet? Located in what many people call the home of gambling, Las Vegas, the Bellagio is tied with Caesar’s Palace for most famous casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It is not surprising when you consider the iconic look it has.

With a huge lake in front of it that contains a dancing water fountain, the Bellagio offers a spectacle before you’ve even seen the building itself. The water fountain is one of the most iconic things in the world, and almost every video clip of the Las Vegas strip features a shot of it. The building complements the lake and fountain. The tower itself is a marvel that manages to combine classic Italian architecture with modern efficiency. It almost looks like a modern colosseum.

The casino itself contains a huge amount for you to do. There are actually more than 2,000 slot machines on offer at the Bellagio with a massive number of progressive jackpots included. They cover everything from classic three reels slots to modern digital screen games.

There is a huge range of different table games to play, but the pride of the table games is the poker room, which has at least 40 tables dedicated for playing poker. If you enjoy this game, the Bellagio is the place for you.

There is also a huge range of luxury restaurants, entertainment spots and places to stay. The luxury and beauty that is on offer at the Bellagio match the first impression that the fountain and building offer.

Paris Las Vegas

No list of beautiful casinos would be complete without this casino. It allows you to experience the beauty of Paris all in one shot. The Paris Las Vegas is also inspired by a country, just like the Bellagio is by Italy, but this time it is France. Collecting some of the most iconic landmarks from the most romantic place on Earth, the Paris Las Vegas truly is a marvel to behold. With the Eiffel Tower taking pride of place outside, it is flanked by other landmarks that if you looked quickly could fool you into thinking you were there.

The Paris Las Vegas is actually one of the more enclosed casinos on the Las Vegas strip. However, enclosed in comparison to other casinos does not mean you will be feeling claustrophobic any time soon. It has plenty of room to explore and offers you a wide range of features, just like all the other successful casinos in the area.

With more than 1,500 slot machines on offer, it is easy to indulge in one of the favourite pastimes in the world. The slot room itself is quite different from other slot rooms. It feels less enclosed and gives players the chance to relax when they play. It is decorated in light colours. The illumination is bright, and the roof is actually quite high. On the whole, playing slots in the Paris Las Vegas is a really pleasant experience.

There is a large selection of table games for you to engage with. From baccarat to blackjack, you can enjoy a selection of classic casino games. While there is no room dedicated to poker, there are still poker tables among the table games, so you can easily play one of the most popular games around.

The hotel offers you a choice of almost 3,000 rooms, some of which have a great view of the French landmarks out front. There are also some excellent restaurants on offer and even snack shops and bakeries. There are also bars and a nightclub if you want to enjoy your evenings outside of a casino environment.

The Paris Las Vegas really does grab your attention right away. It is a beautiful resort that will live long in your memory.


The Baden-Baden is one of the oldest casinos in the world and is the oldest casino in Germany. It has some of the most gorgeous architecture that you will ever lay your eyes on, with the building itself offering a classic European look that very few other casinos in the world can match. Even the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo pales in comparison to the Baden-Baden casino.

In terms of its casino operations, it is smaller than some of the purpose-built resorts that you find in Las Vegas or on purpose-built islands. However, it still has a more than ample selection of games to engage you while you are staying. There are actually over 100 video slots on offer, which is a smaller amount than some larger casinos but is still more than enough to take up your time.

There are more than 15 table games on offer, with over half of these being variations of roulette. This is unsurprising, as roulette is one of the most popular casino games in Europe. There is also a poker room available, which is decorated in an elegant manner befitting the building.

There is a restaurant, bar and nightclub all available if wish to indulge in some entertainment after playing. All of them are of the very highest standard, and the nightclub regularly has world-class DJs performing. There are no hotels on-site at Baden-Baden, but it is located within a town that offers plenty of places to stay. It is also just a short journey away from Strasbourg if you decide to stay in a larger city. On the whole, the beauty of the Baden-Baden casino is matched by the service that it provides. It has an incredible look on the outside, but it is also decorated in a similar classy manner on the inside.

Discovering online beauty

If finding out about all these world-class resorts has put you in the mood to play at a casino, look no further than Bitcasino. We may not be as beautiful as some of these casinos, but we offer a service that is comparable on every level. Our selection of games is one of the best around. You will have no trouble finding the game for you when you visit us.

We also make it easy for you to make deposits and withdrawals. Because we are a Bitcoin casino, we embrace the future of cryptocurrency. That means that you can make a deposit or withdrawal within seconds when playing at Bitcasino. No more waiting around for your bank to finally authorise payments. You can complete them within hours with the power of crypto. Come and visit us today to find out why we are the leading Bitcoin casino on the market.

Words: Sean McNulty

Images: Shutterstock


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The world’s most beautiful casinos
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